How to Use a Spin Mop? (Complete Instructions)

When cleaning around the house, a mop is one of the most effective tools to use. It’s handy and reaches virtually every nook and cranny around your home.

With their growing popularity, mops are becoming a common sight even in commercial buildings. They come in all shapes and sizes, but spin mop happens to be a fan-favorite mainly because it takes away the pain and hustle of constantly wringing the mop and bending over.

To get the best out of the spin mop, you have to know how to use it and get the best results for your cleaning applications.

Spin Mop

A spin mop is not your average mop. There’s a bit of technology and innovation that goes into creating this type of mop. It’s a wet mop with a head that looks like a cut-end mop only that it’s circular and flat.

The mop head has a unique build that allows it to turn 360 degrees. For the best moisture retention and management, its strands are made from a blend of microfibers. These enable the mop to retain as much or as little moisture as you want for your application.

Other than the mop, a spinning mop also comes with a bucket with unique features. One such feature is the spinner. The mop has a mechanism on the handle which allows you to spin the mop head in the bucket with the help of pedal located on the bucket. The pedal rotates a section of the bucket and consequently the mop head.

Other than the unique spinning action, spinning mops also pack a variety of other benefits. They are machine washable, with a durable head, highly absorbent strands, and it’s less tedious to use.

Why Should You Get a Spin Mop?

There are various types of mops in the market. The most common is the classic wet mop that comes with an ordinary bucket. Even though it’s just as effective, using it is quite the hassle, and can be tedious. The process of using this type of mop can take a lot of time from your cleaning schedule, and the results might have some nasty streaks.

With a spin mop, you not only use less water compared to the old mops, but you also save time and get better results. Some types of spin mops even have a compartment for dirty water, which saves you the trouble of constant water changes and helps you save more water. It’s beneficial to you and the environment.

The spin mop has a moveable, angled head and the handle is height-adjustable. These features allow you to reach the trickiest spots in your home with the least effort. The sturdy design of the mop is dependable and reliable, so you get to enjoy the convenience of the mop over a long period.

How to Use A Spin Mop

Out of the box, spin mops can feel a little complex to use. Even though there’s a bit of assembly required, it’s simple, and you can get the mop ready to go in a matter of minutes.


The first step is to put the handle together. It comes in three sections, each with threads. All you have to do is screw the different pieces together. Once the handle is complete, you can attach the head. Place the head on the ground and push the handle stick into the mop head until you hear a snap.

Some brands make this easier for you and send the mop head already attached. You can check if you’ve properly attached the parts by pulling at the ends. The pieces should stay firmly in place.


Using a spin mop is not rocket science. It’s relatively simple, and with time, it gets even simpler. First, you have to fill the bucket with water. You shouldn’t add too much water in the bucket. Some buckets have a line that guides you on how much water is enough.

If you add too much water, the spinning action could cause it to splash around the space you’re cleaning.

Once you have added the water, you have the option of adding a cleaning detergent if you want. Again, add a little amount. Take your fully assembled mop and dip the head into the water. The microfibers will soak up the water.

To wring it, place the mop in the wringing bucket and make sure it’s secured by holding on to the handle firmly. Using the pedal on your bucket, you can get the mop to spin at neck-break speeds to remove most of the water.

You can choose how dry you want the mop to be by varying the lengths of time you let the mop keep spinning. The longer you hold on, the drier the mop is going to be.

Once the mop is out of the spinning bucket, it works like every other mop. The only difference is the 360-degree mop head, which makes reaching under furniture and other tight spots much easier.

Tips That Will Help You Get More Out of Your Spinning Mop

How to use a spin mop


One of the strengths of the spin mop is the microfiber strands on the head. They are highly absorbent. For this fact, you can use them to soak up messes around the house with the dry mop instead of trying to clean over them. This can significantly limit areas covered by stains and make it easier to clean up spills.

Getting the Right Spin

Knowing just how much to spin will save you unnecessary dips and provide you with better results. Depending on the application and the area you’re cleaning, you can vary how dry you want the mop to be. For instance, cleaning up spills and absorbing dust requires the mop to be extremely dry. When cleaning floors, the head needs to have a bit of moisture.

Using the pedal, you can vary how fast the mop spins, which also affects how dry it’s going to be. Fast spins will get the mop drier, and slower turns have the reverse effect. Understanding the spin will go a long way in helping you complete the job quicker.


There are a lot of mops to choose from. The spin mop is one of the most revolutionary ones to use. It’s cutting-edge, simple to use and easily reaches all the corners of your home. With the right information on how to use this mop correctly, it will quickly become your favorite cleaning tool.

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