Best Floor Squeegee of 2021 – Buyer Guide and Reviews

Cleaning a floor with cleaners and mops take a lot of effort and time. After those hard works, you will want to have the best outcome. However, the best result requires perfect equipment from start to end. As you finish cleaning your floor, you may still notice streaks left on the surface.

This happens from the lack of a proper squeegee. This thing can become the cause of your disappointment. To rid you of that, let's look at our collection of some floor squeegees that contain a high potential of flawlessly drying up any surface that they are swiped on.

01. Yocada Floor Squeegee Broom

Do you want a floor squeegee that gives you much reach with maximum effectiveness? Yocada Floor Squeegee Broom can give you that. It is suitable to be used in many places and surfaces. It also gives you a better operative capability with its functions.

Since everyone requires a squeegee to use on showers, floors, and windows, this squeegee has the functionality for that. Coming with a long pole that is light enough allows it to be wielded by anyone and be used for a long time. 51 inches highly durable pole can give you a high reach. The head of this item can be rotated to a 180-degree angle to reach cramped areas of the room. Its 4 pole sections can be removed to adjust to any size.

It doesn’t leave any streak. It is useable in your home, shower, or office.

02. Ulihome Floor Squeegee

Being light and smaller is not a sin, especially when it comes to Ulihome Floor Squeegee. This epic item features a long handle with a wide head that can clean your floor within the least amount of time.

The handle of this squeegee can be adjusted up to 51 inches using the 3 poles. This is a long reach that lets you wipe a big area by standing on a single spot. It is thick enough to fit in your hand perfectly. Not to mention, the body of this squeegee is made of stainless steel, which is steadier than most other materials. About the head, it is 16.5 inches wide to cover much space.

Using this item, it is a matter of some swipes to remove all liquids, pet hairs, or footprints. You can assemble the whole thing easily. It’s a superb item loved by all.

03. KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee

Featuring the innovative design that the KOLLIEE brand came with, the KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee can turn your time-consuming floor cleaning task into an enjoyable project.

It comes with a head that is soft enough to avoid putting any scratches on the surfaces. Since the head is flexible up to a 180-degree angle, you can reach all the corners of the room. With a head length of 15 inches, it does the work so quickly. Meanwhile, the handle has 2 parts that let it stay in either 25- or 50-inches height. As a result, people of any height can use this to clean surfaces of any height.

Either you have a puddle of water on your floor or need to wipe out the water from the shower door, this item is always the best. It has a highly durable stainless-steel body, while the blade is made of foam.

04. FlexSweep Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee

With a smart design that makes it look like a mop, the FlexSweep Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee can end all your pain from wiping down the floor. Specially made for floors, this squeegee has an ultra-durable handle.

As the manufacturers claimed that the handle is unbreakable, it may seem like they are overestimating their item. But in reality, they are right. It is made of highly stable TM with a perfect coating in the lab. Aside from the handle, the head is also durable enough yet gentle to the surface. It is flexible for curved areas. The handle can be detached from the head. When they are attached, they won’t break no matter what happens. It is 24 inches to let you clean streaks like a mop.

The All-Weather Sleeve can save your hand from wearing. It is so easy to rinse the squeegee.

05. Rubbermaid Professional Floor Squeegee

In case you don’t know, Rubbermaid is a professional brand, especially for squeegees and similar products. Their item for floor swiping, the Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee, shows how good they are at this.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, this squeegee has a long head of 22 inches and a width of 3.25 inches to make your cleaning task as quick as possible. Its head is wrapped with a rubber blade. It is called the natural-moss rubber, which is good at removing liquids and cleaning any streaks off the floor. You can attach it to any pole with an attenuated handle. It is suitable to be used in industrial areas too.

You can use this product to swipe off any puddle of water or wet floor. Since the head is 5.5 inches high, it can be used to clean uneven surfaces efficiently.

06. Ettore Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee

If you want a squeegee that is not just for household works but also can be used in commercial, industrial, and even on your garage floor, then the Ettore Industrial Duty Steel Floor Squeegee is recommended for you.

It has a head that is curved enough to fit in any hard to reach area like under the sofa, rake, or bed. The 24 inches head is perfectly ideal for a large room or smooth playground. You can get an additional wood pole separately that fits perfectly with this squeegee, or you can attach it to a tapered handle. To survive harsh environments, its body was created with steels of the best quality. Steel prevents it from weathering.

It doesn’t get affected by any cleaning chemical. As the name suggests, you can use it in any place to remove all streaks from the surface.

07. YCUTE Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee

This is a squeegee that has the capability to end all your efforts from cleaning liquids from any surface by giving you a high reach and effective cleaning experience. The YCUTE Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee is built to survive many collisions.

Imagine not having to bend at all while wiping water from the floor. This squeegee has a 51 inches long pole that is going to turn that into reality. To give it the highest steadiness, the manufacturers used stainless steel of the best-grade to create it. Clean your window without any ladder. The head bristles of this squeegee are sectioned in 5 rows. As the head is stable, you can apply as much pressure as you want to make sure no streak is left.

With 3 different parts, the pole can be adjusted to any height. Efficient to be used in any place you want.

08. Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Dual Moss Floor Squeegee

This is another version of the previous Rubbermaid squeegee that we listed. This one is called the Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Dual Moss Floor Squeegee, an item that can ease your effort.

Just like the other one, this one also has a head made of natural-moss rubber, a material that excels at removing liquids with its absorption ability. You can get a tapered handle to attach to it. As the head is properly versatile with its flexibility, you won’t face any issue cleaning contoured surfaces. Using its amazing head, no soapy residue, water, streaks, or footprint will be left behind. It is highly durable and can survive accidental falls.

This squeegee is 30 inches long with 3.25 inches wide that quickens the cleaning job. Meanwhile, it is also 5.5 inches high for tackling uneven places. You can use it in your home or office.

09. Haviland 036C - Large Floor Squeegee

Created by the popular brand Haviland, the Haviland 036C Standard Duty Curved Floor Squeegee has better functionality than regular squeegees. It gives you excellent versatility mixed with super high longevity.

The squeegee got a 36 inches long head surface. As you can see, it is much than most other items on this list. It has synthetic rubber in its head that allows it to absorb all residues from the surfaces it is used on without being too abrasive. Meanwhile, the body is made of plated steel, which toughens it up for withstanding rough environments. Its head is curved that can tackle the cleaning for uneven floors too. It is resistant to any toxic or non-toxic chemical and will not rust.

Cleaning stuff like dirty liquids, body oils, streaks, soapy residues, footprints, and even acidic liquids, is totally possible with this squeegee.

10. CLEANHOME Floor Squeegee Broom

Many of us want a squeegee that can be used for more than one purpose. The CLEANHOME Floor Squeegee Broom is created in ways that can be used like squeegee or wiper and on any smooth surface.

Many normal squeegees sometimes end up scratching the surface. But this squeegee does not do that as its head is crafted with EVA elements. This prevents the squeegee from getting wet. Instead, it dries up the floor and can be washed with water. To provide 4 different reaches, this item has a 4-sectioned pole. They are easy to assemble and won’t break down. The point between the head and the handle can be rotated up to a 180-degree angle. This lets you reach cramped areas.

You can use this squeegee to either dry up your shower door, floor, or even car windows. It can remove pet hairs too.

Buying Guide for Best Garage Floor Squeegee

Not using a proper squeegee on your floor can end up leaving many spots on the floor, which completely terminates the purpose of using a squeegee in the first place. When you are trying to find a suitable squeegee online, you will be offered a lot of products. Are they all good? No. To help you find the perfect one, here is a detailed guide on what factors you should consider while buying a floor squeegee.


You can find two types of squeegees for floors. Either they will contain a pole or not. When buying one without a pole, make sure that it has perfect functions to be able to attach to contoured handles. Meanwhile, when buying one with a pole, consider getting one that has multi-sectioned poles. This will let you adjust the height of the squeegee.

Body Material

If you prefer a lighter item that doesn’t wear you down, get one that is made of aluminum or plastic head. If durability is what you want, go for steel or stainless steel. About the head, make sure that it is either made of rubber or silicon since they are good at drying up surfaces.

Head Size

The size of the head is a prime thing that decides how fast you can clean. It is advised to get one with at least 20 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4 inches high head.


Many squeegees come with a flexible head. They are really good at cleaning up uneven surfaces and cramped areas. Consider getting one like that.


A squeegee that can be used on many different types of surfaces should be your go-to. Aside from sealed or wooden floors, a perfect squeegee can clean glass windows, car windshields, mirrors, and even uneven garage floors.


To summarize all these, when buying the best squeegee for your floors, what matters most is your taste and the type of places they need to be used. Based on your preference, you can decide whether you want one with a pole; and do you want it to be lightweight or not. Meanwhile, the places you will use this squeegee also decides whether it should be highly durable and have a long or short handle. Just check these factors thoroughly, and you will find the squeegee that meets all your needs accurately.

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