Best Mop for Laminate Floors of 2021 Reviews and Comparison

The impressive finish and aesthetic appearance of laminate floors comes with added responsibility. But, with the right tools, keeping the floor clean and shiny can be a walk in the park. In this comprehensive guide and review, we look at the best mop for laminate floors at different budgets.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steamer is a well-engineered steam mop cleaner with all the right features to keep your laminate floor gleaming. The steam produced by the cleaner eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and leaves the floor sparkling clean and sanitized.

Additional features like the flip-down easy scrubber makes easy work of sticky stains and messes, and the smart digital steam control features allow you to select your preferred cleaning settings.

The initial set up takes no more than 30 seconds, and the 23-foot cord gives you extensive range around the house saving you the trouble of having to move from one power point to the other. The cleaner has a swivel steering for easy maneuvering while cleaning.

With the steam cleaner, you get a soft microfiber pad, a microfiber scrubby pad, two spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. It's all-in-one floor cleaner that is perfect for homeowners that are willing to go the extra mile  for the sake of their floor.

The BISSELL Tile Steam Cleaner provides excellent cleaning results using nothing but steam. It comes with all the attachments you will need to keep stains and dirt off your floor, and if the long cord is not enough, you have the swivel steering that will help you reach all the areas around your house. It can be use at where hard to reach other mops.

2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

You don't have to spend a little fortune to get the best mop for laminate floor. You only need to spend enough time looking for an option that works best with your budget.

If a steam cleaner is a little of your budget, the next best alternative is a spray mop, and Rubbermaid has a great alternative for you.

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is one of the best options there is as far as spray mops are concerned. Rubbermaid offers this mop as a kit, meaning you get a few additional items with your purchase.

Versatile use: One of the most standout features of this spray mop is that it’s safe to use on all types of floors, including laminate, vinyl, tile, and hardwood floors.

Rubbermaid reveal spray mop pads: The mop is paired up with several microfiber pads that help you to quickly rack up the dirt in just half the time it would take you when using a regular mop. For those stubborn stains that require a little more effort, the non-scratch scrubber does the trick. It's aggressive in stain removal but doesn't harm the excellent finish on your floor.

The spray mop comes with a refillable spray bottle where you can store your cleaning solution and spray it around as you clean. The spray function on the mop is not battery-operated, so you don't have to worry about additional running costs like buying batteries.

For easier cleaning, the mop packs a conveniently placed spray trigger durable construction, and a moveable head to help you reach all problematic areas like under the furniture with ease.

Going for the spray mop but be a step down from the steam cleaner. However, the Rubbermaid Reveal more than makes up for that by providing you with high quality, lightweight, and effective cleaner that is easy to use and cost-efficient.

3. Professional Microfiber cleaning Mop

Professional Microfiber Cleaning Mop

The Professional Microfiber Mop is a little further down on the laminate floor cleaners’ hierarchy, but it’s just as important in taking care of laminate floors.

If you’re on a tight budget but want something that will take great care of your floor without damaging it, a carefully chosen regular microfiber mop will get the job done.

The Professional Microfiber Dust Mop has plenty of features that make laminate floor cleaning easier and faster. These include the effective microfiber mop pads. They are more effective in cleaning and dust collection than their cotton counterparts. The pads are also machine washable, which takes the pain out of maintenance, and they are economical because you can keep using the pads up to 100 times.

What about a deep cleaning, you ask? The best mop has wet mop pads (sold separately) you can use when you want to give your floor a thorough clean.

The aluminum handle is light and provides a sturdy frame for you to apply maximum pressure when cleaning, and the mop base has a lockable swivel mechanism which saves you the trouble of bending and kneeling to reach under the furniture and other awkward positions.

This one of a kind microfiber mop might not pack the technology that steam and spray mops boast of, but it's just as impressive when clean. You only need to put a little muscle into it, and the results will be just as remarkable.

4. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is built to cater to the challenges that come with maintaining laminate and hardwood floors, among them, is the use of some steam mops.

One of the most significant challenges of using a steam mop is how chunky and heavy they tend to be. The O-Cedar takes care of this by having a petite frame that is sturdy yet lightweight, making it easy to operate without spending too much energy.

With most steam mops, you have to give the mop enough time to heat up. This robs you of valuable minutes for cleaning. The O-Cedar only needs about 20 seconds to reach optimum temperature, before you can proceed with cleaning.

You have the luxury of adjustable steam settings, which allow you to select the best settings and temperature for your hard floors. The use of steam to clean hardwood floors saves you the unsightly residue that is often left behind by chemical cleaners and makes it much easier to tear settle stains apart.

In addition to the lightweight design of the steam mop, the mop head also has a unique triangular design. It makes it easier to work the head into smaller spaces and also reach for dirt wherever it’s hiding.

A microfiber pad at the base of the cleaner collects the dirt and grime, bacteria, and dust as you move across the floor. You don't have to worry about spending hours getting rid of dirt from the pad. All you have to do is shove it into the washing machine, and it comes out looking clean as new ready for the next application. To ensure you never miss cleaning your floors, this steam mop comes with two microfiber pads for convenience.

One excellent addition that comes with the O-Cedar Steam mop is the snap-on carpet glider. It's an excellent tool for homeowners that have parts of their laminate floors covered with a carpet. It's a valuable addition that ensures your carpets remain clean as well without placing unnecessary wear on the microfiber mop pad.

5. SKG Steam Mop

SKG Steam Mop

The SKG Steam Mop is another excellent alternative if you're looking to burst through stains and dirt on a budget.

Like other steam mops featured in this review, this one is not without its own set of remarkable features, which is how it makes it to this list. The features of the SKG Steam Cleaner not only guarantee excellent results but also make the mop easy and convenient to use.

The most impressive features are included in the design. These include the triangular head with a swivel. It ensures there's no place for dirt and dust to hide on your floor. The shape of the head allows the steam mop to reach into smaller spaces and at more obscure angles. The 180-degree swivel gives you a broad reach at any angle.

The SKG steam mop has a hat full of tricks that homeowners will love. In addition to the unique shape of the base, the mop can also be handheld. It comes with a lightweight shoulder strap that allows you to get closer to the stains. It also makes this a great tool if you have walls or fixture made from hardwood, laminate or a similar finish.

Switching on the mop packs even more surprises. The mop will get the water hot and ready for use in just 30 seconds. Before you set off cleaning, you can quickly choose your preferred settings.

Other additions that make this a must-have cleaner for laminate floors is the large water tank that saves you countless trips to the tap and the carpet glider snap on that is particularly handy for homeowners that have a carpet in some areas of the home.

Despite the impressive range of features, SKG remains an affordable and effective steam cleaner that will make any homeowner proud to have it.

6. BISSELL CrossWave Floor Cleaner

BISSELL CrossWave Floor Cleaner

You might have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to land the BISSELL CrossWave, but considering you can save yourself the cost of buying a vacuum cleaner, it is well worth the price.

The two-in-one laminate and carpet cleaner pulls all the stops to guarantee exceptional cleaning results every time you pull it out.

Some of the features that help in achieving this fete of excellence include a dual-action brush roll that uses a microfiber and nylon brushes to clean and pick up dirt at the same time.

The steam mop can work on both hardwood floors and rugs. The smart switch it comes with allows you to select the right settings depending on the type of flooring you will be cleaning. This exceptional feature ensures that you get the best performance out of the cleaner, depending on whether you're cleaning hardwood floors or rugs.

When wet cleaning floors or cleaning spills, you need to keep the dirty water away from the cleaning solutions. To help with this, the BISSELL CrossWave has a two-tank technology. One of the tanks holds the dirty water while the other one holds the cleaning solution. That means that you always have a fresh mix of water and cleaning formula as you clean.

With numerous features and parts, you have to be worried about the time it will take to clean the mop once you’re done. Well, that's been considered as well. The floor cleaner is easy to clean. It has a storage tray that makes clean up a breeze and an easy to remove brush window and brush roll, so replacement and cleaning are simple and without challenge.

If you have multiple floor surfaces around your house and want to save yourself the trouble of buying various appliances, this cleaner can come in handy. It does a great job on both for clean laminate floors and carpet floors.

7. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Mop

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop

If you find all the buttons and features a little overwhelming and you appreciate some traditional tools that are just as effective. O-Cedar has an effective alternative for you: The Dual-Action Microfiber Mop.

It might be basic, but this mop is not short of benefits and convenience. For starters, it's going to save your wallet a lot of aches while ensuring your floor stays happy and clean.

The two-sided mop is perfect for wet and dry cleaning. One side has a reusable microfiber pad while the other side has a chenille pad. Each of them is highly absorbent and proves critical to your cleaning duties. 

The pads are washable up to 100 times before you need to replace them. If you don’t have the budget to replace the pads, you can also make a makeshift mop pad at home. With the right tools, the pad is just as effective as the one you would get from a store.

The mop head also holds a few surprises of its own. Among them is the 360-degree rotating mop head. It makes cleaning easier than it should be and gives you unfettered access to all parts of the floor, including under the furniture without the back-breaking job of trying to move the furniture around when cleaning.

 For pet lovers, the chenille side of the mop will come in handy. It makes picking up of pet hair easier allowing you to achieve your dream of having pet-hair free floors. When you want to pack some cleaning punch, the microfiber side has scrubbing strips that make it easier to remove stubborn stains and keep your floors spotless.

8. Rubber Maid Reveal Spray - mop clean laminate floors

Rubber Maid Reveal Spray - Mop Clean Laminate Floors

If you didn’t get enough of the spray mops, here’s another one for you. It’s awash with useful features that will make floor cleaning easier and fun and gives you great value for your money.

The greatest advantage with spray mops is they let you wet clean spots that have tough stains and dry clean the rest of the floor. You can save tons of time by using the appropriate cleaning approach depending on the type of dirt you’re facing. You can dry clean the dirt and wet mop sticky stains.

For wet mopping, the mop has a refillable bottle which holds the cleaning solution. You insert the bottle into its compartment on the mop. You don’t have to use commercial cleaners. You can also make home-made cleaning alternatives that are just as effective in dealing with stains.

To take away the pain of having to clean the mop after the tedious chores, the mop pads are machine washable, and you can keep washing them up to 100 times, which is quite convenient.

The spray feature on the mop is mechanical. You don’t have to worry about a power source or replacing batteries once in a while. What's more, it allows you to dispense as little or as much cleaning solutions as you want depending on the size of the mess you're dealing with.

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is one of the best microfiber mops for laminate wood floors. It's strong, durable, lightweight, and worth your money.

9. HAPINNEX Hardwood Microfiber Mop

HAPINNEX Hardwood Microfiber Mop

Just because you're cautious on your budget doesn't mean you can't get a mop that spreads love to your hardwood floors and keeps the stains and dirt away. HAPINNEX has one such microfiber mop and one that promises loads of fun and smooth operation.

Before jumping on the features, it might be helpful to know that the mop comes with four stainless-steel mop handles and four reusable mop cloths. It's excellent value for money and ensures you have enough cleaning tools for your floor for a long time. 

The mop head comes with precision control. You can easily slide it under kitchen appliances, under furniture, and near baseboards with ease. The long-reach handle makes the mop perfect for cleaning ceiling fans and tall corners, which means you get to use the mop on various surfaces around the house other than the floor. 

The mop head is armed with four caliper clamps that secure the pad tightly for stress-free cleaning and keeps it in place. It's also a safety precaution, so you don't have to get your hands dirty, re-securing the pad in case it comes off.

The HAPINNEX hardwood floor mop is an excellent option if you're a sucker for a few extra features and a good quality mop that will save you trips to the store for the foreseeable future.

  10. BISSELL Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop

Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood

Steam and spray mops are a much-needed addition to laminate floor cleaning. However, the BISSELL Spinwave breaks barriers and sets a new horizon in house cleaning with the addition of a new design and new features.

The Spinwave is a cleaning workhorse that relies on innovative technology to keep your floors looking shiny at all times. To achieve this, the cleaner has spinning cleaning discs that help to scrub out the stickiest and most stubborn stains.

The cleaner comes with an easy to fill tank and a spray trigger that allows you to target stains and control how much of the cleaning solution you dispense. To make it even easier, you also get a multi-surface cleaning formula with the cleaner. The cleaner is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to tough messes but remains gentle on sealed hardwood and laminate floors. 

To make stain-fighting easier, the cleaner has a lightweight and easy to maneuver design that will allow you to navigate your way around the house with ease. Another impressive addition is the quiet cleaning feature. The low noise function means you get to clean your home without waking everyone up.

You also save time and money on the washable microfiber mop pads. If you’re looking for a cutting edge cleaner for your laminate floors, the BISSELL Spinwave hardwood cleaner is worth the thought. It has all the bells and whistles that make floor cleaning easy and safe.

How to Choose the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are hardy and delicate in equal measure. You have to use the right methods when cleaning the laminate floor and ensure you have the right tools. One wrong move and your laminate floor could be left looking dull and rugged.

Buying the best laminate floor mop is the perfect place to start. The right cleaning equipment will safeguard the integrity of the floor while ensuring you keep stains and dirt away.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the right mop for your laminate floor:

Type of mops

There are different types of laminate floor mops. Each of them packs various benefits and offers a different cleaning experience. Even though each of the options is just as effective in cleaning the floor, the methods are different.

Dry mop

This is the most basic type of laminate floor mop. It's ideal for everyday cleaning and works best to remove loose dirt and dust from the floor. Dry mops are budget-friendly and practical. However, they can't be used in areas that have rugs. For deeper cleaning, you can find a mop with a wet pad fitted with scrubbing bristles. This helps to remove the stains that have settled in. Dust mop also helps great for cleaning laminate floors.

Spray mop

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, you can consider spray mops. They serve both wet and dry purposes.

The most significant advantage with a spray mop is it allows you to pick your spots and choose areas where you want to wet mop. The mop is fitted with a reserve bottle where you add the cleaning solution and a spraying mechanism that dispenses the solution in areas that require more attention. Spray mops are also ideal for everyday use.

Steam mops

Steam mops are the cream of the range. You get premium features and premium cleaning results with a steam mop. The use of steam to blast through stains saves the floor the aggression of scrubbing bristles, ensuring you don't damage the finish.

Steam mops offer plenty of features and come in various designs, making it easier for you to choose an option that works best for your home.

Spin mops

Lastly, there are spin mops for laminate floors. These are among the best electric mops in the market. They provide an efficient method of cleaning and buffing your floors for the best results. The spin mops also come with a spray function to dispense cleaning solutions for a deeper clean.


Your budget will dictate the type of mop you can get for your home. In addition to the purchase price of the mop, you also have to consider other long term costs like the disposable pads and cleaning solutions required with some of the laminated floor cleaning mops.

The most crucial factor with regards to budget is to go for value for money rather than cheap products. It's also vital that you choose a mop that will serve you for a long time.


The weight of the cleaning mop plays a vital role in usability and maneuverability. If the cleaner is too heavy, negotiating corners around the house and getting under the seats and furniture becomes a tedious process. The mop cleaner should be lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can easily get into the tight spots around the house.

Additional features

Additional features will impact the price tag. But, some of them are worth every penny that you will pay. Features like extra reservoir bottles and drain plugs save you time when cleaning and the trouble of do-overs in case you spill the dirty water.

Check to see if your preferred type and model of mop cleaner comes with a few extra mop pads or cleaning solutions. Bundling the items together allows you to get more bang out of your budget.


A laminated floor cleaner is a tool that you will regularly be using. You must go for an option that is comfortable for you and will not take a toll on your back and hands.

When considering comfort, think about the length and adjustable handle (and power cord for powered options), ergonomically designed handles, and general ease of use of the entire appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often should I Mop my laminate floors?

A: The frequency of cleaning laminate floors depends on the amount of traffic. In low traffic areas, once a week is sufficient. In high traffic areas, you might need to clean more regularly.

Q: Can you use the laminate floor mop for other types of floor? 

A: Most laminated floor mops are explicitly designed for laminated floors. But, some varieties incorporate features like carpet gliders that allow them to be used on other types of floors.

Q: Do I have to use a laminated floor mops for laminate floors?

A: It’s highly recommended that you use the right mop for your floor. Other mops will not only leave streaks on your floor but will also cause the excess water to seep in between the planks and break the seal. As a result, your floor could suffer irreparable damage.

Q: Should I clean the mop head each time I clean the floor? 

A: It's highly advisable that you do. Not cleaning the mop head and mop pads regularly can cause them to develop a bad odor. Furthermore, most mop heads are surprisingly easy to clean and will only take a few minutes.

The Takeaway

With laminate flooring, the stakes for finding the right mop are higher. You not only have the dirt to worry about but also the well-being of the floor. With these best mop for laminate wood flooring reviews, the task at hand is easier and more manageable.

There are hundreds of mops in the market when it comes to laminate floors. You can't afford to pick the wrong one. The slightest mistake could result in expensive repairs. To save you from such a calamity, we have put together a comprehensive guide and reviews that will save you time and ensure you have the best chance at finding the best mop for laminate floors without going out of your budget.

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