Best Steam Cleaners for Mattress of 2022 – Reviews and Comparison by Expert

Cleaning a mattress can be as difficult as cleaning one’s carpet – perhaps even more so. Mattresses accumulate dust, sweat, and dead skin cells, among other things, which can be difficult to clean without the proper tools. Using a handheld steam cleaner is the ideal way to do, so how to choose the best steam cleaners for mattress? It’s understandable why this can be a challenge for some.

Moreover, with the numerous options available out there, it can make sifting through all of them even more difficult and daunting. To make the search easier for you, we have listed the top five best models for your home and a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best one.

5 Best Steam Cleaners for Mattress Reviews

We understand how researching through everything just to find the best one can be time-consuming which is why we have listed our top 5 picks for you to choose from.

01. PurSteam - best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Mattress

PurSteam - Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For Mattress

If you’re looking for a fast-acting steam cleaner, then the PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner is a good choice. It features a lightweight design, weighing only 2.2 lbs. Furthermore, it comes with a 9.8 ft-long cord that makes it easy to handle and maneuver, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

The PurSteam Steam mattress cleaner can also heat up water and convert it to pressurized steam in mere 3 to 4 minutes, eliminating the need to wait in between refills. However, its 250ml water tank is enough to handle your average cleaning jobs.

Despite its harshness on dirt like grime, grease, and even molds, this steam cleaner is gentle enough for various delicate surfaces like carpets, wallpapers, and your mattress.

Moreover, to further refine your cleaning experience, it comes with a 9-piece accessory set, which can be used to improve further how you clean. It even comes with an extension hose for your attachments, which allows for a more thorough and deeper cleaning of your home.

As a steam cleaner, it can help sanitize your mattress, as well as your pillows and sheets, to keep your bedroom free from dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.

It also offers a great value for money, giving you an excellent deep-cleaning experience while still being affordable enough, even if you have budget constraints.

The PurSteam handheld machine is the overall perfect choice considering how better it is compared to the products below. For example, the heating power of PurSteam surpasses the MOSCHE cleaner as it can pressurize the steam and make it reach up to 289.4F, making it the hottest steam cleaner on this list. Moreover, it is also one of the lightest, weighing less than a pound compared to MOSCHE. Also, it has a longer power cord.

Things We Like

  • Effectively cleans hard to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces
  • Features a lightweight design to steam clean a mattress
  • Designed for making hot water quickly even in 3 to 4 minutes
  • Easy to handle with the 9.8 ft power cord
  • Comes with various accessories to make cleaning easier and more thorough
  • Harsh on dirt and bacteria but safe for surfaces, even delicate ones

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot handle cleaning for long periods of time
  • Water pot could be larger

02. Mosche Multi-Purpose Pressurized  best steamer for mattress

Mosche Multi-Purpose Pressurized Best Steamer For Mattress

Another steam cleaner garnering mostly positive reviews is the Mosche Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Weighing at 4 lbs, this steam cleaner model is slightly larger and heavier than other steam cleaning.

However, it makes up for it with its larger storage tank capacity, allowing you to fill it up with up to 350 ml of water. This gives you enough pressurized steam power for continuous use of up to 20 minutes. Be careful though as the heat can reach up to 250 to 270° F.

In case you need to put it down in between cleanings, you can prevent your children from playing with it with the convenient safety lock button. It also has an overheat protection feature which keeps it from overheating, ensuring its durability and overall longevity.

The Mosche Steam Cleaning for mattress also features a 360° rotating nozzle which allows you to reach even the deepest corners of your home, giving you a more efficient and thorough cleaning experience. Aside from this, it has 9 other accessories you can use to further enhance your efficiency at cleaning. You can even use one of the attachments that allow it to serve as a steam iron to steam clean your clothes.

Because it uses steam instead of harsh chemicals, it’s gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces, whether it’s your carpeted floors or your mattress.

The MOSCHE cleaner’s excellent feature is its 350ml water capacity, which is 100ml more than most handheld steam cleaners, including MLMLANT. This feature makes it weigh a little bit more. For example, the Sienna Steam Birdie has a weight of 3.87 lbs while the MOSCHE weighs 3.98 lbs.

What We Like

  • Larger tank capacity of 350 ml
  • 9-piece accessory set for a more effective and enhanced cleaning experience
  • Features a 360° rotating nozzle for efficiency
  • Offers continuous pressurized steam power up to 20 minutes
  • Enhanced safety features such as the safety lock button and overheat protection
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Can be used for various surfaces, even delicate ones

What We Don't Like

  • Lacks a carrying bag to organize all the accessories
  • Slightly heavier than other steam cleaner on mattress

03. sienna steam cleaning machine for mattress

Sienna Steam Cleaning Machine For Mattress

Having problems removing all that stains, sweat, urine, bedbugs from your bed mattress? If so, you may be leaning towards spray bottles, paper towels, and all those products filled with chemicals.

The Sienna Steam Birdie can free you up from all your cleaning problems. It is also cheaper than any cleaning service you might be looking for.

The Sienna Steam Birdie is a portable steamer that can help you clean those hard-to-reach places and stubbornly soiled areas. It can provide an amazing cleaning job in a lot of objects and places, including your bathroom, windows, mattress, tabletops, boats, pet areas, etc. The steamer can produce a tremendous high powered steam of 1500 Watts while having a portable design and being very lightweight (less than 5 lbs).

Sienna sanitizes without using any sort of detergent or harmful chemicals. The item is equipped with a hand pump letting you steam at 14.5 PSI of steam pressure within 30 seconds.

The Sienna Steam Birdie is so easy to use and exterminates germs on contact while also being safe for your health and the environment. It is also cheaper than most other cleaning accessories. So, choosing Sienna will be a wise choice in your next cleaning project.

Sienna offers more power than both MOSCHE and MLMLANT as it outputs 1500 watts for faster heating and cleaning. It weighs a bit more than MLMLANT.

04. Comforday Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner For Bed

Comforday Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner for bed

Comforday is another good brand if you’re looking for a handheld steam cleaner that offers increased versatility and utility. At only 1.7 lbs, this steam cleaner model is not just compact and versatile, but it’s also incredibly lightweight. Because of this, it’s easy enough to use and handle.

When coupled with the accessories and attachments that come with it, the Comforday Steam Cleaner offers an incredible cleaning experience to its users. It can be used on various surfaces – from the floors of your bedroom to the mattress on your bed.

Aside from this, the attachments also help you reach far corners of your home, allowing you to easily and thoroughly clean them without exerting too much effort just to reach them.

Moreover, it doesn’t just remove the stains and smell but it also kills the bacteria that causes the smell in the first place.It does so without using detergent or harsh chemicals, making it completely safe for use around children and pets.

It features a large 350 ml water tank which is capable of providing continuous steam for around 15 to 20 minutes before having to refill the water reservoir again. This makes cleaning faster and more efficient.

What We Like

  • Comes with several accessories and attachments for more efficient cleaning
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large 350 ml water storage tank for continuous use of up to 20 minutes
  • Fast heat-up time for shorter waiting periods between refills
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact design
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Multi-purpose so it can be used on a variety of surfaces

What We  Don't Like

  • The body can’t be tilted to more than 45 degrees
  • Unlock button is difficult to push

05. MLMLANT Handheld Steam Cleaner for mattress cleaning

MLMLANT Handheld Steam Cleaner For Mattress Cleaning

The MLMLANT Cleaner is another budget-friendly yet incredibly versatile steam cleaning model for bed that offers an amazing performance when it comes to deep cleaning.

Equipped with 1050 Watts of power, this  steam cleaner can clean mattresses even the most stubborn stains and dirt on any surface without the need for heavy scrubbing. Whether it’s cleaning the floor or your furniture, this steam cleaner can offer great performance even you can use it for a long time.

Like the others, it features a 350 ml water  tank which can offer up to 20 minutes worth of powerful pressurized steam before needing a refill.It also comes with several accessories that make cleaning more of a breeze.

These accessories also help enhance this cleaner’s versatility, allowing you to use it on different surfaces and reach those hard-to-reach places. It’s also easy to operate, needing only a few steps to successfully use this machine.

Additionally, it’s quick to heat up, only needing around 3 to 4 minutes before you can use it to clean your home.

The device provides a bit more heat than the MOSCHE cleaner and is a bit more lightweight than MOSCHE’s steam machine. However, MOSCHE has overall better performance.

What We Like

  • Large 350 ml tank capacity
  • Provides highly pressurized steam for up to 20 continuous minutes
  • Comes with several attachments that help enhance the cleaning experience
  • Easy to operate, needing only a few steps to do so
  • Quick heat-up time, eliminating the long wait
  • Tough on stains but gentle on the surface
  • Lightweight and compact

What We Don't Like

  • Tilting it too much can cause it to leak
  • Difficult to unscrew the cap

How to Choose the Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Mattress

Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Mattress

When buying any product, there are certain factors we need to consider to ensure we choose the right model that best suits our needs. This, of course, applies for mattresses as well.

However, it can be confusing as to what we need to take into account when choosing the best product for our needs. This is why we have created this in-depth guide to help you with your decision and help avoid buyer’s remorse later on.

To learn how to choose the best steam cleaners for mattresses, check out the following factors:


As a handheld cleaner, of course, the weight is the primary concern. This is because a heavier steam cleaner can cause more strain in your arm, making it difficult to handle and operate, especially if moving around the room.

More lightweight cleaners are best as they are easy to carry and operate, reducing the strain on your arms.


Another consideration would be the size of your steam cleaner model. While most are small enough to easily be stored, there are still some models that are bulkier than others. Size matters because it also affects the overall ease of operation of your steam cleaner, especially since it’s a handheld version.

A smaller steam cleaner can easily be stored when not in use and it can also be more comfortable to handle compared to a bulkier version.

Attachments and Accessories

If you’re looking for a steam cleaner model that’s more versatile, then the attachments and accessories that come with it should be an important consideration. This is because these attachments and accessories further increase the versatility of your tool, allowing you to do more with it.

The more attachments it has, the more surfaces you can clean with it. Attachments are also handy for cleaning hard to reach areas, allowing you to thoroughly clean every inch of your home. There is often a dedicated accessory for cleaning fabric such as the surface of your mattress.

If a steam cleaner isn’t versatile enough, there are other options that, while less convenient, cover more ground such as vacuum and steam mop combos.

The Capacity of the Water Tank and  Size

Because steam is how it deep cleans your mattress, you will need a steam cleaner with an adequate tank size. Depending on how big your mattress is, the standard tank of 350 ml can be enough to clean your entire mattress.

However, if you’re planning on using it on other areas of your home, it may be too small to clean large areas. This will require you to refill it with water more frequently. On the other hand, a smaller tank is easier and faster to heat up compared to larger tank size.

Heat-Up Time

Another consideration is the heat-up time of your chosen steam cleaner. While most models heat up quite quickly, only needing 3 to 4 minutes to fully heat the water up, there are models – like those with large tanks – require a longer time to heat up.

Cooling Period between Refills

Most steam cleaners, whether handheld or full-sized, require a cooling period between refills. This means you need to wait a certain period of time after each use before you can refill it with water again. The cooling period is different from the heat-up time so it’s something you also need to consider when choosing a steam cleaner for your mattress.


When choosing a handheld steam cleaner for your mattress, you also need to consider the cost of it, especially since the price ranges from affordable to more expensive. When considering the cost, you also need to consider your specific need. After all, expensive doesn’t always mean better.

If you don’t, you might end up not maximizing everything your steam cleaner has to offer.If it’s just for use on your mattress, then more affordable models can be enough for your needs.


Do Handheld steam cleaners work?

Handheld steam cleaners work very well for furniture and any place where there are hard-to-clean stains. These devices have different types of attachments that help with various kinds of cleaning.

Which is the best handheld steam cleaner?

The PurSteam handheld steam cleaner is best in our view since it can produce a great amount of heat, is very lightweight, and provides quality results.

Can I use vinegar in a handheld steam cleaner?

If you are cleaning your bathroom, you can try using vinegar if some stains are not coming off. In most cases, you do not need to use vinegar with the device.

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Cleaning your mattress is something you should often do because as time goes by, it accumulates dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and other allergens. These things can cause illnesses if you don’t thoroughly clean it, especially because you sleep on it every night.

The only problem is that cleaning it can be as difficult as these particles cannot be seen by the naked eye. Although vacuum cleaner can help, using a handheld cleaner is also a great and efficient way to deep clean your mattress, destroying the disease-causing bacteria trapped in it.

However, knowing how to choose the best steam cleaners for mattress can be difficult because there are many factors you need to consider. The presence of numerous options on the market also adds to the challenge of choosing the best one.

By providing you with our top 5 choices and a comprehensive buying guide, we hope that this time-consuming and arduous task has been made easier.

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