Best Cleaner for Jeep Soft Top Reviews in 2021

When it comes to jeep soft tops, there is something more important than cleaning them. The soft tops come with a coating that protects from UV, rain, and dust. When the coating comes off, the soft top becomes worthless. So, a cleaner that can protect this coating while also keeping the soft top clean is the right choice.

After looking for cleaners that will be able to keep soft tops spotless while also making sure the coating remains undamaged, our group of researchers found some excellent options available in the market. So, here are the best cleaners for any jeep soft top: 

01. Bestop 1121500 Vinyl Care Kit

The soft tops of jeeps and trucks need proper caring. Proper caring not only means cleaning but also protecting it from any damage and degrading. Bestop 1121500 Vinyl Care Kit is offered with all these in one single package. An all in one solution for your beloved vehicle.

The experienced manufacturers from the Bestop Company know about the ins-and-outs of car soft tops. With their knowledge, they created the ultimate care kit for jeeps. This wonderful kit comes with three different items. One of them is a protectant used for protecting soft tops, while the other two are fabric care and cleaners that can increase the surface's longevity.

They are made with the best elements that deliver proper care. Also, these elements are eco-friendly, so no worries about harming your plants or pets. The three bottles have three different purposes. Bestop protectant, with its anti-UV element, can shield your plastic and vinyl surfaces. Bestop cleaner is for deep cleaning fabric surfaces. Meanwhile, the Bestop Window cleaner is for cleaning up the vinyl windows.

All of the bottles can contain 16 ounces. Why will you look for multiple items if you can get them in a single kit? Getting this item for your car will be a wise idea.


  • Includes all three of the primary fabric care and protectant products for soft tops, tonneaus, and other fabric accessories.
  • Safe, environment-friendly, and bio-degradable non-toxic formulations.
  • Renews the appearance of vinyl or plastic surfaces while providing UV resistance.
  • It makes older, and well-worn vinyl windows look like new again.


  • People sensitive to chemicals are advised to avoid this.

02. Meguiar's G2016

When you are looking for a proper cleaner for your jeep or truck's soft top, the chances are that you want more than one feature in it. It should be effective enough to actually deep-clean the soft top and not just remove dust from it.

Meguiar's G2016 is exactly what you want in this case. It is created with elements that are not harmful to the surroundings. The solution can be used on fabric or leather. The cleaner is also a suitable choice as a protectant and a conditioner for the top. Even if your vehicle has cracks or other similar damages on the surface, the Meguiar's G2016 is still going to work perfectly.

You won't need to worry about any cleaner or dirt being stuck in the cracks while using this cleaner. It contains formulas that offer proper care while also exterminating any germs on contact. It will pull out any grime or pecks of dust from the surface, leaving a glossy look behind. It contains UV-protection that protects the top from the sun.

To give the top an elegant look, manufacturers added conditioner.
It is easy to use and comes in a spray bottle that is easy to grab and spray. Not to mention, the product comes at a pretty lower price than other cleaners.


  • Works great on convertibles with cloth tops.
  • Easy to apply formula makes it very user-friendly. Just pour and scrub with a brush.
  • Only a little spray is enough for a quality cleanup.
  • Ultraviolet protection aids in the prevention of deterioration due to aging and fading.


  • Might cause minor discoloration.

03. Chemical Guys SPI_193_16

We all want to take the best care of our jeep or similar vehicles. The soft top is a sensitive spot for them. They need proper protectants and cleaners to avoid getting degraded, discolored, or faded away. Chemical Guys, with their research, made the perfect product for this case.

Chemical Guys SPI_193_16 works like magic. It contains all the suitable elements that your car's soft top needs. It protects the surfaces from UV-rays. Ideal for soft fabric tops, the item can remove any dirt, mildew, or grease from the soft tops and leave a clean and shining look. It is completely harmless for the environment.

It doesn't affect the color of the surface, rather brings it back. The cleaner is created with hydrophobic formulas that let it shield the surfaces in marine atmospheres. It is sprayable. It doesn't matter whether your car is new or old; it works best in all of them.

This protectant and cleaner create a layer on the surface that protects it for months. It can be used on many surfaces like fabric, canvas, vinyl, or synthetic surfaces.


  • Prevents dirt, liquids, UV rays, stains, etc., from reaching the fabric.
  • Tiny micro-bonds are woven into the fabric for added durability.
  • Uses a non-toxic formula.
  • Prevents your convertible top from discoloring with the help of the UV blocker.


  • Its waterproofing ability is questionable.

04. STAR BRITE Sail & Canvas Cleaner

To completely clean the soft top of your vehicle, you need to fight against not just one but many types of scums at the same time. For this, getting a normal cleaner is not going to work. A cleaner that can tackle all these messes while also delivering care for your car top is the ideal choice for you.

A good cleaner clean smoothly, and that is the STAR BRITE Sail and Canvas Cleaner. This cleaner can be used on the soft top of vehicles, sails, and boat covers, basically any surface with fabric or rubber. It is suitable for marine environments. It is not only for cleaning purposes. It can also be used as a polish and a protectant for the suitable surfaces mentioned above.

The cleaner can pull out stubborn mildews from their source and remove grease, dust, and similar messes. You won't need to worry about your health or plants while using the cleaner but be sure not to have it in your eyes or stomach.

The cleaning it provides is going to leave a glossy and bright look on the surfaces. Created from first-class materials, a perfect cleaner for all-round use.


  • Suitable for use by both experts and non-experts.
  • Doesn't lower thread and fabric strength.
  • Uses a biodegradable formula that is environment-friendly.
  • Brightens up whites and other colors.
  • Waterproofing helps maintain your fabric's dryness and get rid of any dirt.


  • Lots of scrubbing is required.

05. Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit-Fabric Cleaner and Protectant Twin Pack

After buying your precious convertible car, you will notice that the convertible top gets dirty, nasty, stained, or greasy over time. Due to the sun's harsh rays and other filthy things like bird guano, dust, plant fluid, oil, tar, or caustic rain, the car's soft top gets damaged.

That's why we are happy to present the best solution to your problem. Our Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit-Fabric Cleaner and Protectant Twin Pack is a premium product used for top protection and sustains the quality of the fabrics.

Our product comes with a perfect twin package, a Raggtopp cleaner, and a Raggtopp fabric protectant, so that not only you can clean your convertible-top, but also protect it. Yes, our product offers top-notch protection from those nasty fluids, oil, rain, even UV rays, and more.

Also, it helps the soft top to repel water to keep the surface nice and dry. Its premium solution is not harmful to your car's plastic windows, rubber seals, paint, chrome designs, glasses, or other exterior parts of your car.

So if you want a first-class but cost-efficient product that will give you an outstanding result in cleaning and protecting your convertible top, this is the best product you can get in the market.


  • The kit comes with both the fabric cleaner and protectant.
  • Assists in cleaning, regenerating, and protecting convertible tops.
  • Viable for securing your asset from both natural forces and humans.
  • Keeps your top waterproof.


  • Protectant can be only applied once the car is dry of the cleaner, which takes at least 24 hours.

Buying Guide for The Best Jeep Soft Top Cleaner

When you are getting a new car or jeep, you will want to take the maximum care of it. Getting a cleaner for the soft tops is a part of that as they are pretty sensitive. Now, choosing the wrong product while cleaning jeep parts can be a huge mistake. So, you will have to do proper research on them before buying them. Here are the qualities that you should check in your jeep soft top cleaner to lessen up your effort.


While applying cleaners on your jeep top, you may want it to deliver more than just cleaning. It's because car soft tops need proper care. Besides cleaning, having proper protection and an ideal conditioner must have on those surfaces. You can find cleaners that have these features in them.

Besides cleaning, they also create layers of protection on the surface on which the water slides away. The conditioner helps the soft top not to get discolored or degraded. These amenities should stay in the cleaner you choose.


Sunrays are a large enemy for the convertible soft tops. They are the reason your jeep top gets faded away. Your jeep will stay a long time being exposed to the sun. That is why your cleaner should contain anti-UV formulas that can repel the UV-rays.


Some cleaners may be good for the car soft top but may be harmful to the other parts of the vehicle or the environment. To avoid damaging the surroundings and jeep parts, your cleaner should be non-toxic.

Container Bottle

It's an important point. The bottle your jeep soft top cleaner comes in should be ideal for applying it from all corners. It will be advised to get one with a spray or a nozzle. You can also find cleaners with perfect grip.

FAQ on Best Cleaner for Jeep Soft Top

What Can I Use to Clean My Jeep Soft Top?

Depending on your car soft top's surface, you should use suitable cleaning products available in the market while avoiding any household liquids at all costs.

How Do I Clean My Jeep JL Soft Top?

Softly rinse your car. Apply cleaning products that are suitable for the surface of the soft top. Use a brush on the surface gently. For deep buildup, you can use a scrub brush but don't get too rough. Rinse it again and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Avoid any detergent or bleach-based product.

How Do I Get Green Algae off My Soft Top?

You need to use a cleaning product that has algae cleaning features. Apply it on the car soft top and leave it for around an hour. Afterward, brush it with a soft brush carefully. Make sure no area gets damaged in the process. Afterward, you can scrub the top to remove any dripping algae or cleaning products.


Remember that using any typical kind of cleaner might not be the best idea for a jeep soft top. Make sure to purchase the right cleaner that can remove marks and algae without damaging the coating. Take help from our buying guide and suggestions to learn about them easily!

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