Best Cleaner For Granite Countertops in 2021

Granite countertops in pristine condition look the best! For holding on to its beauty, a proper cleaning solution is more than necessary. In the kitchen, such countertops get messy all the time. So, if you want to make sure that your granite remains flawless, the cleaners below are the best solution.

To find the best cleaner for granite countertops, we had a team of researchers going through different types of products. After a month of dedicated research, these items were proven to be the best according to their effectiveness, price, and other important factors. 

01. Granite Sealer and Protector


  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Surfaces: Shower, countertop, stone, tile
  • Contains a blend of polymers in its cleaning solution
Granite Sealer and Protector

Are you looking for a natural cleaner for granite countertops? Then Granite Sealer and Protector is just the right element for you. They are awesome in providing an added sealant and considering solutions for your stones and countertops. The protector proffers long-lasting protection and brings back the perfect brightness on your granite coverings that you wish for.

Granite Sealer and Protector is a useful and powerful spray that uses the fusion of polymers to perceive the stones' uniformly permeable exterior to prevent stains from leaking in and maturing to be perpetual. While working on this sector, it also implements a protecting coating above the granite to stop water spotting and keep away other debris and deposits from clinging.

If you are willing to clean any stone floorings, do not worry because this enhanced formula can do the job. It also works magnificently in producing a shield against the stains that develop in your shower tiles, creating a considerable accumulation of stains that may be very hard to remove.

Just spray it, leave it for a while, and dry-wipe it out. Not only will it clean the surface, but it will also produce a protective layer that will stop any further stains and blemishes. A perfect tool for granite!

The TriNova Granite Sealer is an excellent choice for granite protection, while the Hope's cleaner can work on both granite and Marble. The former weighs 2 oz less than the latter.


  • This product can be used as both a first-time sealer and a long lastingness enhancer.
  • This spray uses a powerful polymeric mixture to reach through the stone's porous surface to prevent stains from settling in.
  • To avoid water spots, it furthermore provides a protective coating on top of the granite.
  • Its pH-neutral nature keeps it from damaging your sealant.
  • Leaves a fresh gloss on the stone.


  • In areas where water flows the most, it fails to deliver the expected result.
  • The shine only lasts for a few hours.

02. StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector


  • Weight: 1.5
  • Pounds Surfaces: sandstone, ceramic tile, granite, countertops, etc
  • Contains a water-based formula
StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector

StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector is a safe cleaner for granite countertops and many surfaces like ceramic tile, granite, slate, and many more. It is an effective and efficient cleaner that will make your work easier and prove worthy of your surfaces.

The entire spray mechanism makes it even more straightforward to execute the cleaning operations, and also, with each spray, it covers a larger area. The water-based formula is gentle and needs no rinsing. All you have to do is spray it and wipe it. The simple cleaning formula is powerful enough to clean only combinations of stains and showers an effective clean.

More importantly, the cleaner cleans the surface and implies a shield over the stone or tile for future betterment. As a result, you do not have to carry out cleaning activities regularly. The built-in formula leaves a sweet citrus fragrance behind whenever applied on the surface and proffers an appealing environment.

This two in one formula is excellent for your bathroom vanities, countertops, and many more. The cleaning formula contains a neutral pH that makes it safe for your family and pets. That is why it is a must-have for every household.

The StoneTech cleaner is made with all-natural elements similar to the Better Life Granite Cleaner. The former leaves a citrus scent after being applied that comforts people in the environment.


  • Treats natural stone countertops perfectly.
  • Maintains the protection of your ceramic or stone tile while getting rid of common messes.
  • Cleaner, fresher surfaces because of the built-in sealant, plus a pleasant citrus aroma.
  • It is a water-based product, and so there is no need to rinse the sponge before using it.


  • Certain stains reappear once the cleaner dries out.

03. TriNova - Best Cleaner for Granite Countertops


  • Weight: 1.43 Pounds
  • Surfaces: Stone type surfaces
  • Contains a pH neutral cleaning solution
TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish

TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish is a daily cleaner for granite countertops that implies effective cleaning without damaging the surface. It works significantly on stone type surfaces like marble, quartzite, soapstone, granite, and many more. Your premium stone coverings require a premium cleaning solution, and this is the exact one.

Are you willing to bring back the excellent shine that your stone surfaces had before? Then the cleaning solution applied by TriNova Granite cleaner will dispense all the disorders and stains from the surfaces. It will leave a streak-free finish and will make your stones reflect like a mirror. While it carries out its cleaning procedure, it also leaves a mesmerizing and appealing scent that will change the entire atmosphere of the room without applying any chemical odors.

The cleanser uses a pH neutral cleaning solution that makes the cleaning process safe and non-toxic for your children and pets. It is specially composed to seal the porous stones to help it refrain stains from building up.

Bring back the previous appearance of your stones with TriNova Granite cleaner's help and experience a better life without the troubles of any stains or blemishes.

04. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray


  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Surfaces: natural-stone surfaces, tile, quartz, etc
  • Contains non-toxic cleaning solution
Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is one of the most fantastic household cleaners that can be replaced from your typical one and can provide exemplary performance to your Natural-stone surfaces. It provides an effective cleaning solution and showers a sparkling result on the surfaces leaving behind no streaks.

The cleaner can bring back your Natural-stone surfaces' previous shining appearance, such as travertine, marble, and granite. It can also be employed on floor surfaces like tile, porcelain, and many more, which is why it can be announced as a multi-purpose cleaner. Just spread the cleaning solution upon the surface, wipe it out with a cloth or paper towel, and see the glistering results. It will leave behind no smudges.

The cleaning solution is biodegradable and contains no ammonia or phosphorus. It is entirely non-toxic and non-acidic, which makes it safer and reliable to use on surfaces. Besides, it leaves a sweet citrus scent behind when it is applied and creates an appealing environment.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is one of the finest cleaners in the market for your stone surfaces. The safe cleaning solution keeps your children and pets safe. So, grab one today and enjoy a comfortable life with fresh stone surfaces.

The Granite cleaner is a more popular choice among consumers than the TriNova sealer due to its higher efficiency in cleaning graphite, marble, and travertine surfaces.


  • It's available in a compact spray container with a capacity of 24 ounces.
  • No rinse required! Just spray and wipe to eliminate all of the spots.
  • Granite, marble, and travertine surface areas may all be reliably cleaned using this cleaner.
  • This unique recipe is safe for the environment, does not have any corrosive or acid qualities, and is free of phosphates and ammonia.
  • Lovely citrus scent is left behind.


  • The bottle quality can be improved.

05. Hope's Granite Counter Cleaner


  • Weight: 1.38 Pounds
  • Surfaces: tile, quartz, granite, bathroom surfaces, countertops, etc
  • Contains a non-chemical cleaning solution
Hope's Perfect Cleaner

The perfect cleaner to remove quickly greasy messes from your granite, marble, quartz, and other surfaces are Hope's Perfect Cleaner. Its distinguished cleaning formula without any chemical involved supplies a reliable and effective cleaning experience.

Hope's Perfect Cleaner works super fast, requires minimum wiping, and is entirely safe. Its gentle cleaning solution can be used a couple of times in a day on your stone surfaces for efficient and quicker cleanup. This perfect cleaner supplies a completely streak-free cleaning solution without the involvement of any serious wiping and will make the countertops, bathroom surfaces, backsplashes, and much more sparkling clean. It is entirely an effortless cleaning method with a unique no-residue cleaning formula that showers radiant beauty in no time.

The formula is composed without any sort of chemicals and tends to have a neutral pH without any fragrance, ammonia, or alcohol. That is why this cleaner is the most reliable and safe for users to clean your surfaces that will keep your children and pets safe.

Hope's Perfect Cleaner is the absolute cleaner that will fulfill all your demands with flourishing results. There are simply no issues for you to draw back from such a fantastic cleaner. So, hurry up and purchase one!

HOPE's perfect granite and the Granite Gold Cleaner both offer a streak-free cleaning experience. The former doesn't consist of any ammonia ingredients making it very friendly to the applied surfaces.


  • 100% streak-free shine guaranteed.
  • No ammonia ingredients make it safe for granite, marble, and stone surfaces.
  • Will have no medical effects on small children or pets.
  • Takes little effort to clean and achieve a streak-free look.


  • Doesn't provide the extra shine that many of its competitors do.

06. Better Life Natural Cleaner


  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Surfaces: concrete, travertine, terrazzo, soapstone, etc
  • Contains plant-derived cleaning solution
Better Life Natural Cleaner

Better Life Natural Cleaner will be your daily partner in performing all cleaning jobs on stone-surfaces leaving behind a glistening shine without any streaks. Better Life Cleaner does not include any harsh chemicals and is entirely based on natural components that will implement a safe and effective cleaning solution.

The natural cleaner can clean profoundly with showering excellent results on concrete, terrazzo, soapstone, granite, and many other store surfaces. The unique solvent-free cleaning solution guards your floorings while applying the cleaner. It comes with a nozzle and can be sprayed easily that allows convenient usage and faster cleaning procedure. The cleaner does not require any sort of rinsing and will leave behind no streaks at all.

Better Life's cleaner inherits plant-derived components that are free of fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals. The biodegradable cleaning solution can fight against any stubborn stains like grease and grime without the involvement of harsh scrubbing.

It is an amazing cleanser that is a must-have for every house because of its reliable, promising, and outstanding cleaning applications. No sensible person would deny such a remarkable cleaner.

Better life Granite cleaner is an excellent granite cleaner that is made of all-natural ingredients, just like the one from Black Diamond Stoneworks.


  • A food surface safe formula was used during production.
  • The unique solvent-free composition keeps surfaces free of any residue while cleaning.
  • A solvent-free composition that is safe for surfaces helps clean efficiently.
  • Harmless to the environment, free of VOCs, alkylphenol surfactants, and petroleum.


  • The latest formula of this product is a bit stickier than usual.

07. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner


  • Weight: 1.08 Pounds
  • Surfaces: tile, concrete, granite, countertops, etc
  • Contains a non-toxic cleaning solution
Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

Are you tired of the messy stain accumulations on your stone surfaces? Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is a fantastic cleaner that proffers versatility, ease of use, and adequate safety. Surfaces like tile, concrete, porcelain, quartz, and many more can be cleaned effectively without any chemicals.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner employs a deep cleaning solution that will aid you every day and eliminate all sorts of grime, grease, and molds from your natural-stone surfaces like marble and granite. It is so easy to use that all you have to do is spray it and wipe it out with a simple cloth or paper towel. After you have completed the cleaning procedure, you will notice that it leaves behind, not a single streak or smudge. Not only will the cleaner clean the surfaces and bring back the initial striking appearance of your floor surfaces but will also protect it from the further buildup of stains.

The cleaning formula supplied by the cleaner consists of no toxic and acidic components. It is completely biodegradable, and the pH level is balanced to provide a safe and reliable cleaning experience. After implementing this daily cleaner, you will feel the essence of fresh, natural citrus fragrance.

08. Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner


  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Surfaces: non-fabric surfaces
  • Contains a plant-derived cleaning solution
Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner

Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner is a 3 in 1 spray cleaner for granite inherits an entirely plant-based cleaning solution that is non-toxic, versatile, and effective for your dirty surfaces. All of your non-fabric surfaces will inherit not a single mess of stains and other regular impurities.

Manufactured by experienced Ph.D. holders, the cleaning formula is completely authorized with naturally safe ingredients picked from water, plants, real green tea, and lime. This premium natural solution can efficiently remove your everyday messes like grease, pet stools, juice, lipstick, grime, streaks, soap scum, and many more. The guaranteed reliable cleaning solution can effectively clean any non-fabric surface without leaving behind any residue, streaks, or deposits.

It can clean the solid and visible dirt from your surfaces and exclude any sort of allergens like bacteria and germs from your household surfaces without employing any toxic cleaning formula. As a result, your children and pets will completely stay safe.

This true all-purpose surface cleaner is unique and effective than other conventional cleaners. With its plant-derived cleaning solution, nothing at your house will stay in a mess. So, quickly purchase one and experience the safe and striking cleaning performances of Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Both the Puracy cleaner and the Granite stone cleaner are amazing at keeping your stone surfaces clean. But the former uses a plant-based formula which also makes it safe for food contact.


  • Recreates 1 gallon of cleaner.
  • You can safely clean any hard surface without smearing or leaving streaks.
  • Was formulated by PhDs using a formula called plant-based.
  • Works fine on all surfaces.
  • All natural! Uses no harsh chemicals.


  • The formula can spill out of the bottle if placed carelessly.

09. Black Diamond Stoneworks Cleaner


  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Surfaces: marble, tile, granite, kitchen, and bathroom countertops
  • Contains
Black Diamond Stoneworks Cleaner

If you are looking for a perfect cleaner that can provide adequate care and maintenance to your countertops, then Black Diamond Stoneworks Cleaner is just the right one for you. The biodegradable cleaner is safe to use on all kinds of countertops, including bathroom, marble, granite, tile, and many more.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Cleaner renders all of the advantages like the conventional cleaners that are readily available but perform faster and effectively to remove all the dirt from your countertops. The cleaning solution provides you with an upper hand without the need for any sort of rinsing. It is safe enough to be used on surfaces that hold foods like your kitchen and easily remove oil, grease, and other cooking messes.

The cleaning formula is examined by professionals that ensure that the cleaning solution is non-toxic and has a neutral pH that is effective for cleaning the dirty messes and eliminating the allergens present in the house. It is very easy to use because all you have to do is spray it and wipe it.

While choosing cleaners for granite and stones, anyone should feel free to either opt for the HOPE's perfect granite cleaner or the Black Diamond stone cleaner; the pH neutrality and no-rinse formula of the latter make it exceptional.


  • All substances are derived from natural sources. Competes with other petroleum-based cleaning solutions on the market.
  • Uses a pH-neutral no-rinse formula which makes it food safe.
  • Developed, tested, and utilized by granite care specialists.
  • Easy to use; just spray and wipe.
  • Safe for kids and pets.


  • The sprayer could use some redesigning.

10. Weiman Granite Stone Clean


  • Weight: 1.68 Pounds
  • Surfaces: stone, countertop, tile, etc
  • Contains a non-toxic chemical solution
Weiman Granite Stone Clean

Weiman Granite Stone Clean is a special cleaner formulated with the cleaning solution that will make your sealed stone surfaces shine like before without using any harsh chemicals. They are to be implemented regularly after cleaning to apply a polishing effect on shower stalls, countertops, vanities, tiles, and many other solid stone surfaces.

The following three in one cleaner consists of a specialized formula that will make all of your jobs regarding the stone surfaces effortless. It cleans the exterior natural stone surfaces very efficiently and effectively without the need for any excess rubbing. Weiman Granite Stone Clean polishes the faded exteriors and countertops. It also protects them from further staining, discoloration, and deterioration.

While cleaning, it doesn't leave any streaks or smudges like other conventional cleaners. The entire cleaning formula has a neutral pH and consists of no additional chemicals. As a result, your kids and pets will stay safe around the area where the cleaner is used.

Weiman Granite Stone Clean is a thousand times better and provides excellent services than other typical cleaners. Its cleaning formula showers praiseworthy results and is reliable to be applied all around the house.

pH neutrality is the feature that's common between the Granite Stone Clean and the Black Diamond Cleaner. The former weighs 1.68 pounds with 24 oz of formula, and the latter weighs 2.2 pounds.


  • Offers state-of-the-art cleaning protection for all surfaces.
  • Ensures that stone surfaces are polished but also that they are not marred.
  • It shields your stone's seal from staining, distortion, and deterioration with the pH-balanced solution.
  • It will help highlight and enhance the natural veining and patterns in your granite.


  • The formula is a bit oily.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Granite Countertop Cleaner

Cleaners for your granite countertops are commonly available everywhere but hunting the perfect one might seem daunting. Some of you have gone through frustrations after using several improper granite cleaners. That is why the following knowledge will help you select the appropriate one for your granite countertops.

Neutral pH

Your countertops are composed of granite, which is a natural stone. Harsh acidic solutions will cause serious damage to your countertops' delicate surface, which is something you do not want. That is why buying a high-quality granite cleaner is essential for you. Go through the labels and check every detail, whether it possesses a lower pH solution or a neutral pH solution. The neutral one will be a safe cleaner for granite countertops.

Your Granite Surface

Granite cleaners are prepared for two types of surfaces- sealed and unsealed. Usually, in the market, you will find granite cleaners that are usable for sealed granite surfaces. However, if your countertops surfaces are unsealed, then the cleaner's liquid will damage the stone of your surface. That is why you have to buy a cleaner that has a sealer. For employing adequate sealing protection, you can also use the sealer separately.

Natural Cleaners for granite countertops

Natural cleaning products are always advised to be used because of their non-toxic cleaning solution. It is better if you can find cleaners consisting of a plant-derived cleaning formula that will provide effective cleaning and keep your children and pets safe.

Daily Cleaners for Granite Countertops

When you buy granite cleaners for your countertops, you will notice a portion of them contains a label that says 'Daily cleaners.' It is an important issue because daily cleaners can be used regularly to tackle your everyday messes accumulated on your countertops. These cleaners also have neutral pH and avoid doing any damage to the surface.


Usually, polishers are available separately for individual usage and are an essential element to bring back your countertops' previous shining appearance. But what if you purchase a 3 in 1 spray cleaner for granite countertops? Exactly! Nowadays, many cleaners support the application of polishing along with cleaning. That is why you should not miss this opportunity of buying a multi-purpose cleaner.

Remember the above information before selecting the granite cleaner for your house because you do not want to damage your precious stone surfaces because of one bad decision.

How To Clean and Disinfect Granite Countertops

Everyone believes cleaning and disinfecting granite countertops are very easy activities, and much advice is spread around regarding the issue. But because of such confusion in the environment, we decided to decorate the proper information portrayed by experts.

  • Fill a bowl with enough warm water and add dish soap. Dip the dishcloth into the solution and wet the cloth thoroughly.
  • Gently use the cloth and wipe it on the countertop's surface to eliminate all the stains and spills from the surface.
  • The granite countertops need to be dried instantly to avoid streaking. To do so, use a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel to buff the surface and soak up the extra moistures smoothly.
  • For disinfections, you will need isopropyl alcohol to eliminate the soap deposits properly. Spray the alcohol for about 70% and let it settle for about 5 minutes. Afterward, rinse the area with clean water and soak the moisture using a dry towel or microfiber cloth.
  • And your countertop will shine brightly.

Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

  • Make sure your granite countertop is sealed. Unsealed stone surfaces will be damaged due to storing liquid impurities like oil, grease, spills, and other stains. However, granite is less porous than other stone surfaces like ceramic tile, etc. To check if your countertop is sealed or not, spill water onto the surface. After a few minutes, if you observe that the water is getting soaked up, it indicates that the surface is not sealed. Then your primary job before cleaning would be sealing the surface.
  • Do not use any sort of harsh chemicals or rough towels to clean your countertops. These will weaken your sealant and will cause severe damages

The narrated information above will prove pivotal while cleaning your graphite countertop. Have a great day of cleaning!

How to Take Care of Granite Countertops

The common fear of people having natural stone surfaces is how to take proper care of the granite exteriors. If you know the appropriate procedure and correct details of what to do and what not to do, it is straightforward. The following instructions below might prove essential for your granite's prolonged lifespan.

  • Never apply an acidic cleaning solution to clean your countertops because that will cause discoloration of the surface and produce scratches.
  • Sitting on your countertops may break it and will eventually injure both you and your granite.
  • It is always sensible to eliminate any stains present on your countertop and not let it stay overnight. Whenever you see liquids spilled around the surface, instantly wipe it out and clean it thoroughly. Also, make sure before you place any pan, or other things on your countertop, the base of that thing is cleaned and does not contain other impurities like oil, etc.
  • Before you start cleaning your granite countertop, make sure you use hot water and employ soft cloth or towel.

Maintaining your granite countertop is not difficult if you follow the correct procedure and stay cautious of what you are doing and what you are not about your precious stone surface.

FAQ for The Best Granite Cleaners 

What Cleaner to Use on Granite Countertops?

As granite is exceedingly resistant to bacteria, it is vital to consider for kitchen countertops in particular. Below are some cleaners that help to save your time and energy:

As a cleanser, soapy water could be used along with warm water for an effective clean. Other than that, 50:50 solutions of isopropyl alcohol and water are an excellent substitution for these. After that comes the staining part, which can be removed using a baking soda paste and water. 

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe to Use on Granite Countertops?

Hydrogen peroxide is considered an alternate cleaning method for marble and granite countertops to remove stains effectively but is not a prominent option. With the continuous application of hydrogen peroxide on your countertops, you will observe that countertops are developing damaged areas. That is why it is not recommended as a permanent solution because it is acidic. Anything that does not have a neutral pH is not allowed to be used on countertops.


As you have understood, regular cleaners are not the best choice for granite countertops as they can damage or not work correctly. So, cleaners that are suitable for granite surfaces are indeed the go-to choice. That's why make sure to use proper cleaner and go through our buying guide to make a good purchase.

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