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Are you tired of regretting each cleaning appliance you buy for your home or office? You might have just stumbled on a lasting solution that will help you make the right and informed purchases when it comes to cleaning equipment.

Who we are

At ratemycleaner.com , we are a team dedicated to helping homeowners, cleaning companies and enthusiasts get more satisfaction out of cleaning and the cleaning products they buy. With years of experience in the cleaning business, we know all the golden tips and dirty secrets that you can’t get anywhere else.

What we are about

Technology has made cleaning easier. But, we know better than most that you still have to get your hands dirty once in a while if you want immaculate results. That’s why we have taken a two-pronged approach to add value to our readers and cleaners.

On one end of our website, we provide valuable, honest and downright brutal reviews of the newest cleaning equipment ranging from electronic machines like vacuums to the most basic cleaning tools like mops and brushes – You would be surprised what a big difference choosing the right brush for the right task can make!

On the other end, we are constantly sharing tips and blogs about cleaning that will help you make cleaning easier, more efficient and effective. With our valuable tips and insights, you can make cleaning more FUN!

Our purpose and goal

Our goal is to make RateMyCleaner a leading and one-stop-shop for all cleaning related reviews and tips. We want to be a source for quality, dependable and actionable information when going for a new cleaning appliance or tips to get you out of cleaning disasters.

Our Editorial Policies


We are not your average review website. We counter and double-check our facts to make sure the information published on RateMyCleaner is accurate and factual. We work closely with other industry stakeholders to verify facts before publishing.

Editorial independence

All content published on RateMyCleaner is produced independently. Even though we make some money off advertising, we are not sponsored by any brands. Our team is independent with high standards of integrity to make sure we remain impartial.


Your safety and security online is a critical priority for us. We want you to feel comfortable visiting our website for the regularly posted new content without any worries. We maintain a strict privacy policy for all our users. We have also invested in having a secure platform where you can acquire and share information freely.