5 Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo Reviews in 2022

Vacuum steam mop cleaners are devices that clean your floor and sanitize your floor to keep you free from dirt and germs. Cleaning the floors of your home or office doesn’t have to be stressful, get one of the best vacuum steam mop combos, and you are good to go!

What makes the steam mop cleaners the best?; their versatility, their gentleness on fragile surfaces in spite of the heat and a number of other cool features like suction power, filtration system, weight and the accessories that come with them.this guide will inform you to choose an efficient vacuum and steam cleaner all in one, in that way you won’t have to overspend on an under performing cleaner.

To pick the Top available cleaner, you need to pay attention to the technical qualities, extra functions of the cleaners, and the costs to select a cleaner to give you a great cleaning experience.

The steam mops provide an unrivaled stain and dirt removal while eliminating mites, bugs, and bacteria growth on surfaces with the warmth of the vapor produced.

Comparison of Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

Through expert research and test, these are the top five vacuum steam mop combo. Choose the right one for you.

  • Most budget-friendlyBISSEL Power Fresh Steam Mop - Comes with a 23-foot power cord and swivel steering; can mop all types of surface; power rating 1500 watt; very useful for tough and sticky surfaces.
  • The lightest: Hoover TwinTank WH20200 - Weighing in at less than six pounds, this refurbished vacuum cleaner is recommended for those looking for convenience and comfort while cleaning dusty and dirty surfaces without the use of chemicals.
  • The ultimate vacuum mop: BISSEL Crosswave 1785A 4.4 Amperes power generating machine with multi cleaning technology will collect dust and water your floor at the same time. Excellent for washing hard floors as well as room rugs.
  • The all-rounder: Shark HV382 Rocket Clean - Ultra-compact; can convert into a 4.5-pound handheld cleaner for ease of use; good for cleaning carpets, floor, and collecting your pet hair.
  • Most well-engineered: Dyson DC50This vacuum cleaner with the most advanced technology from Dyson has a 25-foot cord, weighs 11 lbs, and comes with a five years warranty.

1. BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh- Best Vacuum Mop Combo

BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh

Here is a quality cleaner that offers an incredible cleaning power stands out for its amazing features like its removable tank, quick heat-up time of around 30 seconds and varying steam levels.

Based on cleaning needs, steam levels can be selected from three options of high steam, medium steam, or low steam. This vacuum cleaner weighs at 6 pounds, and it is effortless to assemble, a single screw fits the handle parts to the main device.

The Bissell 1940 has a water tank with a capacity of 16 ounces that pops out easily and only uses filtered water to prevent clogging. Its powerful steam cleaning erases the toughest of stains and also eliminates bacteria and other germs, and it has a swivel steering, and the power cord is about 23 foot long, this makes it easy to tilt and maneuver.

The accessories that come with the Bissell power mop includes; one microfiber scrubby pad, one soft microfiber pad, a mop, and two spring breeze fragrance discs. It can be used on hard floor surfaces that are sealed; Tile, Marble, Vinyl, Stone, and hardwood. It can also be used on carpets, and it does get into corners.

The two pads that come with this cleaner are washable, and the soft pad can be used for regular cleaning while the scrubby pad can take on tougher heavy-duty cleaning jobs. On the inside of these pads lies little pockets where a single spring breeze fragrance disc can be inserted.

All in all, the Bissell 1940 is an impressive cleaner that comes with a two-year warranty. Consumer reviews have shown the Bissell 1940 cleaner to be one of the best cleaners on the market.

The BISSEL power fresh steam mop is the best choice for those on a tight budget. Although it falls short in terms of versatility as compared to BISSEL's higher entry model Crosswave 1785A, it will undoubtedly do the job of keeping your living space clean and dust-free.


  • Proven to have efficiency in eliminating germs and bacteria with steam.
  • Allows you to fine-tune the cleaner's power to meet the specific cleaning requirements.
  • Is very price efficient, best in its range.
  • Has removable water tank which you can fill at the sink.


  • The water bottle cap can break after a long period of usage.

2. Hoover SteamScrub Pro 

Best Vacuum Mop Combo

The Hoover SteamScrub WH20400 stands out for a lot of excellent features. It is one of the Top cleaners on the market, and its consumer ratings are excellent. It weighs about seven pounds and has a blue indicator light which turns green within a few seconds to show the steam is ready to use.

It has four variable settings; general steam, tile, vinyl, and wood settings. It’s trigger controlled steam allows for the perfect cleaning of any floor type, it is incredibly convenient to carry and can work on very stubborn stains if needed with its SteamStream Technology that Sprays steam directly and continuously to tough stains.

The Hoover Steamscrub also features a dual tank technology with large capacity that separates water and cleaning solution. The tank holds the cleaning solution and water, and it is clearly labeled so where each goes is not a problem. The tank has a water capacity of 16.9 ounces and a detergent capacity of 9.8 ounces.

Different steam settings can be applied to floors, and it allows for deep cleaning where it kills, removes and sanitizes the bacteria on the floors, it can also apply steam continuously for twenty minutes and thirty minutes under high and low settings.

The Hoover SteamScrub comes with accessories like; two microfiber cleaning pads which are machine washable, a bottle of cleaning solution,  and a carpet glider. It comes with a two-year Limited Warranty.

While the Shark HV382 can decrease its weight to 4.5 pounds enabling you to clean above floor places, it is obvious that in its initial state, it is far heavier than the Hoover TwinTank WH20200, which only weighs 6 pounds all the time.


  • Has two different tanks that let you clean for a long time without requiring frequent refilling.
  • The steam level can be controlled for what kind of stain you need to clean.
  • The triangular mop head lets you clean corners easily.
  • Has gone through all the following tests and defied failure: functionality, cleaning, inspection, and repackaging.


  • May arrive in a generic box.

3. BISSELL CrossWave Mop Vacuum Combo


The Crosswave is another innovative vacuum and steam combination; it makes hard cleaning surfaces very easy. It is a multisurface upright vacuum that has enjoyed excellent reviews by consumers.

It also works excellent on rugs, and it has a dual tank technology for keeping clean and dirty water separate, one tank stores your cleaning solution while the other stores dirty water and removed debris.  All that is needed to get started is a bit of warm water and a bit of the cleaning solution.

The Bissell Crosswave has a reasonably good design, and it is highly functional and easy to move around. It is straightforward to put the parts together, at the top of its handle lies two buttons for switching between rug and floor mode. Under the handle lies a more prominent button that enables it to enter wash mode.

It features neat dual-action brush roll that rotates at 3000rpm, and it helps to vacuum and wash floors clean in less time simultaneously, it effective and safe for use on sealed wood floors, pressed wood floors, tile,  linoleum, rubber floor, mats, and more other surfaces. It is indeed a great multi-surface cleaner.

Bissell’s Crosswave is a versatile cleaner as it can be used to vacuum alone, and also it can be used to wash, both features can also be used simultaneously to simplify the cleaning process and make it just a single task.

The vacuum weighs 11.02 pounds, and it is 46 inches tall and a bit above 11 inches in wides, this makes it easy to keep in a corner or a closet and comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

The Power Fresh Steam Mop and the Crosswave 1785A are both excellent entries from BISSEL, but the Crosswave 1785A has a twin tank cleaning system which makes it stand out more than the former.


  • On bare floors, it has the capability to both vacuum and washes at once.
  • Innovative microfiber and nylon brush make the brush roll the best in its class.
  • A two-tank system ensures quality cleanup without the interruption of dirty water getting mixed.
  • Smart touch enables you to switch among various cleaning modes.


  • All the modern technology used in the device may end up confusing the less technical people.

4. Shark Rocket HV382 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Rocket HV382

The Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382  is a versatile vacuum cleaner that works on every type of surface. It can clean smooth and hard surfaces, ranging from hardwood floors to soft mattresses. The reason why this vacuum cleaner is called Duo Clean is that its nozzle has two different brush rolls ( a soft brush roll and a bristle brush), these allow it to remove both large debris and small debris and stuck-on stains. This vacuum cleaner comes with some cool features like LED Lights, different kinds of brushes, and a Quick Release foot Pedal.

The Shark Rocket is a hybrid of a stick vacuum and an upright vacuum, it consumes 600 watts of electricity and has a dirt tank capacity of 0.25 gallons with an easy to an empty and clean container. It also comes with two regular washable filters before and after its motor.

When assembled, it weighs 9.9lbs; it can also be used in a hand vac mode where it weighs about 5lbs. In handheld mode, it can be used to clean car interiors, stairs, walls, under furniture and closets.

The upright vacuum and the detachable hand vacuum are super lightweight, and swivel steering is featured in both modes which makes it compact and super easy to carry about. This and the other features mentioned earlier has made the Shark rocket receive excellent reviews from vacuum cleaner customers.

It comes with accessories like a standard dusting brush, a duster, an upholstery tool, a multiple angle dusting brush, an under gadget wand that allows you to reach under a lot of tight spaces, another multiple angle dusting brush, a wall mount slot, a TruePet motor brush and an accessory bag to keep all items in place.

The warranty for this vacuum cleaner depends on where it is purchased; the warranty can be up to five years if it is purchased from third-party wholesalers.

The Shark HV382 has it all when compared to other modern machines of the same category. It comes with a duo clean technology very similar to the one of Crosswave 1785A, but it is important to note that this one can turn into an ultralightweight handheld cleaner.


  • Converts into a 4.5-pound handheld machine, enabling you to clean above-floor places.
  • Has LED lights on the front to help you spot debris in difficult areas.
  • Comes with a brush roll garage.
  • Has a pet multitool that is designed to catch fallen pet hair from the ground.


  • A TwinTank technology would be much admired by the userbase.

5. Dyson DC50 Steam Mop Combo

Vacuum Steam and Mop combo

There are such a significant number of remarkable highlights to the Dyson DC50 that cant be discovered in other vacuums. To start with, it has a ball innovation; the ball is everything that makes the Dyson DC50 unique. All the working parts, including the engine, are housed at the ball situated on the base of the machine, so there aren't a lot of things hanging off the vacuum that will get in the way while cleaning.

Having every one of its working parts at the base gives this vacuum cleaner a decent low focal point of gravity, so it doesn’t feel like it needs to be pushed or forced to use it. It changes direction quickly and is extremely simple to move into tight spaces and corners. It was also made to remove dirt from all kinds of floor.

At just 11.6 pounds, it is exceptionally light and steady as it is made from strong plastic-based segments if you happen to have pets at home, the Dyson DC50 is a genuinely excellent vacuum cleaner, and hairs don’t get tangled in its brush roll. It also expels dirt in just one motion, as the trash it collects is easy to see and to expel dirt, you have to open the trash catcher and shake till everything drops out.

The Dyson DC50 comes with accessories and tools; stair tool to work with corners and vertical surfaces, a nozzle, and brush combination tool, a quick-release long-reach wand, a tangle-free turbine tool with counter-rotating heads with brushes for all kinds of hair. It turns well during use and its head points in every direction easily, the efficiency of its cleaning is top-notch. Read the rabbit hay cleaning vacuum guide

If it is bought from an authorized reseller, the Dyson DC50 comes with a warranty.

The DC50 from Dyson and the BISSEL Crosswave 1785A weighs about the same. Both are excellent machines, but the DC50 uses 2 tier radial cyclone technique while the other uses a twin tank.


  • 2 tier radial cyclone helps you get rid of microscopic particles.
  • Has been heavily engineered to pick up more dust from your floor.
  • Comes with a 5 years warranty.
  • One of the most technical and effective cleaners available in the market.


  • Requires you to empty the canister frequently.

How to choose the best Vacuum and Steam Mop combo

These dual-purpose cleaners are the best cleaner you can use to keep your home clean in many ways. Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner which pushes dirt and leave specs of dirt throughout cleaning; they do not leave any marks behind.

Apart from the not leaving traces of dirt,  they kill bacteria and other germs; no bacteria can survive the heat of 120 degrees Celsius these cleaners provide. These steam cleaners also add the best aroma to your house and office spaces.

There are. However, different types of steam mops exist on the market, to choose the best, you have to know more about these type of cleaners and understand how they work and their other features.

The  characteristic features of vacuum steam mops are;

They are easy to use, and steam flow can be regulated by a suction power button. This means you get to decide the amount of steam needed for a specific surface.

A steam mop also has varying degrees of suction power control. The vacuuming can be managed by the nature and measure of dirt. A surface may likewise decide the measure of pressure required.  Steam mops utilize dry tank technology, and the dirt tank remains dry as you collect dust.

This special hybrid of cleaners also maintain a continuous flow of steam, have a safety lock combination because of kids and many accessories that can clean various sections of the house or the office.

Here are the things you should consider to choose the best vacuum steam cleaner;

Your Budget

You probably have a budget range already; your budget range will determine the features of the vacuum steam mop you are going to get, by comparing the specifications of the vacuum steam cleaners in your budget range, you’d find a good choice you can afford without a strain on your budget.

Floor-Type Suitability

There are universal vacuum steam mop cleaners that are suitable for all types of floor types, while there are vacuum steam cleaners that are suitable for specific floor types. Consider the type of floors at your office or home before making a decision.

The Time It Takes for The Water to Heat Up

vacuum steam mop takes less time to steam.  To choose the combo cleaner, you need to check on the time it takes for it to produce the steam required for cleaning.

Size and Weight

To choose the Steam Mop, you have to check the size and weight of the options available to you. Choosing a cleaner that you are comfortable with will not only make you enjoy cleaning your home or office, but also you won't be putting yourself in uncomfortable postures when using your cleaner.

Your choice of a vacuum steam mop shouldn’t be heavy  because it won't be that easy to move a heavy cleaner all over the floor, a heavy cleaner takes the fun out of your cleaning, and you might also need to travel with it when you need to.


These best vacuum steam mop combo cleaners are some of the top products on the market. They are made by outstanding and reputable companies to give you an excellent cleaning experience and great value for your money.

All the five vacuum cleaners reviewed in this article have their own merits, and in the end, it comes to the features you value more in a vacuum steam mop cleaner. Do you want a long power cord cleaner or a cleaner with less than 30 seconds of heating time?

These five best vacuum steam mop combo cleaners are tested and trusted; they are effective, efficient, and functional; you will never regret any penny spent on them.

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