Best Sponge Mop of 2020 Reviews and Buyer Guide

In this easy to read guide on the best sponge mops in the market, we’ll review and rate some of the best sponge mop around. This guide gives an overview of the different features of sponge mops and this will help you to make the best decision when selecting a sponge mop.





Rubbermaid PVA FGG78004


Weight: 0.96 ounces

Dimensions: 40 x 13.5 x 6 inches

Quickie 051TRI Squeeze Sponge Mop


Weight: 1.3 pounds

Dimensions: 3.25 x 9.25 x 51 inches

Casabella Original Mop


Weight: 2.11 pounds

Dimensions: 52.5 x 10 x 3.5 inches

Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop


Weight: 1.86 pounds

Dimensions: 53.88 x 10.75 x 8.88 inches




Weight: 1.86 pounds

Dimensions: 53.88 x 10.75 x 8.88 inches

Having a sponge mops in the house is an indispensable tool for individuals looking for an easy and convenient way for cleaning and mopping off hard and stubborn dirt from the floor. Sponge mops are ideal for the cleaning of different floor type since it comes in different makes and features. These floor types includes the linoleum, tiles, ,wooden even hardwood floors as well.

The mop often comes in an attractive design, and it is lightweight, making it easy to use. Some unique features that the sponge mop comes with that are worth noting are the self-wringing mechanism and the ease of replacing the sponge mop head. In this article, we reviewed five of the best and popular sponge mops in the market.

Follow us as we explore more on their various features, uses, and make in other to guide you in your selection. 

Best Sponge Mop Reviews

1. Rubbermaid PVA FGG78004

Rubbermaid PVA FGG78004

The Rubbermaid commercial PVA is an attractive mop used for the cleaning of the house. This mop comes with handle features and a front pull-lever that enables users to quickly and easily wring the head after every cleaning process. The mop head is designed in a way that it can quickly absorb liquids or oily stains. It also comes with the capacity to squeeze out the excess water and dry it faster. It is important to note that the Rubbermaid PVC mop comes with a 37-inch handle that allows one to clean even an obscured or hard to reach areas. 

Past users of this product noted that the product is a real game-changer when compared to other sponge mops in the market. The mop can be used to clean surfaces stained with dried raw eggs, snow, grease, and other stubborn stains. These stains might not be easy to clean using other conventional mopping sticks. One unique feature of this sponge mop is the PVA sponge head that comes with the mop. This PVA mopping head enables the mop to absorb wet items faster since it comes with tensile strength. The product is suitable for homes and bigger facilities like schools, institutional facilities, prisons and offices.

It is also important to note that the Rubbermaid sponge type is resistant to most harsh chemicals that are volatile to other mop head. This makes it last longer when compared to other mop heads. The sponge mop comes in an item weight of 0.96 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to carry about while mopping the floor. Another important use of this versatile sponge head is that one can use it to clean or wash the walls of a building before painting. One can use the mop sponge head to prep the wall using a slightly wet mop - after which, you rinse and clean up the drips from the wall.

2. Quickie 051TRI Squeeze Sponge Mop

Quickie 051TRI Squeeze Sponge Mop

The quickie sponge mop is a dual-action mop that can be used to clean a wide variety of floors in lesser time. It is a perfect product that makes cleaning a fun time. The mop comes with an extra absorbent that leaves no trace of water after the cleaning process. Some of the unique features that this mop comes with includes a durable spring back metal hand-wringer and a built-in spot scrubber. These features can be used to remove stubborn stains, caked-on dirt, and other scuff marks on different surface areas.

The quickie squeeze sponge mop is designed in a way that one can use it to clean even obscured areas in the house. This is as a result of the 48-inch steel handle with a hang-up feature that comes with the mop. The mop comes with both a cellulite and cellulose sponge that enables it to dry off the water and soapy floor quicker. The cellulose sponge also acts as a tool for the picking up of light spills. One unique thing about the sponge mop is that it can be used for other surfaces apart from the house floor. Some of the surfaces that this mop can be used for includes walls and top celling.   

With the unique mopping stick, one is expected to complete the mopping process in no time since the water gets dried while the moping activities take place. Some other standard peripheries that the quickie sponge mop comes with includes brooms, buckets, and mop head. Others include the brushes, dustpans, and some other items that can make the mopping process easier and quicker. The mop comes with an item weight of 1.35 pounds making it easier to be moved around while mopping.

Past users of this product noted in their reviews that the mop is lightweight and that the self-wringing mop leaves the floors extra dry. This newer version of the Quickie 051TRI Squeeze Sponge Mop does not come in a metal design that will rust with time. Therefore, the mop is expected to last for an extended period and gives you an excellent reward for your money.

3. Casabella Original Mop

Casabella Original Mop

The Casabella original mop is a painted steel mop that is designed beautifully in a stylish way that can attract users easily. The mop is constructed in a way that is rust and water-resistant. The mop is polyurethane in nature and can be used for the cleaning of different floor types. It comes with a heavy-duty lever for maximum wringing. The Casabella mop head is a super absorbent model that can pick up particles effortlessly. It is suitable for all heavy and deep-seated cleanings with an unmatched capability when compared to other types of sponge mops.  

With its ergonometric design by the manufacturers, one can use it to clean even the most obscured location. One other unique thing about the mop is the ease of wringing out the  head with high effectiveness.  It is important to note that the mop comes with a 10-inch cellulose sponge which is easy to purchase while using the replacement heads. Due to the sturdiness of the materials used in creating the product, this sponge mop is designed to last for an extended period. That's why the manufacturers of the product offer the users a lifetime guarantee.

Some of the pros that past users listed out about this product includes the fact that the product comes with reasonable weight and the ability to wring out any amount of water in record time. It also comes with an effective sponge that leaves no scratchy edge or scuff. The Casabella original mop comes in two colors that are captivating to users. These colors include the painted steel and blue colored one. The design of the product is intuitive, attractive, and supremely functional. Finally, the mop comes with a refill head that allows one ease of refilling the waters while cleaning the floor.

4. Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

The Libman 2010 is a family-owned company that has its headquartered in the USA. The Libman Company is a company that manufactures high-quality mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies. This brand has its distribution across the United States, Canada, and many other countries.  The mop comes with a comfortable pull handle and also a 10" wide tear resistance sponge that can last for a longer time, as a result of its durability and ability to withstand deeper cleaning. The mop comes with a built-in scrub brush that helps to break down a strong mess, and green cleaning pads that also helps to remove dirt easily.

There is also an opportunity to attach on the mop an 8.5” scrub brush which makes the total mop length to be 54.75”. The mop comes with a raised cleaning circle feature that helps to scour any sticky spots that are stuck on any hard surface. It is important to note that this beautifully designed mop can be used in the cleaning of tough and sticky mess and scuff marks from patios, rooms, hallways porches, and walkways. The spongy mop leaves no stain or mark after the cleaning process as it dries off all water.

The product is reputed to be one of the most dependable product out in the market. Be assured that the mop heads is not going to tear, either will the hand rust or break while making use of the mop stick. This mop is a handy choice for all those looking for a great mop to use. Some features that are worth reiterating includes the scrub brush that makes sure no mess is left standing and the stiff bristles used for the breaking down of tough messes. The mop also comes with a lever for the control of the roller mechanism. The roller mechanism allows one to press as little or as much water that will be needed for the mopping activity from the sponge mop.

5. Mr. Clean 446268


Mr. Clean is one of the best types of sponge mop in the market. It is used for cleaning of different floor types. The eraser power cleaning mop is 50 percent stronger when used for cleaning of heavy-duty and deep cleaning activities. It comes with a design that makes it easy for anyone to replace the mop head without breaking a sweat. One unique thing about this head is that it can easily fit almost all refill fits and other squeeze mops. This design makes the mop heads universally accepted as it removes fears of buying the wrong fit. Another thing to note about this product is that it can be used for different purposes and for the mopping of various floor types.

Mr. Clean comes with an item weigh of 1.35 pounds making it lightweight and easy to move around while mopping. Most users of this product left a favorable remark about the product based on its versatility, ease of refilling, durability, and deep cleaning option.

Note that the mop also comes with a textured eraser pad feature that enables the sponge mop to pull off tougher soils while cleaning. Mr. Clean is a perfect fit for every home and offices. It is important for individuals that have pets and children as there can leave tougher stains that might be difficult to remove. 

How to choose the best sponge mop

best sponge mop reviews

Here we would be showing you some important thing to remember while selecting a sponge mop in the market. This selection process can be complicated since tons of these mops are in the market. This often leaves the buyers more confuse than there ought to be. Here are some things to note while making a selection of a sponge mop for the first time or as a repeated buyer.

The material used in making the sponge

This is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a sponge mop. Some sponge materials are difficult to tear while others can easily get damaged while mopping the floor. You won’t love to be changing your sponge head every other time. Therefore, it is important to select durable sponge material when buying

Cleaning need

Another important thing to consider in the selection of your ideal sponge mop is the cleaning need of the home or individual. Different sponge mop exists in the market, and most are used for various purposes. A cellulose sponge material is a better option for cleaning of places with spills of chemicals since there are chemical resistant. Others include the microfiber sponge type that requires a deep clean with just water and the synthetic material type which are very durable and sturdy and therefore resistance to tearing. It is therefore crucial, to make your selection based on these factors or need.

Mop handles and pools

Different mops come with different pools and handle types. This pool or handle type includes the easy-to-grip handle that gives you a firmer hold on the mop while cleaning and the telescopic handle type that also offers a firmer grip. The unique thing about the telescopic handle type is that it is easier to store after use.

The wringing ability

This is another factor to consider while making a selection. This ability is a great feature that comes with every mop. The wringing mechanism allows for effortless and great cleaning time. It also allows for quicker drying time. Most sponge mops come with in-built wringing ability. It is important to go for a product with this feature; but if your mop does not come with this feature, then you may consider buying a bucket to act as this function.

Ease of use

The ease of use and maneuverability is another important feature to consider while making your choice. How easy and fast can the mop dry off the water and even get to obscured corners and edges while cleaning is something worth considering when making the purchase.

Rusty handle

Consider the material the pool or handle is made from while making your selection. Most steel materials can quickly get rust after repeated usage. Go for either the painted mop sticks or mops with a stronger handle material that does not get rust quickly.

Product Weight

The product weight is another factor to be considered while one is making a selection. A weighty sponge mop will add more effort to the cleaning process. With a minimal weight, one can easily navigate around while cleaning the floor.

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In conclusion, we believe that with this easy to read review on best sponge mops, you are more equipped now to make your selection. The five reviewed sponge mops above are durable and give a perfect cleaning experience. In terms of quality, there are reputed to be among the best in the market. There are perfect for the cleaning of different floor types such as tiles, laminate, hardwood floors, linoleum, grout, and other floor types. These sponge mops promise you a great and remarkable cleaning experience that will help to save your time while cleaning. 

Thanks for reading the review and do have an incredible cleaning and mopping experience.

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