Best Commercial Mops of 2021 – Reviews and Buyer Guide

Why do you need a commercial mop for your office, store, or any commercial place? Well, we all prefer a clean and well-managed office space. But the biggest challenge here is durable cleaning products. There is a lot of space we need to clean in a business place, and regular home mops are not the right choice.

That’s why commercial mops are used as they have high durability and can be used for larger spaces and more frequently. If you are in a search for a durable and high-quality  best commercial mops, let’s look at some of the best ones in the market.

01. Rubbermaid Commercial Mop Combo - Best Overall


  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Dimension: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Type: Cut end
  • Four-ply
Rubbermaid Cut-End Cotton Mop

The Rubbermaid cotton mop is a mop designed for commercial purposes. It is made of four-ply cotton fibers for effective cleaning. The mop has a built-in bolt-on head, which keeps it secure. The headband fits properly and allows clamp handles.

This mop eventually makes the cleaning work easier and more comfortable. The strands of the mop are made from cotton. However, this mop cannot be laundered. It has four-ply cotton fibers to clean up all the dirt easily. You can use it for any cleaning purpose. There are looped ends for fraying and effective cleaning. Also, the weight of the product is relatively quite less.

It is not very thick like other industrial mops, that is why when it will be wet, it will not be that much heavy like the other cut-end mops. Also, small areas and tight corners can be cleaned easily using this mop. It is a steal because of its price and durability.

Overall, this mop is the best for easy cleaning. It dries very quickly and produces no bad odors.

02. O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial Mops


  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Dimensions: 60 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Type: Looped-end
O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop

The O-Cedar string mop was designed for commercial cleaning and can be used for any purpose of cleaning jobs. The presence of the double looped-end strands will not fray like the other mops which do not have this feature. The quality of the product is very high, and you can feel it whenever you will use it.

The mop head is fastened securely for easy handling, and also the sturdy handle is very much durable. Also, the handle is designed in a way that you can rotate the mop perfectly for effective cleaning. There is no need for batteries, and the mop is quite lightweight. The looped ends provide the optimum absorption of water.

The mop head is big enough for heavy cleaning and also washes out all types of mess. That is why this versatile mop also can be used for industrial cleaning. It can easily clean your kitchen floors, bathroom floors, restaurant floors, garage, marble floors, and hardwood.

Ultimately, this mop is easy to use and can complete all the types of cleaning with ease—quite an excellent choice for almost all kinds of commercial places.

03. Carlisle Commercial Mop - best wringing mops


  • Weight: 5.73 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.1 x 14.6 x 16.5 inches
  • Wring: Included
Carlisle Commercial Mop Bucket with Side Wringer

The Carlisle mop bucket is designed with a side-press wringer for extracting excess liquid from the mop and removing the fluid back into the 22-qt capacity basin. Both the wringer and the bucket are made from polyethylene to increase the durability and corrosion resistance. It also has installed casters at four sides for easy mobility.

The wringer can complete more than 50,000 cycles for heavy cleaning purposes. The presence of large four swivel casters makes the toughest of jobs easy as you can teleport water easily through any floor. Also, the wheels don’t cause scratches on your valuable floor. It is very lightweight and can be used to clean small offices, professional offices, restrooms, waiting rooms, etc.

It is small enough to store away and doesn’t take up too much space. The buckets are rectangular shaped and come along with different colors. This bucket will last more than two years of use as it is made from polyethylene.

This mop is an excellent purchase according to its durability and cheap rate. It works efficiently and makes our cleaning job more comfortable.

04. Rubbermaid - best Commercial Mop Bucket 


  • Weight: 18.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 16.3 x 23.5 inches
  • Wring: Included
Rubbermaid Commercial Mop Bucket- Wavebrake

This mop bucket is designed with a side-press bucket and a wringer. WaveBrake allows one to clean the floor with less energy and causes less splashing of water while mopping. Moreover, the water stays inside the bucket after eliminating the dirt in the storage closet to increase productivity.

The wringers come along with two features. The first one is the side-down press wringer that wrings the mops with 18% less effort. The second one is the down-press wringer that presses the water efficiently into the bucket. Easy wringing press and requires no extra effort.

There is a molted-in-pour spout and sink ledge to direct the water while emptying the bucket properly. It is made from durable tubular steel and also designed by web molded plastic that holds heavy use.

They have installed handles for secure gripping and easy movement of the bucket. The swivel casters make it more comfortable and also causes no scratch marks on the floor. It is a masterpiece for an effective and efficient cleaning process.

05. YOUSHANGJIA - best Microfiber Mop


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 0.1 inches
  • Type: Microfiber mop
YOUSHANGJIA Microfiber Mop

The tiresome household chore of cleaning will be made a lot easier with the use of this Microfiber Mop. The Microfiber Mop is suitable for most hard-surfaces like stone, tile, concrete, laminate floor, and hardwood floor. Clean up the mess your children or pet had made without getting your hand dirty.

Microfiber Mop is a very high-grade mop with a long sturdy 54-inch handle and broad mop head. There are two models available, standard and extended range. Simply have them washed in a washing machine and use them again.

The microfibers can be effectively used on most hard surfaces. The mop handle is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It also has a very comfortable grip. The Microfiber Mop is designed to be used with the need for any harsh chemical products. The product also includes four microfibrous pads and one dirt removal scrubber.

Unlike traditional mops, you will never need to carry a bucket when using the Microfiber Mop. Stranded hair of your pets or the mess they make can be cleaned up with this mop. The mop is very affordable and proficient when it comes to keeping your home and office spaces sanitized.

06. Simpli-Magic professioal mops


  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33 x 7.8 x 2.4 inches
  • Type: Looped-end
Simpli-Magic Commercial Looped Mop

The Commercial Looped Mop is enforced with high-grade microfiber technology, which can eliminate stains and bacteria from the floors. Being lightweight, it’s also easy to maneuver. The microfibers are a lot more efficient in cleaning up dirt and getting rid of bacteria than the regular cotton mops. They also come in various colors to make them attractive.

The Commercial Looped Mop used synthetic lightweight microfibers, which are super-absorbent. They can absorb up to seven times their weight. Unlike traditional cotton-based mops, Commercial Looped Mop uses microfibers, which are much easier to handle. They do not shred or fray and are lint-free.

The Extendable aluminum Pole is adjustable from 31.5” to 59”. So you can store it easily along with an extended reach. With 200,000 microfibers per square inch, this mop can easily take care of annoying stains and keep your spaces sanitized. They also come in various colors and options. They can be used at home and commercially.

Simpli-Magic Looped Mop uses high-grade substances to keep your spaces as hygienic as possible. This product is highly recommended for hospitals or for any areas that require complete sanitization. Overall this is a cheap but highly efficient cleaning instrument.

07. AmazonBasics - best Mop Bucket & Side Press Wringer Combo


  • Weight: 15.71 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 x 35.4 inches
  • Wring: Included
AmazonBasics Mop Bucket & Side Press Wringer Combo

Mopping floors will be taking a lot less effort with this innovative Mop Bucket, especially for those who clean up floors routinely in commercial spaces. The bucket is made from polypropylene, which makes it very durable and also provides curved contours and reliable strength. The rolling bucket has a 35-quart capacity. It is bright yellow, which provides easy visibility.

The bucket has a Down or Side Press feature that can help you squeeze the liquid out of the mop head and pour it down back in the bucket. A simple handle controls the side press wringer mechanism. There are also separate handles to carry the bucket comfortably, making it easy to dump water down the sink or floor drain. The four rolling casters at the base of the bucket ensure a quiet and smooth maneuver.

A Clip-on Mop Holder is attached to the front of the wringer basket. It’s a convenient and safe way to secure your mop. When on the move, the mop holder can be attached to the wringer handle on the back.

For the commercial environment, this bucket is highly recommended. The mechanism is smooth and convenient. You can save time, money, and labor with the help of this Mop Bucket and Side Wringer Combo.

How to Choose best Commercial Mops?

Cleaning is a hard task, but it is still essential. You cannot imagine how many habitats are on your floors of bacteria, which are very harmful to your health. That is why selecting the correct and best commercial mop is vital.

Before purchasing a mop, you must look upon a few characteristics. The features are described below.

Mop size

You will select the mop heads according to the type and area of the floor you are going to clean. For larger areas, you need larger mops to clean quickly and to absorb more. For tight and small spaces, you require smaller rotatable mops for efficient cleaning.

Commercial Mop Head Material

For cleaning areas that have less dust and dirt, you can use the cotton fabric mops. Also, people prefer to use the polycotton that provides impressive durability and picks fine dirt. To clean up larger areas having larger dust particles, polyester would be a great choice as they have better strength than the polycotton. The standard combination in the commercial mop heads is of the polyester and the Viscose fabric. These have superb absorbent quality and can clean any stubborn dirt.

Industrial Mop Handle

Usually, everyone prefers handles made from aluminum. This fact makes it very durable and lightweight. Also, look for the presence of interchangeable clips for attaching and removing the handle for better use. Choose industrial mop handles that have a built-in grip for comfortable use.

Pulse Mops

These mopes are capable of splitting out chemicals from the mop heads. These chemicals are more useful for proper cleaning. Also, you can add your chemical solution for better washing of the floors and maintain a hygienic environment. That is why these are used in schools, banks, hospitals, etc. to remove stubborn dirt from small areas.

Mop Bucket

Always select the ones that have wheels in it. These wheels make cleaning the easiest task to do because you do not have to carry out heavy lifting of water all around the place. Also, buckets come along wringers for straining out your mop in an efficient way. They are specifically designed for larger tasks. That is why they tend to have metal bodies for increasing the durability of the product.

Cleaning can be fun and a very easy job if only you can select the perfect mop for your use. Always remember to look up for these features while purchasing a commercial mop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mops do professionals use?

Commercial Microfiber Mops are recommended for anyone who has to mop floors routinely.

How do you clean a best industrial mop head?

Make a solution of half water, half bleach in a clean bucket just enough to cover the mop head. Let it soak for 15 minutes and then rinse the mixture from the mop

Is it better to use a mop or Swiffer?

Mops are suitable for a broader range of cleaning than Swiffers. When using a mop, you don’t have to vacuum the room beforehand, which is necessary when it comes to using a Swiffer.

Bottom Line

Mops have been used in the typical household for ages. Innovative technology has enhanced it greatly, of course. Some of the features make household chores ten times easier. Of course, there are different kinds of mops meant for different types of environments. Most homes are filled with furniture and rough edges, so you have to use mops with smaller, more flexible mop heads.

For office spaces, on the other hand, you have to use commercial mops with a broader reach. A variety of mops might make it hard to decide which one to buy. The mops you’ll find these days can be used on almost any surfaces. But to use them efficiently you have to figure out by yourself which one you need to buy.

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