How Often Should You Vacuum

Cleaning the house is often seen as a chore to some people while to others is a pastime. But for those who are faced with numerous task such as taking care of the kids and office works, then the task of vacuuming can be challenging and tasking.

It is, therefore, necessary to ascertain how often it is for one to vacuum the floor of one’s home or office. This question looks easy to some people, but it is quite challenging to ascertain the exact number of time one needs to do this task.

This is due to the different nature of the floor and vacuum cleaner in the market. To understand how often one has to vacuum a floor, it is necessary to look at some factors

This factors include the health condition of the occupants of the house and the need to keep allergens and dust at bay. With vacuuming often, one is ensured that the rugs, floors, and carpets are kept clean and safe for a more extended time.

In this article, we would be taking you through some tips on home vacuuming, how often one should vacuum, and finally the benefits of cleaning the floor as often as possible.

Follow us as we take you through the various steps and thing you need to know about home vacuuming.

Before we go into how often we need to vacuum the floor, we must talk about some essential tips everyone needs to know about vacuuming the home floor, rugs, and carpets.

Here are some tips to note:

Get The Best Vacuum Suited for Your Floor

For one to get the best out of every vacuum process, it is essential to enlist the best type of vacuum tool that is most suitable for the floor type. It is recommended that one makes use of a canister vacuum for hard floors as it quickly draws off dust without scattering it.

The upright vacuum cleaner, which consists of a single unit is ideal for soiled carpets.

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Adjustable Vacuum Height

Most vacuum cleaners come with an adjustable height vacuum head that allows its users to adjust the height of the vacuum to the required height. For the best vacuuming, it is essential to set the height according to the manufacturer’s recommendation as it relates to the flooring type.

This is to ensure that the suction is suitable for the floor. When the vacuum height is set too low, the vacuum may get caught with the fibers of the carpets, and when it is set too high, the vacuum may not pick up any dirt from the floor.

Invest in a High-Efficiency Particle Air Vacuum

This types of vacuum cleaners come with highly equipped HEPA filters that aids in the vacuuming of the floor. This high-efficiency particle air vacuum helps to pick up more dirt, allergens, specks of dust, and bacteria when compared to the traditional vacuum models.

Different Vacuum Modes

For a vacuum that comes with different modes, it is essential to switch to the required mode that is suitable for your floor before vacuuming in other to avoid any damage to the floor.

Disable Beater Bar

It is essential to disable the beater bar if your vacuum comes with it when one is vacuuming tile floors or hardwood. This is important because the brush bristles can easily damage or scratch the flooring.

How often should I vacuum?

Having stated some of the tips to note while vacuuming a floor, it is necessary to ascertain how often one needs to clean a floor in other to remove dirt and keep the floor from damages.

But then should we vacuum or dust the floor first is an important question most users are always asking? To answer this question, most experts believes that it is important to dust off first in other to remove some residual dirt.

Therefore, it is necessary to complete the task of dusting before the actual vacuuming. The wiping can be done on the surface using microfiber dust mop or a damp cloth to keep the surface clean from trapped dust.

After the dusting, the vacuuming can then commence.

Here are some factors to be considered in determining the how often one needs to vacuuming the floor of the house.

Household circumstance

This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding how often one need to vacuum the floor. For an area with a lot of movement or traffic, it is necessary to clean it daily or every other day.
This is necessary because a lot of people walk through the area and may leave lots of dirt and dust on the floor.

Pets - how often should you vacuum with pets

Another factor to be considered in determining the number of time to vacuum a floor or room is knowing if pets are found in that place. For individuals with several pets, it is essential to vacuum each day.

This is because these pets might go out and bring in bacteria such as Salmonellosis which can lead to infections such as gastritis in human, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea.

The more pets there are, the more dirt will be around, and invariably, the more vacuuming is needed. For more info about pet hey check out this guide.


The floor type also determines how often one is expected to vacuum the floor. For a carpeted floor, it is necessary to clean more often. This could be twice or three times a week since carpets can quickly get dirty as the fabrics used in making it are an excellent absorbent of debris, bacteria, and debris. While wood floors and tiles can be vacuumed less often as it does not hold dirt faster when compared with the carpet type.

Other household items

This is another factor to be considered when determining how often one is expected to vacuum the floor. An important question one needs to ask is; are you expected to move heavy furniture such as chairs and beds?

Vacuuming that requires this should be on a needs only basis and not a daily cleaning. This might be done ones a year or twice yearly. Also, vacuuming items such as skirting boards can be done when there is a need to use them.

Room Usage

Rooms that are used more often should be vacuum daily. Examples are the office entrance or reception.

Spaces that get average usage can be vacuumed weekly, such as the home office or the bedrooms.

Other rooms such as the guest room that are not frequently used can be vacuum biweekly.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, the type of vacuum cleaner determines how often one can also vacuum the floor.

With this powerful vacuum, one can clean less often since it does a better job.

A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and motor is expected to do a better job in cleaning the floor than the traditional or regular vacuum.

Benefits of vacuuming frequently

Some benefits that are derived from vacuuming more often includes

  • It keeps the house more clean and attractive to friends and family
  • Vacuuming the house often helps to eliminate unwanted odors that are gotten from smokes and pets.
  • Vacuuming often helps to eliminate particles, bacteria, and allergens that may be harmful to one’s health.
  • Individuals suffering from asthma attacks, allergic to reactions, and other breathing problems will benefit from regular vacuuming.


Keeping the room or office tidy and clean is a function of how much vacuumed the floor, carpet, or tiles are. Therefore, it is essential to follow the tips and suggestions listed above in other to keep one healthy and safe from allergens and bacteria.

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