Best Broom for Pet Hair in 2022 – Buying Guide and Comparison

Pets – we love them, but dealing with pet hair can sometimes be a frustrating experience. The hairs are clingy and extremely difficult to get off furniture, carpets and other upholstery around the house. In this review, we compare different the best brooms for pet hair removal based on price, effectiveness and customer feedback. Here are the best five:

You can make pet hair in your home a thing of the past by investing the right broom. It’s not a straightforward process. You need to investigate and research to find the brooms that deliver on their promises. Lucky for you, we did most of the homework for you and put together the best picks at different prices and with different features to help you battle pet hair effortlessly.

Having an effective broom to deal with pet hair will save you tons trouble and ensure you keep a clean hair-free home and more love for your pet. That's why it's crucial to spend time finding a broom that will offer you the most benefits and ensure you have the best results within your budget.

Pet Hair Broom Reviews

1. Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6

Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6

First, in line is an excellent broom that employs technology and practicality to make it easier for every pet lover to make pet hair removal an easy task. The brush is armed with an arsenal of features each of which plays a critical role in making the task at hand easier and adds on a few other features to make tasks like cleaning liquid spills and windows much easier.

The Evriholder pet broom has a broad head fitted with FURemover rubber bristles that attract pet hairs like a magnet. The rubber bristles glide over different floor surfaces like carpets, tiles and rugs with ease, so pet hair removal is not a headache anymore. 

The built-in squeegee is also a much-welcomed addition to the broom. It saves you the trouble of running back and forth to get something to take care of the spills when you're cleaning up. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning windows, windshields, showers and even hard floors like hardwood and tiles. The squeegee will effectively wipe away any liquid spills and help to make cleaning tasks much easier and more time efficient.

For those out of reach areas, the telescopic handle will come in handy. It’s capable of stretching up to 60 inches in length. No matter where your pet left its traces, the handle will make sure you get to them easily and safely.

Once you’re done with the clean-up duty, the broom is just as easy to clean as it is to use. You can wash away the excess pet hair from the rubber bristles and sanitize. The broom requires minimal maintenance that only takes a few seconds and can be reused multiple times. It makes pet hair removal a task that you look forward to.


  • The telescopic handle can be extended within 3 to 5 ft.
  • It also can remove debris and dirt, thanks to the rubbery head.
  • It works on sealed floors, carpets, and tiles.
  • You can detach the head to save storage space.


  • The aluminum used on the handle is of low quality.

2. O-Cedar Push Broom

O-Cedar Push Broom

The O-Cedar Professional Smooth Surface Push Broom is a little traditional but just as effective and with no shortage of features. If you’re shopping on a budget and want a broom that tones down on the bells and whistles and focuses on the core task, this is the broom for you.

Despite the back to basics approach, it has a few neat features that will make getting rid of pet hair a breeze and guarantee a spotless house. The first of these features is the large 24” head. It makes easy work of large floors and spaces and saves you mountains of time by allowing you to clean large areas in one go. The broom also features an anti-rotation socket and Maxi-lok technology to keep the broom head in place. These additions ensure the broom head is tightly locked in place to guarantee a tight fit as you clean. The addition of these features prove even more valuable because you don’t have to worry about tightening the head every few minutes as you clean.

The feather tip bristles are a unique addition in their part. They are soft but durable and made from memory. Their unique design allows the broom to be used both domestically and commercially and can be used indoors and outdoors. The bristles will also make easy work of fine dirt which makes the broom perfect for multiple applications.

The bend-resistant nature of the bristles ensures they retain their shape over time giving you more services and better value for your money.

The O-Cedar professional push broom is perfect for pet lovers with large floor surfaces to clean and are looking for a broom that focuses on getting the right results with the most ease. It’s also perfect if you’re shopping on a budget.


  • Thanks to the Memory Bristles, they keep their shape always and do not bend.
  • It works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • The hanger tip is large enough to fit any hook.
  • Manufactured used the Maxi-Lok technology to properly secure the head to the handle during the cleaning process.


  • The bristles are weak and may shed after some use.

3. Grandi Groom AB24

Grandi Groom AB24

The designers behind the Grandi Groom understand there's more responsibility that comes with a pet than just the pet hairs. Once in a while, you have to let the pets outdoors, and they often come back with soiled paws that can also be a challenge to clean, especially if you have a thick carpet.

With the Grandi Groom, you can remove the pet hairs and loosen soil particles sitting deep in the carpet to make them easier to remove and restore the nature of the carpet.

The broom comes with a variety of features that appeal to both home and business owners looking to bring back their carpets to their former glory. The broom has a wide 18-inch head that covers a wide area in one sweep which saves you time and saves you the effort of going over the same area over and over.

The Grandi Groom might not have all the witty features, but it makes up for the lack using sheer effectiveness and practicality. 

The carpet rake is not only an invaluable tool to pet lovers but is also often used by professional cleaners looking for more effective tools to guarantee excellent results when cleaning carpets or artificial turf.

It has tough bristles that reach deep into the carpets to agitate and remove soil and deep sitting dirt. They also bring out hard to remove pet hairs that have been sitting on the carpet for a while leaving the carpet looking good as new. The bristles are made from nylon and are perfect for any type of carpet and artificial grass.

This is the perfect addition for pet owners that are looking for a broom that can competitively clean after their pets. Not only to remove pet hair but also the extra dirt that comes with pets that love the outdoors.


  • The 18 inches head can cover a large space in one swipe.
  • The handle is 54 inches for a long reach, both on the floor and walls.
  • It can extract pet hair from the carpets.
  • It is also useful in removing vacuum track marks.


  • It cannot remove all the pet hair with perfection.

4. Bissell 1778

Bissell 1778

The Bissell Lightweight pet hair broom spots a slightly different design but works just as well. It's an excellent option for pet lovers with back problems that prefer a broom that allows them to remain upright without compromising the quality of results. It’s also perfect for those delicate floor finishes that don’t fancy too much pressure.

The broom has two sets of bristles. The multi-surface bristles are perfect for cleaning bare floors and pile rugs and doing everyday home cleaning. In the middle, the broom also has retractable rubber bristles optimized for pet hair removal. This unique feature ensures the broom is capable of working in different applications not only in pet hair removal scenarios. These features not only make cleaning more efficient but also give you better value for your money.

Finally, you get an adjustable handle. It makes the broom easy to use even for users with different heights around the house. Whether it’s you or your child tasked with the cleaning duties, you can adjust the handle to suit their height. The adjustable handle also makes it easier to store the broom, especially when you're short on space.


  • It weighs only 2 pounds, making it easy to carry around.
  • The rubbery bristles are suitable for regular swiping.
  • It is specially made for wood, tile, and sealed floors.
  • The head is angled to clean the corners of your room.


  • The bristles may drop the dirt that it holds while swiping the next spot.

5. LandHope Grey

LandHope Grey

Closing out our list of the pet hair removal brooms is the LandHope Push Broom. If you’re tired of dealing with pet hair and looking to pull all the stops to land a broom that will deal with the menace swiftly and effectively, this broom ticks on all the right boxes. It has just the right amount of features to keep the price practical and the broom effective. It’s backed by numerous user reviews and has proven countless times to be the best foe to pet hair.

The list of features start off with the rounded rubber bristles on the head that gather dust, pet hair and paper scraps off carpets and floors effortlessly. Because of the unique design of the bristles, the broom promises 50 percent more efficiency when cleaning floors and carpets saving you more time. What’s more, the bristles don’t scatter or blow the pet hairs around the house but rather attract them to the bristle for easier collection.

The bristles, even though tough on pet hair are safe and gentle on your floors. The extra-wide head means you spend less time going over the areas so you spend less time cleaning with more impressive benefits.

The adjustable handle is also an exciting addition. It’s perfect for both adults and kids to use. The handle can go from 31.5 inches to 54 inches allowing it to cater to a vast range of users. It also comes in handy when storing the broom. It can easily collapse to save on space.

Cleaning the broom after use is always a thorny issue. The LandHope Push Broom sorts this by having an easy to clean and wash broom once you’re done leaving it looking as good as new!


  • The 31.5 to 54 inches extendable handle makes it suitable for cleaning under the furniture.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It attracts the pet hair and ashes, preventing them from blowing away during the cleaning process.
  • The head is washable and dries fast.


  • The head can come out off the handle after some use.

How to Choose the Best Broom for Pet Hair

Choosing the right broom for pet hair can save you mountains of problems and make cleaning a more pleasing and satisfactory exercise. That’s why you shouldn’t hold back when you’re finding the best dog/pet hair broom. Here are a few tips that can help you with that.


Ordinary house brooms are rendered helpless when it comes to cleaning pet fur. That's why efficiency should be your top priority when choosing such a broom. When trying to determine if the broom is useful, focus on the bristles. They should be firm and sturdy, and in most cases, rubber bristles are preferred since they are more effective in cleaning pet hair.

Ease of Use

The last thing you want is to have another appliance in your home that feels foreign. If you're like most homeowners, you want something easy to work with and you can use when you want to quickly whip your home into shape.

A good broom should be easy to use. Even those that have several features need to be straightforward to set up and use.


You don’t have to pay a whole lot of attention when choosing the handle. But, paying a little attention could help you choose a more suitable broom. Go for an option with an adjustable handle. It helps you reach farther and deeper without having to climb on top of stools, ladders or furniture. It makes cleaning easier and faster.


Even for something as simple as a broom, you shouldn’t settle for average or poor quality products. Make sure you go for products made from hard plastic or other quality materials. This gives you the best value for your money, and you get to use the broom for longer.


What is a Good Broom for Dog Hair?

The FURemover Broom is a good broom for cleaning dog hair and also for regular floor cleaning tasks. It works very well on carpets.

How do You Get Dog Hair Out of a Broom?

Use a rubber bristle broom that easily cleans up dog hair and makes it easy to remove pet hair with a dustpan.

Do Rubber Brooms Really Work?

Rubber brooms do not spray dirt like regular brooms and let you sweep all dirt without leaving any stains. Rubber brooms also work excellent for cleaning up pet hair.


Pets are a valuable part of every family. They bring comfort, unconditional love and companionship. But, they also come with some downsides. The most unavoidable is pet hair. Every surface they get in touch with will have some fur, especially for pets that shed like cats and dogs.

With the best broom for pet hair, you can easily overlook this slight weakness and focus on loving your pet as the broom makes it easier to keep your home clean and in order. 

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