How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine

Do you find it hard to wash your spin mop head? Cleaning your home or office with a dirty mop head is unhygienic as it spreads more germs and bacteria in your surroundings. An easy and fast way to clean your spin mop head after use is by using a washing machine. 

Washing a spin mop head can be done manually or with a washing machine. But it is not always ideal to manually clean the mop head as it may expose you to germs and other bacteria. Hence, it is essential that you wash your spin mop head with a washing machine.

But the question is how best do you wash it, especially if this is your first time?

Read on to learn the benefits of washing a spin mop head with a machine, steps to wash a spin mop head, factors to consider before washing a spin mop with a washing machine, and some expert tips for handling your spin mop. Without further ado, let's delve into the benefits of washing a spin mop head with a machine.

Spin Mop Head

Imagine using a dirty towel to clean your body after bathing.

Yes, it's gross.

This is exactly what happens when you use a dirty spin mop head to clean your floor because it adds more germs and bacteria to the ground. Here are the benefits you derive from using a machine to wash your spin mop head.

Removes Dirt and Germs

Washing your spin mop head with a washing machine completely removes dirt and germs. If you decide to wash it with your hands, it's possible to have residual dirt and germs in the mop head. But using a washing machine removes dirt. 

Saves Time

Unlike washing the mop head with your hands, using a washing machine reduces the time it takes to wash the mop head. Plus, while the machine is washing the spin mop head, you can easily tackle other chores.

Saves Money

When your spin mop head is clean and well stored it lasts longer. Thus, you save money on buying a new mop head.

Protects Your Hands

If you notice that your skin reacts to detergent, bleach, and other cleaners, you must consider using a washing machine to wash your spin mop head. You not only protect your hands but you also get the best result with minimal effort.

Eliminates Foul Smell 

Another key benefit of washing your spin mop head with a machine is that it eliminates foul smell, especially when you add baking soda to the soap mixture.

Ways of Washing a Mop Head

Like we stated earlier, a mop head can be washed in two significant ways. This includes manually washing and making use of a washing machine. Here are some things you need to know about both.

Manual Washing

Washing the spin mop head manually

In washing the spin mop head manually, the following steps should be taken:

  • Endeavor to rinse the mop after every use by wringing it entirely before discarding the dirty water
  • Use clean water to wash up the mop in other to remove residual of muddy waters still trapped on in the mop
  • Continue with this process until the whole dirty is out
  • Rinse finally and hang to dry off

Washing Machine

Washing the mop head with washing machine

Washing the mop head with a washing machine is one of the fastest ways of keeping the mop neat and safe from germs.

But before one starts to machine wash the spin mop head, it is necessary to confirm if the mop head can be cleaned using the washing machine.

Steps to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine

A spin mop is designed to help you clean most floor types within the shortest time possible. The mop's head is made of soft microfiber material that extracts dirt and stains easily. But after cleaning the floor, you need to get the dirt out of the mop head until the next time you need it. Follow these simple steps to wash your spin mop head with a washing machine.

Separate the Mop Head from its Handle

Before washing the spin mop head, detach the head from the handle. This should be done meticulously so as not to spoil the mop head.

(Note: Ensure that you read the instructional manual from the manufacturer on how to detach the spin mop head from its handle before proceeding).

Choose the Best Detergent to Use

Given the fact that there are several brands of detergent and for different purposes, you need to select the best detergent for washing your spin mop head. Preferably, choose a laundry detergent that is mild on microfiber.

Add Bleach or Baking Soda

Adding bleach or baking soda to the soap mixture is optional. But if you have been using the spin head mop for a long time and you want to eliminate its foul smell, then it is necessary to add baking soda in minimal quantity.

Set the Washing Machine to the Right Cycle and Temperature

Due to the delicate nature of the spin mop's microfiber material, you need to set the washing machine to the right cycle and temperature to avoid wear and tear.

Rinse the Mop Head with Clean Water and

Dry in the Sun

Finally, use clean water to rinse the mop to remove residual muddy waters still trapped in the mop. Afterward, allow the mop head to dry off by hanging it outside. This helps to kill off any surviving bacteria and molds.

Washing a Non-Machine Washable Spin Mop Head

While discussing a machine washable spin mop head, it is essential to consider mop heads that cannot be washed with a washing machine.

What then should be done to those mop heads?

Follow these steps to clean non-machine washable mop heads.

  • Get a bucket filled with clean water.
  • Add the right detergent.
  • Add bleach or baking soda to remove and kill germs and bacteria.
  • Insert the spin mop head in the bucket and leave for 30 to 40 minutes to soak properly
  • Rinse twice with clean water to remove the dirt and germs.
  • Gently wring the mop head with your hands
  • Hang and dry in the sun, preferably on a clothesline.

Factors to Consider in Washing Spin Mop Head With a Washing Machine

Before washing a spin mop head in a washing machine, you need to check for some factors that could affect either the mop head or the machine. Consider these factors before choosing a spin mop.

Check if the Spin Mop Head is Machine Washable

Since there are various brands of spin head mops in the market, you must check if your preferred brand is machine washable. Ensure that you read reviews and comments of previous customers about their experiences using the spin mop.

Nature of the Mop Head Material

Some spin mop heads are made of microfiber material that is easy to use and wash. At the same time, this material is delicate and you need to handle the mop head with care for it to last longer.

Ease of Detaching the Parts

Another factor you need to consider is how easy it is to detach the mop head from its handle. Some manufacturers have detailed buyers' manuals that will help you detach and reassemble the spin mop without hassles.

Expert Tips for Handling Your Spin Mop

  • Clean the spin mop immediately after use.
  • Disconnect all extra attachments on the mop head before washing in the machine or by hand.
  • Wash microfiber spin mop heads with the microfiber rags to add more weight and stop the mop head from bouncing around the machine.
  • Adhere to stated instructions from the manufacturer concerning the wash cycle and detergent to use.
  • Finally, remember to air dry directly in the sun to prevent the growth of mold and pathogens.

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Using a machine to wash your spin mop head is a no-brainer. It saves time and effort as you can easily do other chores while the mop head is in the washing machine. Plus, it is cost-effective because a clean mop head lasts longer.

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