Best Mop for Linoleum Floors of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Eco-friendly and elegant linoleum floors are classy and good for your home until you start mopping it with the typical old-styled mops. Then, it suddenly loses its elegance and becomes way too slippery! If you are still unaware of what kind of mops you should try out for beautifying lino floors.

Below are the results of dedicated research of the most highly-recommended mops that are excellent for all kinds of lino floors.

As we have done our research, we are also inviting you to do yours by checking out the buying guide! But first, let’s have a look at the Best Mop for Linoleum Floors.

Our Top 5 Picks Compared





Turbo Microfiber Mop

Handle  Type: Aluminum Alloy
Handle Length: 35-60 inch
Mop Type: Microfiber
Weight: 1.2 pounds

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop

Weight: 4.87 pounds
51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches
Steam mop
Mop Head:

Hoover Floormate Delux

Weight: 13.8 pounds
14.4 x 12.8 x 32.8 inches
Electric mop
Mop Head:

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Weight: 5.2 pounds
4.38 x 5.88 x 28.38 inches
Spray mop
Mop Head:

Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop

Weight: 13.6 ounces
60 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Flat mop
Mop Head:

01. Best Overall - Turbo Microfiber Mop


  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 60 x 4 x 17 inches
  • Type: Flat mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaner

Finding the right mop that suits the nature of your floor is harder than it seems. As some floors are really sensitive, using the wrong mop on them can be a wrong move. The Turbo Microfiber Mop, however, can solve all these issues as it is full of good qualities and nice features to make the cleaning process more manageable.

The Turbo Microfiber Mop can be used on any floor, including linoleum floors. It is so easy to assemble the parts. The mop is so lightweight and has an extra thick mop pad that contains over 10,000 fiber loops that can clean anything, including pet hair on the floor. It cleans a lot faster as it has an 18’’ pivoting mop head.

Unlike all the single-use pads, the Turbo mop can be washed over 100 times. This means you don’t need to buy extra pads, which saves a good amount of cash. Instead of just brushing the dust around, it lifts them, unlike most traditional mops. Given its amazing quality, it’s no wonder that the Turbo microfiber mop gained a lot of popularity among professional cleaners.


  • Feature a telescoping handle that can extend up to 60 inches from 35 inches.
  • The body, made of aluminum alloy, is more durable than plastic ones and also lightweight.
  • The mop head can rotate 360 degrees, making cleaning easier in tight corners.
  • Mop head’s frame is 17 inches wide, letting you clean a large area with lesser sweeps.
  • Great mop for cleaning pet hair.


  • Isn’t very good for picking up sand as it uses a microfiber mop.

02. Shark Steam - Best Pocket Mop for Linoleum


  • Weight: 4.87 pounds
  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches
  • Type: Steam mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Shark Steam Pocket Mop

One of the major problems while cleaning a floor is that the chemicals that are used on the floor can be very harmful to the floor and even for the health of your family. Now it is not even an issue as the Shark Steam Pocket Mop doesn’t require any chemical mixtures and instead works with the power of steam jets.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop can turn the water into heated steam, and it sprays a pressured steam jet on the floor to clean the floor correctly. The steam kills any germ on contact while the microfiber pad picks up any dust, skin cells, and pet hair from the floor. It can deliver heated steam in 30 seconds. The head of the mop flips, lets you use both sides of the cleaning pad to get the maximum cleaning output. It cleans so well, and it is eco-friendly. It sanitizes any bacteria from your floor.

It can be used on any sealed floor, including linoleum floor, Vinyl, Marble, etc. The cleaning pad is reusable, which means that you can save a good amount.


  • Double-sided mop for better and easier wet and dry cleaning.
  • Weighing only 4.87 pounds, it is one of the lightest steam mops available in the market.
  • The cord is long enough for cleaning larger areas from a single outlet.
  • Steam will be ready in only 30 seconds.


  • The undetachable water tank makes it hard to refill.

03. Hoover Floormate Delux - Linoleum Mop


  • Weight: 13.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 12.8 x 32.8 inches
  • Type: Electric mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Hoover Floormate Delux

When cleaning a floor, especially a linoleum or marble one, one can get worn out from all the bendings to rinse the mop. Well, with the Hoover Floormate Delux, one can forget about all these tiresome tasks and even enjoy the cleaning.

The Hoover Floormate Delux can clean any hard floor. Unlike any regular mop, this one can pick up the dirty stuff instead of brushing them around. It has a duel water tank that separates the dirty waters from the clean water. It means that you won’t need to worry about having dirty water on the floor. It is so easy to fill or empty the tank and rinse the head.

The Floormate Delux Hoover has a wash and dry mode selector so that one can wash the floor with water and cleaners and then switch to dry mode to get rid of the extra water. On places with stains or more dust, you can put excess detergent with the fingertip control. The head has 360° counter rotations, and the brush is removable.


  • It includes SpinScrub brushes that remove messes off the floors with gentle touches.
  • It uses two tanks to keep clean and dirty water separated.
  • You can control the dispense of the cleaner to the floor using the Fingertip control.
  • It is suitable for both wet and dry mopping.


  • The motor can be rusted over time.

04. Best Spray Mop - Bona Premium 


  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.38 x 5.88 x 28.38 inches
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Bona Premium Spray Mop

The Bona Premium Mop is specially designed for sealed floors like linoleum, marble, laminate, vinyl, stone, and floors that are no-wax sealed, like ceramic or quarry. Everyone wants a lightweight yet durable mop so that it can make the works less tiresome. The Bona Spray Mop will fill all this requirement. It cleans so quickly and correctly.

The mop has an extra-large mop head making it possible to clean more areas with one sweep than other mops. A refill-cartridge is attached to the mop, which, when purchased, comes filled with the Bona floor cleaner. It is an all in one mop with good design. There is a microfiber cleaning pad included that can be washed with a washing machine; thus, saving your money from buying all those extra pads for any other mop. The rubbery corner, with their flexibility, makes it easier to move the mop. The hook attached to it can help you store the mop. The water spray is properly drizzling, which prevents the oversaturation of the water.

As Bona is creating new innovative cleaning products for over 100 years, they have a lot of experience, creating the best mop for everyone, and Bona Spray Mop is the fruit of it.


  • It is also suitable for vinyl, marble, ceramic, stone, laminate floors.
  • The 34 Oz water tank holds enough liquid for long-lasting usage.
  • The cleaning pads are reusable and the cartridge is detachable.
  • Its handle has a secondary grip for a better cleaning experience.


  • There are mops of similar quality at a lower price.

05. Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop for linoleum


  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 60 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Type: Flat mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop

Many of us have a hardwood, linoleum, tile, stone, vinyl, or marble floor. These floors are good looking. But cleaning these floors are weary and exhausting. Getting the proper mop for your floor is also hard enough. The Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop is here to stop all these problems.

The Super Absorbent Mop from the Black Diamond store is especially good for Hard floors like Lino, Marble, or vinyl floor. It cleans the floor fast and makes the floor looking like new. The mop head is shaped in a way that you can clean any hard-to-reach place with it. The mop can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. It is so lightweight while being durable enough to last a long time. The mop comes with two additional cleaning pads. The cleaning pads are washable, and being a microfiber pad, they can easily pick up dirt instead of just pushing them in the corner.

It is advisable not to oversaturate the pad while cleaning. Instead, just spraying the cleaner or water on the floor and using the mop to go over as it is designed to be used with a diluted cleaner sprayed on the surface.


  • It works on tile, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, marble, and stone too.
  • It comes with two additional mop pads.
  • You can extend the handle up to 60 inches to clean under furniture.
  • It is equally effective in both wet and dry places.


  • Even though the handle is so durable, the joint is not stable enough.

06. BISSELL PowerFresh - Best Steam Mop for Linoleum


  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches
  • Type: Steam mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Best mops for linoleum

Nobody wants to see their floor dirty or discolored. Especially when you are going to have guests. But it’s not an easy task to clean them. The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop can rid you of this hassle. The cleaning power of this steam mop is wondrous, and it is eco-friendly.

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop is a fantastic steam mop, particularly for any sealed floor like linoleum, vinyl, marble, or stone floor. Unlike other steam mops, you can switch among low, medium, or high steam, whichever you need. As it’s a steam mop, it can use high pressured steam jets to clean any dust, skin cells, or pet hair on the floor and kill germs. You can use the mop for both regular small cleanings and large messes.

The mop has a Spring Breeze fragrance discs included in the pad, which emits a sweet scent while cleaning. The swivel steering guarantees easy control. The water heating time is only 30 seconds. The water tank is removable, so it’s easy to refill. It comes with a soft microfiber pad and a microfiber scrubby pad. The mop head is shaped to clean edges or corners smoothly.


  • It not only cleans the surfaces but also sanitizes them.
  • For stubborn messes, there is a scrubber in the package.
  • It is possible to change the steam level among low, mid, and high.
  • It includes a Smart Breeze Fragrance Disc that is insertable in the mop pads.


  • The mop is not long-lasting enough for the price.

07. Professional Microfiber Flat Mop


  • Weight: 4.65 pounds
  • Dimensions: 41.2 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Type: Flat mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Professional Microfiber Flat Mop

One of the common problems almost all of us have is finding the most suited mop for our floor. A heavyweight one can harm the floor and wear you out. Some are not durable or don’t clean properly. The Professional Microfiber Mop doesn’t have any of these issues, and it can give you the best cleaning experience.

The Professional Microfiber Mop has excellent quality and is one of the best mops for cleaning any sealed floor like hardwood, linoleum, marble, or vinyl floor. It cleans better than cotton mops and is lightweight, making sure not to make the cleaning too tiresome. Its 360° swivel lock doesn’t let side swiveling, allowing you to even clean your tile walls with this mop. The mop cleans more quickly and correctly than all the other similar products available on the market. The dust mop picks up dust, dead skin cells, and pet hair while the wet mop pad can be used for deep cleaning. The pads are washable.

No need to carry that heavy bucket around as the Microfiber Flat mop doesn’t require that. The mop frame is aluminum made, ensuring the durability and two additional pads come with the mop.


  • The mop head is 18 inches, which ensures a faster cleaning.
  • The two additional mop pads are washable and reusable.
  • Its handle is of stainless steel for a sturdy impression.
  • It extracts loose debris and pet hair too.


  • It will seem too big for some people to move around with.

08. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood  Vinyl Floor Mop


  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8 x 16 x 45 inches
  • Type: Electric spin mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood

The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop can free you from all those tiresome processes while cleaning your beautiful hard floor. It has a cord length of 22 feet, giving you more reach. It weighs only 11 lbs.

The BISSELL Spinwave Floor Mop is safe and designed to get the best output while being easy to use. It is durable enough to last a long time. It is an excellent mop to clean linoleum, marble, stone, or vinyl floor. The mop scrubs the floor for you, so you don’t need to scrub it yourself. It contains a water tank with a capacity of 28 ounces, say goodbye to the water bucket. It has a power rating of 0.9 amperes.

The spin pad can reach hard-to-reach areas while taking fewer efforts than other mops. It comes with a soft touchpad to use softly on hard floors and a scrubby one to be used on large and tough messes. You can control how much cleaner goes on the floor using the spray trigger.

BISSELL has a mission to save homeless pets, so purchasing this product is also helping the poor animals, which is amazing.


  • The water tank is 28 Oz, enough for large rooms.
  • You get one soft pad and one scrubby pad for different levels of messes.
  • You can control how much cleaner goes on the floor using the On-demand spray.
  • You will get two cleaners in the package.


  • It is not suitable for cleaning stubborn grimes.

09. MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop


  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 4.72 x 47 inches
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop

It takes a lot of effort to clean a floor properly that can easily become a source of your tiredness. The MEXERRIS Microfiber Mop is a solution to this problem.

The MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop was upgraded with the suggestions and advice from the customers, and now it has multiple features in just one mop! It got a water tank attached with it that lets you forget about all the buckets and sinks to carry water. It got both the benefits you can get from a microfiber mop and a spray mop. There is a trigger to spray the water with a fine mist, making the spraying process easier. The mop is made of high-grade materials, which is the reason why it’s so durable. The water tank carries so much water (410ML). One needs to clean the water tank after using the mop.

It has both wet and dry cleaning features. One can use the wet mop on any hard floor like lino or marble and the dry one to clean the dust from a wooden floor. The head can rotate 360°, making it possible to reach any hard-to-reach corner. The mop comes with three microfiber spray pads that are washable. It is also environmentally-friendly.


  • You get three reusable microfiber pads.
  • The additional scrubber is of high quality.
  • The head swivels up to 360-degree allowing you to reach cramped areas easily.
  • It is amazing for both wet and dry cleaning on any sealed floors.


  • The sprayer bottle is not durable enough and may leak after a long time.

10. MANGOTIME Microfiber Floor Mop


  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 5.9 x 4 inches
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Mop Head: Microfiber
MANGOTIME Microfiber Floor Mop

The MANGOTIME Microfiber Floor Mop is a good quality mop with lots of epic features and benefits. It cleans smartly with its fine mist spray and a reservoir that stores the water or cleaner and sprays them finely. A perfect mop for hard floors like linoleum, marble, vinyl, or stone floor.

The MANGOTIME Microfiber Mop can rid you of carrying around that water bucket required in ordinary mops. You can spray and clean efficiently. The mop head has the feature of 360°-rotation, and it is flexible enough to let you clean any corner and hard-to-reach areas like under the bed. The head is also broad, cleaning more space in one swipe. The stick is durable with its stainless steel body and can be arranged up to 120 cm, giving you more reach, whether used by a grown-up or a kid.

No need to bend over to rinse as you can spray the water/cleaner with the trigger and clean with the mop. It got a tank containing up to 300ml and can withstand even the strongest chemicals without being damaged. It comes with three washable cleaning pads, which cut expenses, one spray mop, and a scraper to clean the mop.


  • The spray bottle is detachable, making the refilling process effortless.
  • Three high-quality three microfiber mop pads are machine washable.
  • As the handle is of stainless steel, it is both durable and lightweight.
  • The trigger for spraying is easy to access that sprays liquid from the 300ml large water tank.


  • The spray bottle is hard to detach.

How to Pick Up the Best Mops for Linoleum Floor

When it’s about cleaning your linoleum floor, choosing the right mop is essential, yet it proves to be complicated. A wrong pick may result in discoloring your floor. Since there are many features you should consider when choosing the best mop for a linoleum floor; here are the important ones:


Make sure that your mop has multiple features other than just cleaning the facility. A mop that easily wears you down during the cleaning process won’t be the best one. Get the one that grips dirt perfectly and is easy to operate.


It will be highly advisable to pick a mop that suits your physical abilities and limitations. A mop that has a short handle or one which is a bit heavy may make the work harder and uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that, if it is a problem for you to bend over, consider getting a mop, which contains a wringer on its handle. It will rid you of the back pain you might get from bending over to squeeze the water.


Another essential aspect that you should consider is the maneuverability of the mop. We all want to clean every area and corner on our floor when it comes to cleaning projects, but it always appears more challenging than it seems. However, a mop that is so easy to maneuver can easily solve this issue. Try to purchase a mop with an extra-long cord or a cordless mop as it will give you maximum maneuverability.

Environment Friendly

Only a good design, features, or good cleaning ability doesn’t make a mop good. It is a must to keep in mind whether your mop harms the environment or not. A mop with toxic chemicals puts the health of your family and pet in danger, and it also pollutes the environment. A non-toxic mop should be the one you are going for. It can also curb your carbon footprints, which is highly essential to do.


Do not forget to go through the reviews of the mop you may be interested in, as it may help you get a good idea of the item. The advertisement of a product sometimes makes it look better than it is. So try reading the customer review and get the genuine quality of the product before purchasing it.

How to Clean Linoleum Floors?

If you are having trouble cleaning your linoleum floors, I am here to help. There are various ways that you can clean your linoleum floor. Let me give you an idea about them.

Regular cleaning - Fill your bucket with 1-1.5 gallons of water and add 4-6 drops of dish soap in it. Mix the solution properly. Run your mop across the linoleum floor using the mixture. Then mop the floor again using clean water. Use the floor once it dries of properly. Don’t use this cleaning process if you want to remove deep stains from your floor.

Vinegar cleaning - Prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 2/3 cups of baking soda with a half cup of water. Stir it very well. Add the solution to a clean spray bottle. Spray every section of your floor and let it dissolve every dirt. Mop through the floor again with warm water using a tile mop. Rinse your mop and do another pass over the floor. Let the floor dry for 10 minutes, and the odor will disappear within a half-hour.

Castile soap cleaning - The cleaning procedure for this is the same as the previous one except for the mixture in this one consists of 2 tablespoons of Castile soap and a bucket of warm water. Also, use two rinses instead of one.

What is the Best Way to Clean Linoleum Floors?

Linoleum floors are durable, water-resistant, good looking, and environmentally friendly. With proper care and maintenance, it can last a decade. Here is one of the best way to keep your linoleum floor clean-

  • For starters, try cleaning with a dry or microfiber mop to remove dust and debris if you live in any high traffic area.
  • Every once a week, you should remove the dirt and debris from the linoleum floor using a vacuum cleaner attachment or soft-bristled broom.
  • Wet mop the floor with a mixture of one gallon of warm water, one cup of vinegar, and a few drops of dish detergent.
  • Remove the solution and fill your bucket or sink with clean water.
  •  Make sure not to use the linoleum floor before it completely dries up. If there is standing water on the surface, it will be slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Once a year, you should deep clean your floor. Vacuum the loose dust and sprinkle baking soda on the surface. Prepare the previous solution mentioned above. Mop the floor with the mixture using a scrub brush this time. Mop it again with clean water. Use old towels to dry the floor properly.

What Types of Mops can I Use on Linoleum Floors?

Linoleum floors are good looking with various designs and colors. They are pretty durable too. However, keeping them clean with proper maintenance is another matter. If you are looking for types of mop that can be used on a lino floor, try checking this out.

Microfiber Mop

We start with one of the best, if not the best mop, to clean your lino floor. A microfiber mop is easy to use, and it will surprise you with its cleaning ability. You can use it dry or damp. You can deep clean any hard surface, including a linoleum floor, using this mop.

Steam Mop

The steam mop is a wonderful and eco-friendly cleaning tool. It takes less time to clean with a steam mop. It doesn’t require any chemical, yet it can kill most of the bacteria and dust mites on your lino floor. As it only uses heated water steam jets to clean, it is a sanitary means of cleaning.

Spin Mop

A spin mop offers more advantages than most other mops. They are designed in a way that you won’t need to bend over while rinsing it. It comes with a 360-degree swivel making it easy to rinse the mop. It is versatile and easy to use while taking less water to clean your linoleum floor.

Spray Mop

A Spray mop is a complete set with a liquid container attached. There’s mostly a button to spray the solution that you will use on the surface of the floor. After that, you need to run the mop across the floor. It means you won‘t need any bucket and can forget about bending over to rinse your mop! How easy it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a steam mop on linoleum floors?

Steam mops perform the cleaning process without the use of any harmful chemicals. It uses high pressured steam jets to remove the dirt and kill any germ on contact. They are the most eco-friendly mops and also the best to use on a linoleum floor as lino floors are sensitive to many types of chemicals.

How do I make my linoleum floor less slippery?

You need to increase the friction resistance of your linoleum floor to make it less slippery. Adding a slip-resistant film via a liquid to your mopping solution can add friction resistance to the surface. Also, mopping the floor using a solution of magnesium powder and water leaves a thin layer on the surface, increasing the slip resistance of it.

Top 5 Mop Comparison by Features

  • Overall BestBISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop - Additional soft and scrubby pads for the best experience; 24 Oz tank for larger houses; On-demand spray for controlling the spray level swiftly; Additional cleaning solutions.
  • Quality Microfiber Mop: Turbo Microfiber Mop - Swiveling head up to 360-degree; Aluminum alloy extendable handle up to 60 inches; 17 inches head; Effective against pet hair and dander.
  • Only for Linoleum Floor: BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop Cleaning and sanitizing; Triple steam level- low, mid, and high; Extra scrubber for heavy build-ups; Fragrance Disc for fresh smell.
  • Excellent Spray Mop: Bona Stone Premium Spray Mop - Cleans vinyl, marble, linoleum, laminate, ceramic, stone floors; Removable water tank, reusable pads; Secondary grip; 34 Oz large water tank.
  • Best Lightweight Pick: Shark S3501Dual-sided mop pads; Only 4.87 lbs. weight for easier cleaning; Quicker preparation time, Long cord for much reach.

Bottom Line

The turbo microfiber mop should be your go-to choice if you are looking for something fast and cannot spend much time researching. Why? Because it is suitable for all kinds of lino floors and can be used on other surfaces as well. Make sure to make your purchase carefully and take a few minutes of your time to dive into the buying guide!

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