Best Robot Mops of 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide with Comparison

As much as you want to value cleanliness, mopping floors is surely not amongst your favorite tasks. What if you had something like a Roomba that would do the dirty work for you? We are talking about the best robot mops, and they have been a product of mass interest in 2020.

These automated machines are made to clean your floor with precision and make sure every corner is unsoiled. Before you spend a good amount on any robot mops, I suggest you take a look at the following review and buying guide that will assist you with the purchase.

01. ILIFE V5s - Best Overall


  • Weight: 4.5 Pounds
  • Dimension: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Controlled

ILIFE V5s is not only a best robot mop but also a robotic vacuum cleaner. Such a 2-in-1 function makes it your best choice when it comes to robot mops. And even if you never used robot mops or vacuum cleaners before, it is very easy to figure out this product’s UI.

The ILIFE V5s comes with very cool features that make it stand out. It has a better type of smart sensor that allows it to cover every corner of the house while also preventing damage to itself. It has an automated recharge system, and it will dock itself for charging without you having to do anything at all. Lastly, the ILIFE V5s is using an advanced BLDC motor, which grants excellent features.

Clearly, the best thing about ILIFE V5s is its 2-in-1 feature. But it has more to offer. The BLDC motor that we mentioned, it increases its battery life to 20%, and also makes sure it is not too noisy. As it can automatically charge itself, you have to stop worrying about maintenance.

ILIFE V5s is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that can handle both mopping and cleaning. It also requires minimal maintenance, which is one of the reasons why people love this item.


  • It has a self-charging feature.
  • You can get rid of pet hair effectively using this mop.
  • It is possible to set a daily schedule for the robotic mop.
  • Aside from vacuuming, this mop also swipes and mops the floors.
  • You can manually control it via a remote controller.


  • The instruction manual is hard to understand.

02. iRobot Brava Jet M6 - best for Multiple Rooms


  • Weight: 4.85 Pounds
  • Dimension: 10 x 10.6 x 3.5 inches 
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • App Enabled
iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110)

The Jet M6 is one of the smartest robot mops you will see, as it can clean on command wherever you want. Even though the mopping and sweeping machine comes with a hefty price-tag, looking at its functionality, it seems to be worth it.

The Jet M6 is a compact robot, which weighs only 5 pounds. It has fairly better navigation technology compared to other robots, and it allows M6 to check every corner efficiently. Its navigation can adapt to your home, and learn which corner to clean and which one to avoid.

One of the best things about the Jet M6 is that it is compatible with Google or Alexa, meaning you can activate it with your voice, and let it clean wherever and whenever you want. It has a precise jet spray that allows it to clean grease and dirt easily. You can also make it avoid certain areas where you don’t want it to go. But all these features come with a high price tag!

Even though the Jet M6 is comparatively costlier than its competitors, people still prefer it due to its quality and efficiency. So, if you also value efficiency and want something that functions pretty well, the iRobot Brava Jet M6 is clearly one of the best options. 


  • It supports Wi-Fi connections and Alexa.
  • The front part sprays the water stream evenly on the floor.
  • The charged battery has enough power to clean multiple rooms in one go.
  • It tackles sticky and liquid messes excellently.
  • You can only order it to clean a certain room or area of the house with the help of the Smart Mapping feature.


  • It cannot tackle small thresholds as much as some robotic mops from the same brand.

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03. iRobot Brava Jet 240 - Robot Mop for Small Spaces


  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Dimension: 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • App Enabled
iRobot Brava Jet M6

This white and blue robot may look cute, but its primary function is to clean with different features that can be controlled by an app. The Jet 240 is excellent because of its three distinct features – wet mopping, sweeping, damp mopping.

The compact size of Brava Jet 240 allows it to clean hard-to-reach places. It has a pretty good battery life, and the sound is barely noticeable when the Brava Jet 240 is on its job cleaning floors. The robot mop has its app, and the most excellent feature of it is hard cleaning, which makes the robot clean one single spot multiple times when there is too much grease or dirt.

The Jet 240 is moderately better than most robot mops in the market because of its compactness. And the small size does help it to clean quickly, go around corners, and navigate the entire room. With an easy eject feature, you do not have to touch the pad after the floor has been cleaned, and it is easy to attach pads. One of its weaknesses is substantial amounts of grease or dirt, and it needs manual help to clean those.

Compared to the Jet M6, the Jet 240 doesn’t cost that much. So, if you are looking for a best robot mop while not spending a lot, the iRobot Brava Jet 240 could be the best choice!

04. Roborock S5 - Ideal for large areas


  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Dimension:13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • App Enabled
Roborock S5 Robot

Roborock S5 is a robot vacuum and mop that does both of the work efficiently utilizing its highly-admired sensors. Roborock S5 could be one of the priciest choices for mopping and vacuum cleaning, but it is surely worth it considering how the Roomba-sized robot can do everything you need for floor hygiene.

The Roborock S5 has 150 minutes of battery life, which is highly superior compared to most other items in the market. LDS smart sensor allows the robot to make a real-time map of the room and helps it clean faster. It can automatically detect carpets and increase the suction to clean efficiently.

With the official app, Roborock S5 is one of the best mops to control. You can choose a particular area of the map to be cleaned, and the robot will do the job efficiently. Its battery life, excellent sensors, pet-friendly system, and many other features make it the best mop and vacuum combo. And all these features are provided with a relatively higher price than most other robot mops.

A lot of people do not bother to spend a considerable amount for quality. If you are one of them, getting Roborock S5 is a smart investment as it can provide the essential hygiene that your home needs!


  • It offers a strong suction capability of 2000Pa.
  • You can set some No-Go zone, and the mop will avoid those areas.
  • It can save and remember the layout of multiple rooms of your house.
  • It runs for 3 hours at full charge, thanks to the 5200 mAh battery.
  • It has a turbo and a max mode for different situations.


  • It sometimes faces issues finding the docking area.

05. ILIFE Shinebot W400 - robot mop and vacuum


  • Weight: 7.7 Pounds
  • Dimension:11.1 x 11.5 x 4.65 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Controlled
ILIFE Shinebot W400

ILIFE Shinebot W400 is ILIFE’s another excellent product that helps you with wet mopping and vacuuming. It is equipped with TidalPower system that’s supposed to help the robot clean with efficiency. It is nearly twice as tall as regular robot vacuums, and that allows it to hold two water chambers.

Two different water chambers help the Shinebot W400 to separate dirty water from clean water. It comes with four different cleaning features – area, spot, edge, and path. It can be controlled by a remote, but it does not have an app for it. The setup and cleanup processes are easy, and you can disassemble the machine without too much effort.

Compared to Brava Jet 240, the Shinebot W400 is slightly louder. But it is not as loud as typical robot vacuums. It is also bulkier compared to Brava Jet 240. Having no app does make it harder to control, but it is a larger robot that can separate dirty water and make sure the floor is clean without water strains.

The Shinebot W400 is a budget choice for most people, as it doesn’t have too many features, but it does its primary job pretty well, which is cleaning.


  • It has two tanks for clean water and dirty water, where they hold 0.85 and 0.9L.
  • It contains a microfiber roller to remove the stubborn stains.
  • It tackles paints, ketchup, and coffee spills flawlessly.
  • It has a Path mode and an Area mode for different cleaning needs.


  • The water spraying process sometimes doesn’t turn out to be smooth.

06. Kyvol Cybovac E20 - auto vacuum cleaner robot


  • Weight: 5.95 Pounds
  • Dimension: 16.7 x 13.6 x 4.6 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • App Enabled
_Kyvol Cybovac E20 Robot

When it comes to self-charging robot vacuums, the Kyvol Cybovac E20 is a great product of choice. It is a thin automatic vacuum cleaner robot that is compatible with a mobile app and an excellent replacement for traditional Roombas. And if you are wondering what makes this item better than most, then look at some of its features.

Self-charging allows the E20 to connect to its charging dock automatically. It has 150 minutes of battery capacity, higher than most robot vacuums. Three modes of cleaning help the Cybovac E20 to get every bit of dust, grease, and other particles with ease.

Due to it being extra-thin and compact, it can fit into tight spaces and clean every corner of your home. The excellent suction power can clean everything with ease. It also works with Alexa, and you can activate it with voice commands. As it uses AAA batteries, changing them is pretty easy. The mobile app comes with different features to use the robot vacuum efficiently.

As an alternative to traditional Roombas, the Cybovac smart vacuum robot is far better and easier to use. It is a smart choice for smart homes!


  • It can run for 150 minutes with a fully charged battery.
  • This quiet robot vacuum is so slim (2.85 inches). It can go under furniture with no issue.
  • It works with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • It has Automatic Cleaning mode, Spot Cleaning Mode, and Edge Cleaning Mode for different cleaning levels and areas.
  • You can set up no-go lines for the device.


  • It sometimes misses spots and dirt while cleaning.

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07. Yeedi K700


  • Weight:6.71 Pounds
  • Dimension: 12.8 x 12.8 x 3.19 inches
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Controlled
Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum

Yeddi K700 is another 2-in-1 robot that vacuums and mops your floor. The design of this item is quite elegant, making it excellent for a beautiful home. It is my favorite one in terms of aesthetics as well as functions.

The K700 comes with automated docking feature, and you don’t have to worry about charging it. The sensors on this are amazing, as they can detect nearby objects and also save the robot from falling. It has a larger dustbin than usual, and you have to clean it less frequently.

K700 requires less maintenance due to automated charging, large dustbin, and excellent smart features. It has a great filtration system that allows it to clean dust easily. If you have a pet, you won’t see any fur on the floor because the K700 will clean it before you know! The only downside I could find was that it doesn’t have a mobile app. But you can still use it with a remote controller.

If you are looking for something smarter than a Roomba that can also mop your floors, the Yeddi K700 is the right choice. With good design, functions, and usability, it is a great product even though it sits on the bottom of this list.


  • Its suction power is 2000Pa.
  • It is effective against pet hair and dander and can clean carpets.
  • When in mopping mode, the vacuum can run for 250 minutes.
  • It has a glass cover to increase its stability and prevent scratches.


  • It may often struggle to find its charging area.

How to Pick the Best Robot Mops

Robot mops are relatively new products, and many people are still unfamiliar with it. If you are about to buy a robot mop for yourself, you need to make sure that a few factors are present. Warranty, durability – these are important for sure, but when you are purchasing robot mops, technical aspects matter.

Battery Life

Robot mops are usually cordless, and the battery life ranges from 30-200 minutes. For making sure that you do not have to charge the mop every now and then, buy one that can provide efficient service for up to 60 minutes. Some robot mops have an automated docking feature, and they can charge themselves.

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A smart sensor is an essential part of a robot mop, as it helps the machine to clean every spot of your floor, and also prevents crashes. When a sensor detects an object in front of it, it orders the robot to move while still making sure that it doesn’t miss a spot. The better the sensor, the better the mop!

Also, if your floor has carpet and different surfaces all over the house, get a mop with better sensors that can detect different types of floors.


When a robot mop is lighter and smaller in size, it is easier to carry it and use it anywhere else. Portability also ensures that the mop can clean the narrowest of corners and get inside a small space to mop the areas you can’t! If you are picking smaller ones, you have a great advantage!

Multiple Cleaning Features

Some robot mops come with only one feature, which is wet mopping. While it can do the job pretty well, sometimes it’s not enough for a clean floor. It is recommended that you go for robot mops that have multiple cleaning features—for example, wet mopping, dry mopping, sweeping, etc. When you have too much grease that needs to be cleaned, you can use the wet mopping mode. When only some light vacuum cleaning is required, you can go for sweeping or dry mopping.

App Integration

It is easy to use the robot mops with your phone. Choose a product that has app integration (Like the iRobot Brava Jet M6), and it will be easier to control and schedule for daily cleaning. Some robot mops are portable with Alexa or Google Assistant and are easier to control.

Mopping or Sweeping?

Mopping and sweeping are completely different and are often confusing terms. Mopping refers to cleaning with cloth or fiber using water, or detergent. On the other hand, sweeping is a dry process that doesn’t require water and cleans dust and other particles. Mopping is essential to remove grease, oil, etc., while sweeping takes off specks of dust on the floor. While robot mops are built on the idea of wet mopping, some can perform sweeping and few other cleaning techniques.

Frequently Asked Question for Robotic Mops

Are Robot Mops worth it?

Robot mops are worth it for daily cleaning and maintaining hygiene without putting too much effort. They save time and energy and do the dirty work for you!

What are the accessories that a Robot Mop comes with?

There can be quite a few accessories that are provided with robot mops. Essentially – pads, cleaner substance, filter, charger, one pre-installed battery, and another replaceable battery.

How do I reset my Best Roomba Mop?

The best way to reset a Roomba mop is by using the official app. Go to the app of the robot mop you have and visit the ‘Settings’ menu. There, you will find the option for factory reset.

Final Notes

Robot mops are still being improved every day, but the items mentioned here are perfect at their tasks and are amongst the best choices when it comes to wet mopping, dry cleaning and sweeping. With app integration, automated charging and many other features, one can easily forget about cleaning their floor on their own because the robot does that with a daily schedule. It is very interesting to see how these excellent inventions have made our daily life so much easier with the usage of sensors and power!

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