Best Electric Mops of 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Mopping of the home is a task that often give concern to most busy individuals. In this expository and easy to read article, we reviewed Top 5 best electric mops that come with an excellent rating on Amazon.





PowerFresh Steam Electric Mop Review


Weight: 6.4lbs

Dimensions: 23.4 x 18.6 x 16.8 inches

Light 'N' Easy S3601

Type: Steam Mop

Weight: 6.3 pounds

Dimensions: 46.4 x 11.8 x 6.8 inches

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A


Weight: 9.5 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 16 x 45 inches

O-Cedar Electric Floor Mop


Weight: 5 pounds

Dimensions: 53 x 12 x 8.75 inches

Shark Genius S5003D


Weight: 5.78 pounds

Dimensions: 47.1 x 13.8 x 7 inches

Since people now have numerous tasks competitions for their time, it is important to look for appliances that are easier and more convenient to use while carrying out different house chores. As a result of this, most individuals are now looking for items or equipment that can be used in the cleaning of dirt’s from the house floor faster.

Advancement in technology has helped us in this area due to the manufacturing of electrically powered mops. These electric mops are different from the conventional mops as a result of the suctions that comes with the mops rotating pads. This friction helps to remove these specks of dirt faster and easier.

In this article, we would be looking at five of the best electric floor mops in the market that are faster and more convenient to use.

1. PowerFresh Steam electric mop review

PowerFresh Steam Electric Mop Review

The PowerFresh Steam Mop is an electric mop that is designed to clean and disinfect our floor. This is as a result of the natural sanction and power that comes with the mop. It is designed with functionality that can kill over 99.9 percent of all bacteria and germs on the floor of the home. 

The PowerFresh steam mop comes with three different steam levels that can easily be customized to suit the needs of the individual. Its users can digitally set these three different steam levels (lows, medium, and high). 

One significant feature of this product that makes it to stand-out from others is its ability to work 2x faster than most conventional electric steam  floor mops. This is as a result of the scrubber that comes with the power stream mop.

Other tools that the PowerFresh steam mop comes with includes an Angle Concentrator Tool, Bristle Tools, Clothing Steamer Tool, and Fabric Steamer. Others include a Red Bristle Scrub Brush, Wall Mount, On-Board Tool Kit, Flat Surface Tool, and Grout Tool.

Making use of this beautifully designed electric spin mop leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. This is because it allows you to insert the spring breeze fragrance discs into the mop pad in other to leave a clean scent while mopping. The PowerFresh Steam Mop is used for the following surface areas (Linoleum, Ceramic, Sealed Hard, Above-Floor Cleaning, Marble, and Granite).

The electric mop comes with a weight of 6.4lb and a water tank capacity of 12 oz.  One other unique feature about the PowerFresh Steam Mop that sets it apart from others is the ability of one to infuse the mop with Microban effortlessly. This is to prevent the growth of odor that causes bacteria on the mop pad.

2. Light 'N' Easy S3601

Light 'N' Easy S3601

The Light 'N' easy electric mop is another unique steam mop that is user-friendly and ideal for the cleaning of different floor types. The Light 'N' Easy mop is an all in one detachable handheld unit. This mop can be used to clean different floor types such as the hardwood, stone, tiles, vinyl, carpet, marble, grout, laminated, and child-friendly floor steamer. 

This steam mop is multifunctional in task and ideal for many purposes. That means it can be used for steam cleaner and garment steamer. Most past users of this product on Amazon rated this electric mop high because it is lightweight yet sturdy. Other user stated that the product does an excellent job in the cleaning of the house floor and also helps the floor to dry quickly without leaving any soggy residue.

Another great plus of this product is the versatility of this small but capable machine. To remove sticky mess and stains from the floor of the house, it is important to use this electric mop at 110°C hot steam. Tap water and distilled waters can either be used for this electric mop if one chooses.

Another good thing about this mop that makes it stand out among its equals is that it can also be used for upholstery refresher, remover of wrinkles from garments and for kitchen/bathroom deep cleaning. With the help of the electric mop head, the floor of the house dries faster after cleaning. It is important to note that this mop steam is super-hot - therefore, care should be taken while making use of this mop head. This mop is a good buy for every home.

3. BISSELL Spinwave 2039A

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A

The Bissell Spinwave mop is an electric-powered mop that can be used to clean off the dirt from hardwood floors. This steam mop is also designed in a multidimensional way that allows one to mop while washing of the stains and marks at the same time. 

The Bissell mop acts as a good alternative for individuals that have too many chores to battle with. Some past reviewer of the product from Amazon noted that the steam mop leaves no smudge marks. Another plus for this product as noted by past users is that the pads of the Bissell spin mop are reusable and thick, making it effective.

The mop is use for the cleaning of different floor types both at home and the office. This high powered electric mop is good for the cleaning of sealed, linoleum, tiles, and vinyl flooring. The suction power and spin pads help in reducing the effort exerted into the cleaning process.

This makes the cleaning process faster and less strenuous. The mop comes in two different designs. These designs include the scrubby pad for tough and messy stains that are often hard to eliminate and the soft-touch cleaning pads that can be used for the day to day cleaning activities.   

The mop comes with a water capacity of 28 ounces and a power rating of 0.9 Amps. It comes as a cordless mop – therefore gives one the freedom to move around while cleaning the floor and the opportunity to clean up more floor space. Some other features of this mop that make it stand out from its competitors are that it is lightweight in design and easily maneuverable. It also comes with the capacity to dispense the right quantity of water solution on the floor while cleaning.

4. O-Cedar Electric floor Mop

O-Cedar Electric Floor Mop

The O-cedar microfiber steam mop is one unique electric mop that comes with an extra refill option. The electric mop is ideal for the removal of stubborn stains and dirt from the floor and carpets. The mop comes in a captivating design that will attract user's attention. Some unique features that make this Microfiber steam mop to stand out among its competitors are the ease of refilling the mop, maneuverable and its lightweight nature of the product.

Don’t get deceived by the lightweight nature of this machine since it is sturdy and durable. The steam mop can be heated-up easily in less than 25 seconds of being plugged-in. This makes it handy for use at all time. Another important feature to note in respect to this product is that one can easily remove and attach the cleaning cloth anytime they wish.

The mop is one of the few electric mops in the market that comes with a microfiber pad. This pad is designed in such a way that it can absorb dust, dirt and bacteria. To make it easy for one to replace or change the pad, the mop comes with two different microfiber pads and users can purchase more microfiber pads from the market when the both gets damaged.

The mop comes with an adjustable steam level settings and can kill 99.9% of bacteria on the floor of the house. Past users and reviewers on Amazon asserted that due to the ergonometric nature of the product design, they can easily move the mop cleaner into a hard to reach edges and corners as a result of the smart triangle head design.

Another important thing to note about this smart mop head is that it is machine washable. This helps to reduce the burden of rewashing the mop head after each cleaning process since the microfiber pad can be washed up to 25 times without it losing its handiness. Note that you can move this steam mop across the length of your room due to the long power cord that the mop comes with. It is a must-have for every home and ideal for most floor types.

5. Shark Genius S5003D

Shark Genius S5003D

We reviewed this product last because it is one of the most advanced electric mops in the market. The steam pocket mop is an electric mop that comes with numerous features and functionalities.  This mop is a multipurpose steam mop that can be used for everyday clean-up and other intense clean-up around the home.

The machine comes with a high review score on Amazon due to the effectiveness and usefulness of the product. With its three different functionality, one can easily apply the right amount of steam in every situation.  The shark genius also comes with a double-sided dirt grip washable pads and a steam blaster technology.

With the genius head and direct steam channeling, one can clean up even the most obscured corners and other hard to reach edges. Another unique feature of this electric mop is the touch-free technology that the machine comes with. With this free technology and a press of a button, one can attach the dirt grip pad to the mop or release it straight into the hamper.

The electric mop head comes with a direct stream channeling that can distribute steam throughout the mop pocket. The steam mop also comes with an ultra-wide cleaning zone to trap dirt as a result of its dirt grip pads. The mop is easy to assemble and you would not be needing the help of professionals to get it up and running. It is a good buy for every one that is obsess with cleaning and that dislike stains on the floor. 

How to Choose The Best Electric Mops

Best Electric Mops

In selecting the right electric mop for the cleaning of one's floor, one is expected to look-out for some basic features that align with one's needs. Here are some basic things to note while selecting your electric mop either online or from a mall.

The Floor Type 

Different homes come with their distinctive floor type. Therefore, in selecting the electric mop head type, it is expected that one should consider the flooring style of the house. Different floor types include the Linoleum, Ceramic, Sealed Hardwood, Above-Floor, Marble, and Granite. Not every steam mop will be suitable for these different floor types. It is, therefore, necessary to use the ideal mop type for your floor. One can also go for mops that are versatile, in other to use it for flooring with a combination of different materials.


Electric mops come with different features, and this is what differentiates it from each other. Some of these features and functionalities include the ability to scrub easily, the possibility to be used for the removal of stubborn stains and hard floors (lows, medium and high). Therefore, depending on the stain type one wish to remove from the floor will determine the mop type to choose and purchase.

Ease of usage

Depending on your need and the level of your chores and other activities, an easy to use mop that does not come with a complicated instructional manual is ideal. Some of these mops come with a smart feature that makes it easier to use. Some of these features include free touch technology. Therefore it is important to go for those electric mops that will not require you to stain your hands and knees while cleaning.   

Cordless options 

Different electric mops come in diverse designs. These mops can either come with a cord or cordless. The ideal mop is a function of the floor space. Therefore, it is needful to go for a cordless electric mop for an area with bigger floor space. One can go for an electric mop with a longer cord that can easily be plugged-in when cleaning a home with a limited floor size. This helps to reduce the stress of moving around. Therefore it is important not to go for those mop with a shorter cord as it limits the distance covered while cleaning.

Room sizes

The room size is another determinant of the best power mop to purchase. For individuals leaving in a smaller space, one can go for the more traditional, manual, or cord (plug-in) mops. These mops are suitable for the cleaning of children rooms, small studio units, and small office space. For individuals with a bigger office space or home, a smart and cordless mop will be ideal for purchase.  

Water tank reservoir

The size of the room one wish to mop will determine the water tank reservoir that will be needed. It is important to look for an electric mop that comes with a bigger water tank reservoir units. Having a smaller water tank reservoir will lead to the refilling of the mop at each step of the cleaning process. It is, therefore, necessary to go for a bigger reservoir if you know that your room floor size is big.


From the aforementioned products, one can easily select a reliable and fast electric mop that will be used in keeping the floor of the house clean. From past user's reviews on Amazon, the listed products are top-notch products when compared to other products in the market. It is important to note that selection is dependent on the user's preference, floor type, purpose, and choice. Therefore put into consideration some of the aforementioned points for the selection of the best electric mops while making your final decision.  Finally, bear in mind that the products listed above have their pros and cons, respectively.

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