Best Car Wash Mop Reviews in 2022

Trying to use basic mops for washing your car? That’s not the best way to clean your vehicle. A car wash mop is significantly different as it comes with more adaptive options, and a compact size. Moreover, professionals tend to use mops from a small number of brands for the best results. So, how can you and me get the same kind of products as they receive? 

We gathered expert opinions and their recommendation led to create the list below. These are the best mops available for your car and they offer compact features for better mobility when you are using them. Let’s have a look.

Comparison of Best Car Washing Mop

These are the top 5 car wash mop, Check out the top 5 ranked products.





AutoSpa 93303 Microfiber Car Wash Mop

Handle Length: 48 inches

Weight: 1.04 pounds

Dimensions: 3.5 x 9 x 33.5 inches

TB Anchor Car Cleaning Brush

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 3 inches

Weight: 1.15 Pounds

Cleaning angle: 45 degree

Meirun Spin Wet Car Cleaning Mops

Dimensions: 17.72 x 12.6 x 1.97 inches

Weight: 1.23 Pounds

Metal: Stainless steel

Camco RV Car Wash Brush 43633

Dimensions: 39 x 8 x 5 inches

Handle adjusts: 43-inches up to 71-inches

Weight: ‎3.25 pounds

Carrand 93210 Microfiber Car Wash Mop

Dimensions: 35 x 12 x 11 inches

Weight: ‎15.2 ounces

Extension Pole: 48"

AutoSpa 93303 Microfiber Car Wash Mop

The AutoSpa Microfiber Car Wash Mop is a great product to start has all the necessary products to make car washing easier, more fun and less messy for you.

The extendable 48" long handled car wash mop ensures you're at an arm's length while you clean the car. It’s long enough to keep you at a safe distance from the mess that comes with cleaning. It's long enough to deal with different types of cars, including trucks and SUVs.

To keep the handle from swaying and swerving uncontrollably, it’s fitted with a locking mechanism that holds it tightly in place giving you all the control you need for the best results.

The car wash mop head is fitted with microfibers that are perfect for scrubbing dirt while taking it easy on your car's paint job. The microfibers are extra absorbent so you can use the mop to dry up the car after the wash.

If you’re feeling a little handsy and want to jump into the middle of the action, the mop head glove is removable for handwash cleaning. This approach is perfect when your car is extra dirty, and you want to pay extra attention to detail when cleaning it.

To give you value for your money, the mop glove is washable and reusable. Once you’re done using it, you can give it a quick scrub, let it dry and keep it away ready for the next time you want to clean your car.

The soft long chenille fibers are also great when you only want to get rid of dust pile up on the car. The fibers will lift and trap dust, so you don't have to get yourself or the car wet.
If you have interest, check out dust mop buying guide here

If you are looking for a not-so-long mop for washing your car, then the AutoSpa microfiber car wash brush is better than the Meirun Microfiber Mop that has a pole that can be extended up to 60 inches. It comes along with a multi-usable microfiber head that allows both dry and wet washing.


  • The telescopic handle of the long chenille mop consists of an extension locking system that is beneficial in keeping the length of the pole fixed, and the handle can also be extended up to 48 inches to reach greater heights.
  • The microfiber noodles of the mop head are thick and long, enabling an effective solution in trapping proper amounts of dust and dirt.
  • It also includes a mop cover that covers the entire plastic mop head to avoid any scratch over the vehicle.
  • It is suitable for both dry and wet washing as the head can be easily removed from the extension pole.


  • The plastic infrastructure of the product is not sturdy enough to hold adequate pressure while washing.

2. TB Anchor Car Cleaning Brush

TB Anchor Car Cleaning Brush

This car cleaning brush goes the extra mile to express the love you have for your car. The materials used to make the brush are carefully picked. They are brutal in removing dirt but kind to your car's finish and the environment.

New car mops often have a chemical smell that ends up on the car during washing. With the natural fibers used in the Car Clean Brush, you don’t have to worry about the chemical odor. The bristles are made from natural and odor-free materials that will not leave the annoying stench on your car.

The choice of milk fiber is highly welcome because of its bacteria-fighting properties. You not only get rid of the visible dirt but also the thousands of bacteria lingering on your car’s exterior.

The mop head can also move around and tilt to fit into those tight spots easily. You don't have to worry about bending or kneeling to get to those tricky areas.

The handle of this car wash mop is just as impressive. It is extendable to an astonishing 60". It saves your back the trouble of stretching and twisting to get to the highest points of the car.

The handle made from stainless steel which keeps it lightweight, easy to maneuver but extra strong. With the 45-degree angle that the handle offers, cleaning under the wheel space and other parts of the undercarriage couldn't be much easier. 

This car wash mop is a cleaning monster capable of handling different motor-related cleaning jobs which include trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and it's perfect for dusting and cleaning boats.

The 18-month warranty and 90-day satisfaction guarantee offered with the Car Cleaning Brush are proof enough that you’re spending your money on the right tool for your car and assures you of quality and long-term performance.

Even though this product does not include the innovative features present in the Camco Wash Brush, like the integrated switch for controlling the water supply, it is an eco-friendly appliance and consists of effective milk fibers to bring back the shine of your car


  • It is an eco-friendly product and will keep your car's paint safe.
  • The mop head consists of milk fiber that is powerful enough to fight against all sorts of bacterias.
  • The cleaning angle can easily be adjusted up to 45 degrees.
  • The stainless extendable handle can extend up to 60 inches which is beneficial to wash hard-to-reach areas.


  • The mop head angle is fixed, which may cause inconveniences while washing.

3. Meirun Spin Wet Car Cleaning Mops

Meirun Spin Wet Car Cleaning Mops

Thanks to technology and innovation, you can add a dash of surprise and better performance to practically everything. The Meirun Spin Wet Car Wash Mop builds-up on the features of traditional car wash mops with additional features and ingenuity to make car cleaning easier, but more effective.

The Meirun Mop can help complete various auto-related tasks like washing, drying, dusting, waxing, and polishing your cars. You can also use the mop to clean your boat, wood finishings, and mirrors. The soft chenille microfibers are perfect because they don’t damage the finish of the car, but are effective in removing dirt and gunk from the car.

The most special part of the Meirun Mop is the head. It has a unique 360 degrees circular design. This unique approach allows the mop to get into tight spaces easily, so you don't have to struggle when cleaning the car. 

The mop head is removable and easy to exchange. What’s more, with this car wash mop, you get an extra cleaning head to ensure you have everything you need to get cleaning.

The handle is made from stainless steel with high-quality plastic accents. In addition to the strong and lightweight nature of the handle, it's also extendable, which makes it perfect if you have high cars. With the extendable handle and the 360-degree mop head, you can reach all areas of the car, including the roof with ease.

The mop head is washable meaning you can use it multiple times. It's an economical, practical, and efficient method to clean the car that will make you significant savings in car wash services.

This product is loved by a wide range of users because of the length of the extension pole and the mop head swivels 360 degrees. But in comparison with other chenille mops like the Carrand Microfiber Mop, it does not include larger surfaces in the side panels to cover greater areas while cleaning.


  • The mop swivels 360 degrees that allow easy and effective cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
  • The mop handle is made from stainless steel and can be extended up to 60 inches.
  • For wider cleaning and time-consuming experience, the diameter of the mop head is about 7 inches.
  • The mop head is super absorbent and can be used for both dry and wet washing.


  • The head does not flow freely and usually gets stuck.

4. Camco RV Car Wash Brush 43633

Camco RV Car Wash Brush 43633

The Camco car wash brush goes over and beyond when it comes to cleaning your car. It’s the ultimate car cleaning partner that packs all the bells and whistles necessary to get your car spotless and shiny.

If you’re looking for a carwash mop that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing spotless results, this is your best bet.  

It has a broad head fitted with soft bristles that provide maximum cleaning power without damaging the finish on your car. The soft bristles easily get into the nooks and crannies on your car’s body and get rid of all traces of dirt.

The design of the mop head itself is a work of art. The head has a lock that keeps it from moving when you're washing the car and the corners have rubber that protects the car from dents and scratches as you wash the cars.

The head is also fitted with a squeegee that provides excellent results when cleaning car windows and streak-free cleaning results.

Another impressive feature of the Camco RV car wash mop offers is the water flow control. The base of the handle is fitted with a garden hose connection and a switch that controls water flow. It’s a great addition that saves you the trouble of going back and forth when cleaning your car. You save time and endless trips to the tap to turn on the water then turn it off.

With this unique addition, you have everything you need in one neat tool, making car washing simple and mess-free.

To top everything off, the handle is extendable to 71”. No matter what type of car you have, with such an impressive length, you're assured of getting to all parts of the vehicle without much fuss or struggle.

In comparison with other available chenille microfiber mops like the Meirun Microfiber Mop, the plastic construction of this particular product is very poor. However, the advanced features along with the exceptional characteristics of this appliance make it a praiseworthy option.


  • This product comes along with an adjustable pole that has a maximum extension length of 72 inches which is quite amazing for cleaning larger vehicles.
  • An integrated switch is included with the mop to control the water appropriately.
  • For greater protection of your vehicle while washing, the corners are covered with rubber, and also the head can be locked so that you do not face any inconvenience.
  • To achieve maximum cleaning territory, the brush head is 10 inches wide.


  • The plastic components of the product are not sturdy enough to take over an adequate amount of pressure while cleaning.

5. Carrand 93210 Car Washing Mop

Carrand 93210 Microfiber Car Wash Mop

This is a professional usable mop On our review list is the Carrand Microfiber car wash mop. Which can be use as professional car wash mop.  It’s an option that gets down to the basics and provides excellent results without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a practical cleaning solution for your car.

The Carrand has a mop head fitted with a thick collection of microfibers. They are extra absorbent and perfect for swift car cleaning. You can use the mop head when it's attached to the pole, or you can decide to do away with the pole and use it like a glove when you're looking to get a closer clean. Regardless of how you use the mop head, you're assured of excellent results for your car.

The pole is feature-filled in its own right. The telescopic pole can extend up to 48 inches to make it easier to reach all parts of the car with ease. You don’t have to worry about high-reaching areas like the roof of the car when you have an extendable tool.

The Carrand car wash mop is commonly used by car enthusiasts and professional detailers which speaks mountains of the quality of its build and ability to deliver pristine results.

If you’re looking for a car wash mop that is excellent at playing the balancing game, this is your best bet. It's practical, effective, and affordable!

Even though this product is quite similar to AutoSpa Microfiber Mop, it consists of a stronger overall infrastructure along with greater side panels for efficient cleaning.


  • The Telescopic pole that comes along with the microfiber mop can be extended up to 48 inches, which will allow you to easily clean areas that are out of reach.
  • The bath glove is removable and can be used individually to apply a professional hand car wash.
  • It weighs only about 15.2 ounces which makes it a super lightweight product for easy use.
  • The side panels have large surfaces that help in covering greater areas per swipe which will allow you to experience a time-consuming car wash.


  • The handle is attached by flimsy plastic pins with the head that makes it a less durable product as the head will come off anytime.

06. GreatCool 2 in 1 Chenille Mop for Car Wash

GreatCool 2 in 1 Chenille Mop for Car Wash

Cleaning and drying your car will be easier with the GreatcCool mop as it has an exceptional 2 in 1 feature. The mop comes with a handle, two mop heads, and a drying squeegee. As you would expect, this mop is a long handle car wash mop and the handle is expandable up to 44.5 inches.

Being able to wash a car's both exterior and interior with a mop is surely a great advantage. When it comes to GreatCool mop, it is possible due to its expandable handle. Moreover, as the product comes with a drying tool, it truly is a 2 in 1 mop that helps both cleaning and drying.

The microfiber mop, being lint and swirl-free, does not damage your vehicle's paint or exterior. With other car mops, cleaning the interior of a vehicle is usually not ideal. However, you can detach the GreatCool mop's handle and use it to clean your car's interior without the long handle.

It is an ideal car wash mop that can be used for several different vehicles, including car, boat truck, etc. It is a good choice with a minimum budget, and you can go for it without any second-guessing.

The GreatCool 2-in-1 Microfiber Car Mop does not include 360 degrees cleaning angle like the Meirun Microfiber mop but is a more lightweight product and can be used for both interior and exterior cleaning.


  • The handle that comes along with the microfiber mop can be extended up to 45 inches and has a rigid aluminum alloy construction that makes it a durable part.
  • It offers a cleaning angle of 180 degrees.
  • This lightweight product can also be used as an interior cleaner as the chenille can be easily detached from the head.
  • The mop head is extremely soft and absorbent that will make your washing more efficient and effective.


  • The handle is too small, and users of big cars like SUVs might reconsider this factor before purchasing the product.

07. Chemical Guys HOL131 Car Wash Mop with Telescopic Handle

HOL131 Premium Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mop (2)

Want to clean the exterior of your car faster? The Chemical Guys HOL131 is a large 18" x6" mop that does everything with pace! With just one swipe, you are able to clean a large area of your car. HOL131 comes with a telescoping handle and a large mop head.

For fast car cleaning, the large mop size gives you a lot of advantages. It is great for cleaning roofs of your car, truck beds, trailer sidewalks, wide hoods, and large areas that small mops take too long to clean! It may not be the best mop to clean your car's interior because of its large size. However, you have to consider the fact that its telescoping aluminum handle will help clean the largest of trucks with ease.

If you are a truck user or just looking for a mop specifically for fast exterior cleaning, the HOL131 is a perfect pick. It will fasten your cleaning speed, and the microfiber mop is top-notch. Overall, it is an excellent choice.

In comparison to most of the chenille mops for car wash available, like the Carrand Microfiber Mop and Camco Wash Brush, this particular product from Chemical Guys has the most rigid and perfect plastic construction that provides a safe and effective cleaning solution.


  • This premium mop head is carefully woven with plush microfiber noodles that are effective in soaking up tons of soapy water without causing any scratch.
  • The plastic swivel mount of the wash mop head is a heavy-duty component that can resist all sorts of car washing chemicals.
  • It comes in different colors that will allow you to avoid cross-contamination between different vehicles or washing over different paintworks.


  • When soaked in soapy water, the mop head becomes heavier than expected and causes inconvenience while washing.

How to Choose The Car Wash Mops

When choosing a car wash mop, you’re not only looking for one with the best features but also one that will take the best care of your car. If you don’t consider all your options carefully, you could end up with a mop that does more damage than good to your car.

That’s why you need to weigh all the different features and factors and settle on an ideal option that will guarantee excellent results.

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a car wash mop:


The material of the mop glove, as well as other parts, is essential. There are two ideal options to choose from. Microfiber and wool are the best options. They offer great cleaning results and are kind on your car's finishing. For a more aggressive wash, you can go for soft-bristle brushes. Ensure the bristles are soft and won't scratch the car.

For the sake of quality and durability of the mop, you also need to consider the material used to make the handle and the mop head. In most cases, the mop head is made from hard plastic and the handle is made from stainless steel.

It's not recommended to go for an option with a wooden handle because it tends to rot quickly. If possible, ensure the mop head has rubber or silicone on the edges. This will protect the car from accidental dents and scratches when you're cleaning.


When it comes to cleaning cars, you need a carefully balance the size. If the mop head is too big, it won't fit in some areas of the car, making it inefficient. The size of the mop head has to be big enough to make car washing fast and simple, but small enough to fit into the tight spaces around the car.

While considering the size, you might also want to consider the shape since it can affect the maneuverability of the mop. There’s no recommended size. But when making the purchase, make sure you consider the size of your car.

The general size of the mop head is also a subject of consideration. Most car wash mops come with an extendable handle. If the handle is too long, the mop becomes hard to control, which means you take more time trying to get your car clean.

Additional Features 

Car wash mops are not short of features. Even though they are simple, some offer a unique collection of features to make them more appealing to customers.

Not all the features are handy or useful. You have to make sure you’re spending the right amount of money for the right amount of features. Some of the most common features include:

  • Removable glove: This is an incredible feature that adds some much-needed flexibility in car wash mops. The removable glove allows you to use the mop head without the handle. It's a perfect idea when you're polishing the car, and you want to have a close look at your work as you go along. Instead of the pole, you use your hand to move the mop along the body of the car.
  • Extendable pole: Another common feature is the extendable pole. It's quite handy, especially when you're working with big cars and it's not easy for you to reach areas like the roof of the car. With the extendable handle, you can prolong the handle to reach the highest point of the car without leaving the ground.
  • Spin mop headA spin mop head works best together with an extendable handle. It makes it easier to get into tight supports without losing contact between the mop head and the body of the car. Even when you’re at a distance, the mop head is always at an optimum angle that makes it easier to get the best cleaning results.
  • Water flow control:  The water flow control feature is not common, but that doesn't make it any less critical. Car wash mops with water flow control will save you the endless trips to and from the tap and also ensure you rinse the foam from the body of the car to ensure it doesn't impact the paint. You don't need to have the feature, but if your budget allows, it can be a neat and convenient addition.

How to Mop a Car

Moping a car is not an easy task if you do not know the right way. There are a few steps to mop your car perfectly. 

1. First of all,  park your car under a roof. 

2. Cover the things you do not want to make messy.

3. Sprinkle water with a hose.

4. Use a car washing brush and mop with this. Check out the video for more

Frequently Asked Question for Car Wash Mops

How to Wash Microfiber Wash Mitt?

You can easily wash machine-washable microfiber mitts using a washing machine. The recommended method is to use warm water and not applying dyes or fabric softeners. You can also hand wash microfiber mitts.

Need to use a bucket and a grate to make sure they are perfectly clean. Usually, mitts are washed in a washing machine. However, for lambswool mitts, it is better to hand wash.

What does a Best Car Mop do?

A car wash mop is used to wash cars, trucks, and similar vehicles. Usually made of microfibers, a car wash mop is an essential tool for cleaning your vehicle.

How to Use a Car Wash Mop?

After making a water and car wash shampoo solution, you can use a car wash mop soaked in the solution or just plain water. Use it to rub your vehicle's exterior and then wash off the dirt and mud.

How Much does a Car Wash Mop Cost?

Car wash mops usually cost under $40. There are some verities of car wash mops in the market that may be a bit higher.

How Long does a Car Wash Mop Last?

A microfiber car wash mops usually last 2-3 months. Some quality mops can last longer, but it is good to replace your car wash mop every two months.

Can a Car Wash Mop be Used as a Hand Mop?

A car wash mop is usually made with softer microfiber to reduce any chance of scratches onto vehicles. That is why it is not recommended to be used as a hand mop.

Can a Car Wash Mop be Used to Clean Windows?

Yes, a car wash mop can be used to clean windows. Make sure to dry it after cleaning properly.

Can I Use a Car Wash Mop for Interior as Well?

Using a car wash mop for the interior is possible. However, do keep an eye on the mop's wetness and don't let it damage any part of the interior.

Can Car Wash Mops Damage My Vehicle's Paint?

Car wash mops are made with soft microfiber, and as a result, it rarely damages a vehicle's paint. It greatly depends on how much pressure you are applying

Can I Use a Regular Brush to Wash My Car?

It is not recommended to use a regular brush to use to wash a car. Use a soft microfiber car wash mop to wash your car and reduce any chance of damage to your vehicle.

Top 5 Mop Comparison by Features

  • Overall Best: AutoSpa Microfiber Mop - 48" telescopic handle; locking extension; removable glove; long chenille; 2-in-1 feature; hand car wash.
  • Quality Milk Silk Mop: TB Anchor Car Cleaning Brush - 30"-60" telescopic handle; no damage to car's paint; 45-degree cleaning angle; eco-friendly; milk fiber.
  • Recommended Mop Mitt: GreatCool 2-in-1 Chenille Microfiber Car Mop Mitt 44.5" extended handle; aluminum alloy; dust collector; car squeegee; lint-free; 180 degrees cleaning angle.
  • Heavy-duty Cleaning: Chemical Guys Chenille Wash Mop - Plush microfiber noodles; plastic swivel mount; cleans RVs, boats, trucks; heavy-duty design; large frame.
  • Best Cleaning Brush: Camco Wash BrushAdjustable handle 43" to 71", locking head; rubber corners; water flow inside the brush; on/off button for the water flow; 10- wide brush.

Final Thoughts

Car wash mops are an integral tool when taking care of your car. When buying one, don’t hold back. Take time to find a good quality car wash mop made from high-quality materials that will last and give your car's exterior finish the best chance at an extended lifespan.

We have done most of the digging for you and narrowed the options from hundreds of options to just five to make the choice much easier for you. If the reviews and comparisons are not enough, there's the buying guide should walk you through the purchase process and enlighten you on the features and factors that you should consider when making the purchase.

By finding the best car wash mop, you will save yourself time washing the car and the trouble of getting drenched at the end of the carwash. Most importantly, your car will thank you for it!

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