Best Mop for Large Areas – Reviews and Buyer Guide

Is cleaning big rooms take too much time and become tiresome for you? You may need a special kind of mop that can cover a larger area and help you clean faster.

Generally, you do not want the usual mop you find in supermarkets for cleaning larger areas. The width of the mop frame, handle’s length, and the efficiency of the mop matter the most for this criteria.

After comparing most of the popular and high-rated mops available on the market, here are the 7 best mop for large areas.

01. CLEANHOME Commercial Dust Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Mop Head Width: 36 inches
  • Handle Length: 60 inches
CLEANHOME Commercial Dust Mop

Large mop for large areas – makes sense right? There are a lot of large mops available on the market and CleanHome could be the best choice after all. The 36” large mop frame sweeps a big area and that’s why it is highly recommended for bigger homes and commercial areas like shopping malls and other institutions.

The aluminum body is considered pretty strong metal after stainless steel when it comes to mop handles. It is also very lightweight, which makes it easier to move it around. The handle system that connects to the mop head is also a lot stronger than Swopt, which is our second pick.

What We Like

  • Largest 36” Mop Head on This List

The 36” width of the mop head makes this the largest mop on our list. Being able to cover broader areas, this is a perfect choice for big mansions and commercial spaces that are spacious.

  • Quality Swivel Connector

Compared to the swivel connector of the Swopt dust mop, this mop’s swivel connector is pretty strong. You can easily move it around and connect it with both mop heads without any issues.

  • Aluminum is Strong and Durable

Aluminum known to be very strong yet lightweight. As a result, this mops hand and swivel connector are stronger than other aluminum handles while being lighter than steel.

What We Don't Like

  • Hard to Clean the Mop or Shake Out the Dust

Having a large mop head can come with its benefits and cleaning the mop becomes hard. You may need a big bucket for easier operation.

02. SWOPT Dust Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Handle: Steel
  • Mop Head Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Length: 60 inches
  • Included pads: 1
SWOPT Dust Mop

The unique thing about the Swopt dust mop is how you can easily use it for both sweeping and brushing. The snap-lock mechanism makes it easy to attach any kind of frame to it and it makes this an all-in-one option.

The 24” wide mop cleans spacious areas quicker than our next pick Turbo mop. Its easy frame-changing feature gives it an edge over Turbo and that’s why it is an overall better pick for larger areas. If you are planning to brush and sweep with the same mop, this is an excellent choice!

What We Like

  • Great for Dusting and Mopping

It is very easy to connect different cleaning heads to the mop’s handle. As a result, you can use a duster with it by replacing the mop head. All it takes is a push of a button.

  • 24” large Mop Head

The large mop head is better than the Turbo microfiber mop to clean spacious areas. Moreover, you can replace it with other mops of different sizes without any issues.

  • Lightweight Even with Steel Handle

The 60” steel handle does not put too much weight into this large mop. The entire package weighs 3.75 pounds, making it a very easy-to-use mop.

What We Don't Like

  • The Snap-Lock Mechanism

Even though snap locking is great for the mop, some users were disappointed in how long it lasts.

03. Turbo Microfiber Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Handle: Aluminum alloy
  • Mop Head Width: 18 inches
  • Handle Length: 60 inches
  • Included pads: 4
Turbo Microfiber Mop

Turbo is one of the best names when it comes to microfiber mops. Even though the mop head is 18” wide, which isn’t the largest in this list, the quality of the item makes it an excellent pick. If you are looking for a very lightweight option but still need a medium-sized mop, Turbo floor cleaner may be the right pick.

Unlike CleanHome and Swopt, this set comes with 4 reusable pads. It means it will take a long time until you may need to buy new pads. Moreover, the pad quality is exceptional for both dry and wet mopping.

What We Like

  • Very Lightweight

Compared to CleanHome and Swopt mops mentioned before, this mop is very lightweight. It weighs only 1.2 pounds and is highly suitable for anyone who needs a lightweight option.

This medium-sized map is highly suitable for laminate, tiles, and bamboo floors. The microfiber mops provided do not damage these kinds of flooring.

  • 360 Degrees Rotating Head

The mop head or the frame can rotate sideways and up and down. It makes cleaning tighter corners easy and gives more maneuverability.

What We Don't Like

  • Isn’t the Best for Cleaning Sand

If you live in areas like Florida where you may need to clean sand, this mop lacks because of its microfiber. However, it is still recommended if you vacuum or dry mop the floor beforehand.

04. CQT Microfiber Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 2.92 pounds
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Mop Head Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Length: 59 inches
  • Included pads: 4
CQT Microfiber Mop

CQT microfiber mop comes with four high-quality thick pads for wet and dry cleaning that are excellent for laminate floors and especially if you have pads. The scrubber tool added in the package helps you clean tough spots and clean the pads.

The frame of the mop head is aluminum alloy, which is lightweight. The handle is made of stainless steel, making it strong and long-lasting. The handle is telescopic and the 360 degrees movement makes it very easy to use.

What We Like

  • Great for Dry and Wet Mopping

The cleaning set comes with 4 pads – two of them are suitable for wet mopping while the other two are meant for dry mopping. Moreover, the pads are excellent for trapping pet hair and highly suitable for houses with pets.

  • The Velcro Attachment is Pretty Strong

Unlike the Swop mop, the Velcro attachment on this mop is very strong. It is due to the one-step injection molding. Non-glue Velcro attachments are usually stronger and you can easily rotate the mop head without worrying about damages.

  • Fast Cleaning

The smooth movement of the mop, the thickness of the pads, and the overall efficiency of the cleaning system and its width make it a fast mop to use.

What We Don't Like

  • Not Suitable for All Types of Floor

This is recommended for smooth surfaces like laminate floors, tiles, etc. It may get stuck or clean slow in other floor types.


At a Glance

  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Mop Head Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Length: 54 inches
  • Included pads: 4

The YOUSHANGJIA mop is pretty similar to the CQT cleaner we mentioned before with an aluminum mop frame and stainless steel handle. They also have almost the same weight. However, the Velcro attachment on this mop lacks quality compared to CQT.

It is a highly recommended option for wet mopping. The excellence of the pads’ quality makes it a fast cleaner and its large frame cleans a broader area. Moreover, the scraper tool included helps a lot as we mentioned for previous projects.

What We Like

  • Highly Suitable for Wet Mopping

This is a great option if you only need a cleaner for wet mopping. The microfiber pads are very absorbent and make wet mopping easy and do not leave streaks. It can work on dry floors too.

  • Aluminum Alloy Mop Frame

The mop head is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it very strong and durable. Moreover, unlike plastic mop heads, the aluminum puts weight on the mop and thus cleans hard messes without any issues.

  • Scraper Attachment

The scraper attachment is excellent in removing dirt that is hard to get rid of with the mop. Moreover, it helps cleaning the pads and removes pet hair.

What We Don't Like

  • The Pads can Fray

Some users said that even though the pads are excellent at cleaning, they can fray when you wash them on a machine.

06. Denelchon Professional Microfiber Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 4.65 pounds
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Mop Head Width: 18 inches
  • Handle Length: 70 inches
  • Included pads: 2
Denelchon Professional Microfiber Mop

This is another 18” option that is very different from the Turbo mop but does not lack in quality. The best things about this selection are how versatile is it and the handle’s length. It can be used in different types of floors and 360 degrees maneuverability along with its long and adjustable handle makes cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy.

The pads are excellent for pet hair too. Moreover, if you live in a dusty area, this is a good option and much better than the CQT. Overall, it is an excellent pick for commercial spaces and rough uses.

What We Like

  • Long and Adjustable Handle

The Denelchon mop’s handle is the longest on this list. It can extend to 70 inches from 42 inches. So, if you are a very tall person or want to clean deep under furniture, this is a great option.

  • Suitable for a Lot of Surfaces

Unlike many other mops, you will find for large areas, this can be used for hardwood, tile, concrete, stone, laminate, and many other types of floors. It is the perfect all-in-one option.

  • Good Loop Strips

The loop strips and the hook on the mop are pretty strong as they are recessed in the frame. As a result, they do not get loose after many uses.

What We Don't Like

  • The Pads Lack Quality

The professional pads are suitable for continuous uses but can lack in quality. This is a great pick for commercial uses but if you want the best pads, go for options like Swopt.

07. DINOKA Spin Mop and Bucket

At a Glance

  • Weight: 6.04 pounds
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Mop Head Width: 8.6 inches
  • Handle Length: 51.2 inches
  • Included pads: 4
DINOKA Spin Mop and Bucket

A great home mop, the Dinoka performs excellently by wet mopping any area fast. This is the only mop and bucket collection on this list and if you don’t want to get your hands dirty while cleaning, this should be the go-to.

Moreover, it makes your cleaning process faster as you can clean the pad and dry it faster. The stainless steel handle is extendable, easy-to-hold and it is very to use this mop under furniture. The pad quality is also great and four of the pads can last a long time until you may need new ones.

What We Like

  • Hands-Free Cleaning

Unlike the mops we mentioned before, this can provide hands-free cleaning with the use of the bucket. The bucket keeps clean and dirty water separated and ensures proper cleaning without dirty streaks.

  • The Nano Mop Pad Dries Quickly

Using the bucket, you can easily rinse, clean and dry the pad to use it again. It ensures no excessive amount of water remains on the mop that can cause dirty marks.

  • Fast Operation

Great for large areas even though the mop head is small because of the fast operation. The square frame, easy 360 degrees rotation mop, and cleaning bucket.

What We Don't Like

  • The Mop Head isn’t Very Wide

As you can already tell, this is the smallest mop head on this list. It is square and only 8.6 inches in length. So, this should be your pick for a home not for commercial uses.

Howe to Choose Top Rated Mop for Large Areas

Whenever you are about to purchase a mop, you need to make sure of some of the common features and if they are present in it. For example, metal handles are always better than plastic ones and the same goes for the mop frame. However, since we are talking about cleaning large areas with mops, you need some unique features on the mops.

Make sure to consider these factors before making your purchase:

Mop Head Size

The mop head or the frame of the mop needs to be wide if you need it to clean a large area fast. Usually, 18” is pretty big for the width of a mop head, but you can get larger ones that are excellent for bigger spaces.

18” should be the minimum requirement for this kind of purchase. Going for 24” or 36” ones can be even better for commercial spaces.

Pad Quality

Generally, you would want to go for quality microfiber pads for any mops. There are also differences in quality for microfibers. Usually, quality microfiber pads will last long after washes. So, you can look for pads that can be washed repeatedly without getting damaged. Large mop pads can be harder to find and a bit more expensive to replace. Going for a set with multiple extra mops is a good choice.


Having a larger mop means it can be hard to use and move around. That’s why good maneuverability is important. The mop handle needs to be easy to hold and it should rotate around for easier cleaning operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Industrial Mop?

An industrial mop is usually used for cleaning commercial areas and by professionals. They are highly efficient, made of quality materials, and are usually focused on workability more than aesthetics.

How do you Clean Large Mop Heads?

Use a gentle detergent in the washing machine for cleaning mop pads. Make sure to dry it in low heat to not cause damage. Do not use any kind of bleach.


Depending on commercial or home use, you should be careful with your pick. Generally, going for long-lasting aluminum steel mops with good pads always gives you great results. If you are still unaware of what to get, you can get the CleanHome mop.

The CleanHome is a great pick because of how durable it is and the 36” wide mop makes it excellent for large areas. Make sure you also check out the weight and maneuverability of the mop if you have any sort of back issues.

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