Best Mop for Textured Tile Floors in 2022

No matter if you have a wave, wood-look, mosaic, or elevation tiles, cleaning it becomes easy with the right kind of mop. Yes, sweeping or vacuuming is important but proper mopping will remove all the stains you do not want on your tiles.

“Which mop should I get for my textured tile floors then”? If you find yourself asking this question, then this guide should be for you. We picked some of the best options available with the help of our experts and user reviews.





BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh

01. BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940

Mop Type: Steam mopWeight: 6 lbsHighest Handle Length: 43 inches

Tank Capacity: 16 Oz

Nellie’s Wow Mop - Best Cordless

02. Nellie’s Wow Mop

Mop Type: Spray mop

Tank Capacity: 6.7 Fl OzWeight: 5.2 lbsHighest Handle Length: 46.37 inches

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

03. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Mop Type: Steam mop

Tank Capacity: 7 Fl OzWeight: 5 lbsHighest Handle Length: 53 inches

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

04. Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

Mop Type: Cleaning Machine

Highest Handle Length: 49.6 inchesWeight: 24 lbsCord Length: 50 feet

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop

05. iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop

Mop Type: Robot MopTank Capacity: 0.25 gallon

Charging Time: 2 hoursCleaning Path: 9.6 by 8.5 inches

Top 5 Mops for Textured Tile Floors Reviews

01. BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940

At a Glance

  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Highest Handle Length: 43 inches.

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940

To prove its reputation, BISSELL released the Power Fresh Steam Cleaner Mop 1940, which is a powerful cleaner. You can not only clean but also deep clean and sanitize with this tool. It is not an exaggeration when BISSELL says that the mop cleans up to 99.9% of germs.

This steam mop offers a 23 feet power cord for larger rooms that will give you a longer reach. There will be a spring breeze smell once you use the mop on your floors because of the fragrance disc. The tank is detachable, making the refilling process easier. There will also be a microfiber scrubber to improve your experience.

What We Like

  • Powerful Flip Down Scrubber

Thanks to the scrubber that comes with the mop, you can now get rid of the toughest messes from the nooks and crannies of your room.

  • Three Different Cleaning Modes

Based on how dirty the textured tile got, you can choose from three modes. They provide high, medium, and low steam levels.

  • Quick Prep Time

Not to waste your time, the mop gets its steam prepared within only 30 seconds. That will be convenient during a sudden guest appearance.

What We Don’t Like

  • Poor Steam System

The steam system is designed poorly and may get damaged if used excessively for a long time.

02. Nellie’s Wow Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.
  • Highest Handle Length: 46.37 inches.

Nellie’s Wow Mop

There is no way we would miss the Nellie’s Wow Mop on our list of the best textured tile floor mops. The mop is made to last and give you the best cleaning session. It has two cleaning pads beneath the head not to miss any spot.

You will also find a measuring cup, charging cord, and an instruction manual in the package. It runs for around 55 minutes at full charge, which is pretty long as a cordless mop.

Compared to the BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Cleaning Mop, this item is lighter and will give you a large option of handle heights. Meanwhile, the former has a larger water tank.

What We Like

  • Ergonometric Head Design

The head of this mop is shaped in a flat and ergonometric way. It is such that you can reach under the sofa, bed, or other cramped areas without bending.

  • Contains Two Pads

Since a single pad may miss many spots, this mop includes two mop pads under its head. As a result, there will be no mess left after you finish cleaning.

  • Adjustable Handle

The handle can be adjustable to any height up to 46.37 inches. As a result, it is not only for adults, but kids can practice cleaning their room with it too.

What We Don’t Like

  • Bad Port Location

The charging port is by the sprayer, making it vulnerable to hot water steams if leaking happens.

03. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

At a Glance

  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Highest Handle Length: 53 inches.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop has an advanced weaving pattern in its mop refills. It allows the steam to break down messes and kill germs quicker. This mop features a triangular-shaped head, which is perfect for cleaning the corners of your room. Its pads are reusable, so no worries about getting more of them.

The mop weighs 5 lbs., which is a bit lighter than the BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop. But the letter offers three steam modes, unlike the O-Cedar Steam Mop. Apparently, O Cedar Steam Mop can prepare its steam within only 20 seconds.

What We Like

  • No Cleaner Needed

As a steam mop, the cleaner won’t need any cleaning solution, which saves your money. It is also eco-friendly and sanitizes your floors.

  • Super Absorbent Pads

Unlike other microfiber mops, this one has pads that can absorb almost all the liquids off the surfaces. As a result, your floors can dry a lot faster.

  • Versatile

We like the adaptability of this mop at any place. It can clean almost all types of sealed floors, and remove any mess types, no matter how sticky or stubborn they are.

What We Don’t Like

  • Steam Prep

Even though it initially produces the steam within 20 seconds, the time may increase after many uses. It may also not heat the water enough.

04. Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

At a Glance

  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Highest Handle Length: 49.6 inches.

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

No matter how many mops we look at, the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine is almost unparalleled. Its random rotating brush head lets no mess stay on the surfaces while leaving no stains or marks on them. Speaking of marks, the cleaner machine dries the floors so quickly that no soapy residues will be there after the cleaning.

The device is kid and pet-friendly and does not harm the environment. Since you will get a 50 feet cord in the package, you will get enough reach even in the spacious rooms. The head has a 13” diameter that ensures a swift cleaning project.

What We Like

  • Many-in-One

With several functions available, the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner is not just a single cleaning unit but is also a polisher, sander, refinisher, scrubber, and waxer.

  • Auto-Moving Brush-Roll

The uniquely designed round brush roll rotates as you clean. The rotation is random and doesn’t leave any marks from the brushing or sanding process.

  • Comfortable Handle

The handle has a fine design at the top that allows you to grip it comfortably. You can also push the machine without much effort, thanks to the excellent handle.

What We Don’t Like

  • Additional Pads Not Available

Even though the machine is a bit expensive already, you also have to spend on the pads, scrubber, and cleaning solution differently.

05. iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop

At a Glance

  • Charging Time: 2 hours.
  • Cleaning Path: 9.6 by 8.5 inches.

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop

If you are tired of pushing a mop around, the iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop is what you require. It is one of the best robot mops for textured tile floors with its triple-pass mopping feature. The machine comes with mop pads that you can easily attach to it. Its battery is 2000 mAh.

If we compare the iRobot Braava to the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine, the former will be almost effortless to use. It also doesn’t require a cord. Meanwhile, the letter offers multiple functions like waxing or sanding besides cleaning.

What We Like

  • Quick and Easy Charging

The iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop is chargeable from any port at your home. It takes only 2 hours to be fully charged.

  • Excellent Navigation System

This robot mop has an iAdapt 2.0 feature with a navigation cube. These functions help the machine to adapt to multiple rooms and memorize them perfectly.

  • Both Dry and Wet Cleaning

For proper cleaning needs, this machine offers both dry and damp cleaning modes. It uses different movement techniques in each mode to clean effectively.

What We Don’t Like

  • Faulty GPS

While the GPS unit will work excellently for many months, it may not work as fine afterward. It can miss some spots of the room while cleaning.

Buying Guide – How to Choose The Best Mop for Textured Floor

Doing your research properly before making a purchase will save you money and a lot of trouble.  Most complaints people have about cleaning textured tile floors are not being able to get rid of the grouts and also water stain making the floor look older by day. Following this buying guide can help you stay out of those issues.

Go for Mops that Can Clean the Gaps

Most people who have textured tile flooring complain about not being able to clean the gaps easily. With a scrub mop or mops that provide scrubbers, you can ensure the gaps between the tiles.

Apart from scrub and traditional mops, steam and spin mops are also great for floor cleaning tile floors properly without causing damage.

Steam mops are some of the best options since they are not only effective in proper cleaning but also can remove germs and bacteria easily

Look for High-Quality Soft Pads

Damaging textured tile floors is very common with typical mops that have low-quality microfiber pads. That’s why you should try to pick pads with thick and soft microfiber with high absorption quality.

Being able to absorb water and trapping pet hair depends on the microfiber pad’s thickness. They ensure that water streaks are not left behind which lessens permanent stains on the floor.

Extra Features

If you are going for a regular mop, see if the handle is extendable and the mop can be maneuvered 360 degrees. For steam mops, extra features like steam control can make a huge difference.


What is the Best Way to Clean Textured Tile Floors?

Using a steam mop is the best way of cleaning textured tile floors. You do not need any type of cleaning solution for this and it also makes cleaning floors faster and an easier process.

How Do Professionals Clean Tile and Grout?

Professionals use vacuum cleaners to remove dirt from tile floors and it is followed by using a mop to clean the floor properly. After that, they usually use steam mops for proper cleaning of grout and tile.

How Do You Clean Textured Tile Floors with a Mop?

A mop is a cleaning tool that consists of a pad with bristles on the end to scrub and sweep the floor. To clean textured tile floors, use a non-abrasive mop with microfiber pads. The mop should be wrung out completely before each use and can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

Use the mop in long, circular motions to thoroughly clean all areas of your floor. Make sure you never push down too hard on your cleaner as this may cause it to slip off the grout lines between tiles.

What Type of Cleaner Should I Use to Clean Textured Tile Floors?

There are many types of cleaners available in the market and finding the best one for your tile floors can be a challenge. The first thing that comes to mind is bleach. However, this cleaner should not be used on textured tile floors because it can cause damage.

Next, vinegar is an excellent option as it has been proven to remove stains from tiles and will leave them with a fresh smell. Vinegar also works well on hard surfaces like counters and sinks.

The final cleaner that can be used is dishwashing liquid. It has also been proven to remove stains, but it smells much stronger than vinegar which goes great on ottomans and other furniture (especially hardwood).

If you are looking for something with a fresh scent instead of the traditional bleach smell, use an unscented laundry detergent. Your textured tiles will not only appear clean but they’ll also have their original scent back.

How often You should Clean Your Textured Tile Floors?

This depends on the type of floor. But in general, once every two weeks would be good enough if it’s weekly or daily cleaning that makes you anxious (if not then try 2 to 3 times a week).

How Do You Clean Textured Porcelain Tiles?

In order to clean textured porcelain tiles, you can use a solution of water and baking soda. You should soak the tiles in this solution for 30 minutes then scrub them with a brush or sponge to remove any dirt that is stuck on the surface.


As you can see, most of our recommended items are steam as they are excellent for textured tiled floors. Proper mops like these do not leave water streaks and clean the stains properly so that your floor always looks new.

If you are still unsure about your pick, going for a Bissell mop is not a bad idea at all! The brand has been producing quality mops for a long time and the Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940 is no exception.

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