Best Squeegee for Windows in 2022 with Expert Buying Guide

Both professionals and daily users don't often find the right kind of squeegee they need for proper window cleaning. Some items don't come with the best rubbers or materials, while some are terribly overpriced.

We have taken the help of cleaning professionals and found out some of the best squeegees available in the market. The following items are encouraged for the cleaning profession and can also be used by individuals for better window cleaning.





MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo

Dimensions: 13.7 x 7.5 x 3.2 inches
Mop Type: Squeegee & Microfiber Window Washer
Weight: 280 Grams

_Unger Professional Steel Squeegee

Dimensions: 1.25 x 16 x 5.75 inches
Weight: 0.49 Pounds

Size: 16 Inch (Pack of 1)

Ettore All Purpose Window Squeegee

Dimensions: 1.25 x 6.5 x 7.75 inches

Handle: Plastic

Weight: 3.2 Ounces

_Ettore 10018 Solid Brass Window Squeegee

Dimensions: 6.75 x 19.5 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Feature: Squeegee; rust proof

Unger - 92102 Professional Heavy-Duty Squeegee

Dimensions: 18.5 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches

Feature: Durable stainless steel

Weight: 8 pounds

01. MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo

Beginning with a squeegee that will grant you a good reach with an effective cleaning ability. The MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo can effectively provide great cleansing yet with the minimum effort possible.

This smart squeegee is 10 inches long from top to bottom. Because of this height, even if a child is using it, it can still be reached up to the window. This product comes with a microfiber pad to attract any dirt or similar messes from the surfaces.

You can use it gently on any plain surface. This squeegee has a clip made out of aluminum to offer maximum durability. Still, it is lightweight.

The squeegee's blade is of natural rubber that can be changed. Getting this cleaning tool, you can have a more versatile cleaning as the microfiber pads are thick enough to soak up more water. You also can attach the handle made of plastic to the pole with ease.

The Ettore 8-Inch All Purpose Window Squeegee and MR>SIGA window squeegee both have rubber blades attached to them. But the 14-inch long upper body of the latter makes it stand out more.


  • A 14-inch blade can cover longer areas at once, fastening up your cleanup process.
  • Thicker microfiber cover is better for water absorption.
  • The telescopic pole has a lightweight plastic handle that connects to it.
  • Regardless of what surface it is, wiping works very well.


  • There's very little pressure required to detach the squeegee from the handle.

02. Unger Professional Steel Squeegee

Introducing a squeegee that tackles all types of cleaning needs on smooth surfaces. Named as the Unger Professional Steel Squeegee, this item is highly stable and does what it promises.

If you want to see your window or similar surfaces shining up, this is the item for you. It got a blade made of the best grade rubber material to absorb all types of scums. Using this squeegee on your window will make you happier as you will see no spots, residues, or dirt left on them.

Meanwhile, the product comes with a handle with a long and comfortable handle with a rubber grip. As it is made of steel, it is highly tough yet light.

This squeegee's body is well-coated to prevent rusting even after exposure to the humid air for a long time. It is a grand product for grand kitchens. It comes with a lifetime guarantee to stop all your worries.

The Unger professional steel squeegee and the Unger Heavy-duty squeegee both are pretty similar considering their 16" wide blade. But the former's easy to handle rubber grip makes it an exceptional choice.


  • Pro-grade rubber blade delivers 100% streak-free window cleaning results
  • To get a larger reach, the squeegee is designed to attach to nearly any telescopic pole, removing the need for a ladder.
  • The steel is stainless, so it is rust-resistant, making it a long-lasting material.
  • An ergonomic rubber grip is used to increase the comfort of use.


  • The inclusion of a plastic screw adapter would come in handy.

03. Ettore All Purpose Window Squeegee

We all want a product for cleaning our windows that shows great quality while being as versatile as possible. One of such products is the Ettore All Purpose Window Squeegee. It has a smart design with good cleaning ability.

The experienced manufacturers made this squeegee with proper care. They added a perfect handle with the blade that has a high-quality plastic body. This plastic surface is capable of surviving high impacts on it.

The body is also highly lightweight to make the work as easy as possible. It also features a blade that is made of rubber with high absorption power. Also, the rubber part is attached with an aluminum channel that makes it extra durable.

This squeegee can easily be used on most smooth surfaces. These also include grout, tile, windows, and other similar surfaces. It does its work quickly. One can use it for cleaning up liquids such as honey, sauce, and dirty water. The handle fits with any pole size.

Both the all-purpose and 10018 squeegees from Ettore ensures a streak-free cleanup. The former's blade width is only 8 inches makes it way shorter than the 10018's blade.


  • Lighter, compact 8-inch all-purpose squeegee.
  • The plastic handle is extremely impact resistant.
  • Combination of a multipurpose non-corrosive cleaning solution and a streak-free rubber blade.
  • Fits all extension pole.


  • It is difficult to have a suction cup hanger adhere to it.

04. Ettore 10018 Solid Brass Window Squeegee

All need a flexible window squeegee that does all your cleaning needs. Especially people who work with dirty liquids need it more. The Ettore 10018 Solid Brass Window Squeegee is the item everyone is looking for.

This window squeegee comes with a variety of epic functions. With the surface material that holds professional values, this item is highly durable from any collision. It doesn't get rusted even after a long usage because of the rust-proof coat. 

The squeegee is wide enough to clean more space in a single wipe than traditional items. The head holds a rubber blade that can suck out all the dirty liquids and give your window the shine it deserves. It has an extended handle that is highly durable with the ability to attach to any pole size.

The Ettore 10018 is on par with the Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee in terms of rust resistance and effectiveness. Both are made of quality steel. The golden look of the 10018 makes it really stand out.


  • The 18-inch blade makes it an excellent choice for window cleanup.
  • The quality of the rubber blade is so good it leaves no streak behind.
  • Fits all Ettore REA-CH extension poles, making it perfect for reaching high places.
  • This metal is resistant to rust.


  • The blade is too large to be used in the shower.

05. Unger - 92102 Professional Heavy-Duty Squeegee

Unger is a highly experienced manufacturer brand that tries to create some of the best squeegees for people who works in their kitchen more often. Unger – 92102 Professional Heavy-Duty Squeegee is one of their products that they built to shine up your glass surfaces.

Having a wide blade of 16 inches, this item can clean a lot faster than your average squeegees. It is created for heavy-duty works. It means; besides kitchens, you can use it in extreme environments such as factories and garages. Coming in silver color, this squeegee comes with a durable body to survive the places mentioned earlier.

To give you a comfortable grip, the manufacturers added an ergonomically designed handle. The blade, which is made of rubber of the best grade, can tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks while wiped on a glass or other smooth surfaces.

Using this product, you won't find any steak or spot left on your windows. Its handle is flexible enough to attach to any Unger telescopic pole. While both have 16-inch-wide blades, unlike Unger's professional steel squeegee, the heavy-duty squeegee is ultralightweight, weighing only 0.8 pounds.


  • 16-inch squeegee is made of stainless steel that is fairly durable.
  • With this heavy-duty rubber blade, you can count on 100% streak-free results.
  • A lightweight body of only .8 pounds makes handling a breeze.
  • Rust resistance ensures no ugly scratches will be left on your window after a cleanup.


  • Wipes can sometimes be rough due to the thin rubber.

06. Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee

Another of the grand squeegee manufactured by the well-known brand Unger is the Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee. Like its name suggests, it is the best in terms of performance while having an amazing grip.

This effective multi-surface squeegee should be used on any glossy surface that has dirt and liquids to clean. Suitable for regular use, it has 18 inches wide blade. It is a great size that grants you the capability of cleaning as fast as possible without wearing you out.

Aside from that, the blade is also made of the type of rubber that can swiftly take out all dirt and clumps them up onto it. The squeegee is so easy to use that even a child can use this without any issue.

With the handle being highly stable because of the stainless-steel construction, you won't need to worry about damaging it. It is also coated to survive against rusting.

Since the handle has an ergonomic design, it can make the work more comfortable. You can attach it with telescopic poles by Unger, which you can get separately. Using this item, you can stay ahead of everyone in terms of having shinning windows.

Despite their steel construction, both the Unger heavy-duty squeegee and the Performance Grip Squeegee are rust-proof because they are both coated with durable, rust-proof steel. The Performance Grip Squeegee, however, has a rubber blade that is 18 inches long.


  • This 18-inch rubber blade produces a better-looking, more professional window-cleaning job.
  • Super-easy-to-use squeegee guarantees a streak-free finish.
  • For longer reach, it can fit on Unger's telescopic pole.
  • Made of long-lasting stainless steel.


  • You need to apply some pressure to connect the rubber blade to the window evenly.

07. MULING Window Squeegee Cleaning Tool

The MULING Window Squeegee Cleaning Tool is a glass wiper that isn't just made for windows but can be used on multiple surfaces with plain bodies. That is why getting this item will be like a solution to many problems.

Unlike most other squeegees, MULING Window Squeegee comes with a long and hard plastic made handle that doesn't even need to be attached to a pole. For the blade, MULING used carefully selected rubber that is better than many other similar products.

Along with that, there is also a sponge created with nylon nets. It is attached to the head like a bug sponge. You can use this sponge for wiping out any dirt or dirty liquid. It's a good scrub with decent abrasion, which is gentle enough for glass surfaces.

Being strong enough to survive any scenario, this is a multi-surface squeegee. Use it normally on tile, car or house windows, floor, bathroom, or other areas and get wondered by the result.

The mesh sponge is a nice add-up to the MULING Window squeegee, something that the MR.SIGA Professional Window Squeegee lacks.


  • The handle is made from plastic which is durable and has a great grip.
  • Window screens can be easily scrubbed and washed with a mesh sponge.
  • The handle can be disassembled easily to save space.
  • Excellent for cleaning car exterior surfaces and stained glass windows.


  • Handle frequently disassembles while in use.

08. Baban - Best Solution for Cleaning Windows with Squeegee

As many of us want a window squeegee that can be adapted to any place while being light enough to avoid wearing yourself out, Baban brought the Baban Squeegee Window Cleaner. You are surely going to love this product.

This is a multi-purpose window cleaner that has a rubber blade with super absorption capability. Aside from the rubber blade, it also has a microfiber cloth that provides extra cleaning to glass.

It can be used on any plain surface, no matter if it is indoor or outdoor. As your window can be in a cramped space, the head is flexible to reach any area. You can use the long straight handle to clean high windows or go with the curved handle to reach hard-to-reach areas.

To give you everything you need, this squeegee comes with all the necessary equipment. It includes a long pole (61 inches) to be easily attached to the handle. Additionally, the microfiber cloth that comes along can be reused, and machine washed.

Both the Baban squeegee and Lomida squeegee has long telescopic poles (61 inches and 62 inches, respectively). But the bendable head of the former makes it more advantageous than the Lomida one.


  • Super Squeegee Rubber comes with free replacement Microfiber Cloths.
  • The ergonomic head gives the squeegee more freedom to act in accordance with the glass.
  • Provides an extra long aluminum pole that is 61 inches in length.
  • Machine washable microfiber cloths are super simple to clean up after use.


  • The microfiber can be a problem sometimes because it holds so much liquid. Causing it to drip all over the window as well as down your arm.

09. ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee

Ittaho is also a popular brand in terms of creating innovative cleaning items. Part of that feat is the ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee. It is an all-rounder cleaning tool that comes with all types of additional equipment along.

To make it possible to work with any reach you want, this squeegee comes with four sections in a single-pole. These sections can be detached to reduce height. With four pole sections, you get four different heights: 16, 19, 43, and 58 inches.

The pole is made of stainless-steel rod that grants it high steadiness yet makes it light. It is thick enough to fit comfortably in everyone's hands. The attachable point between the pole and the head is well-functioned so, it doesn't break down.

Now about the head, it is made of soft rubber that excels at cleaning. Additionally, there is a microfiber cloth that you can use to clean from both sides.

If you look at the design, you will understand that it can be used in any place. It is ideal for mirrors, windows, cars, sealed floors, and boats. As you can remove the poles, it also makes it easier to store.

The ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee is a pretty well-crafted tool with a 58" long handle, which is a bit shorter than the one that comes with the one of Baban. It uses sponge mesh instead of the microfiber cloths that are used by the latter.


  • A soft rubber strip and high-quality sponge are combined in the squeegee sponge to deliver exceptional cleaning results.
  • Natural soft rubber and high-quality sponge with mesh make the squeegee optimal for window cleanup.
  • Extension poles can be lengthened or shortened to suit the need.
  • The pole is long enough to reach up to 58 inches in length.


  • Thin squeegee blade sometimes leaves water streak behind.

10. Lomida Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner

Lastly, another window squeegee offers excellent cleaning while being highly adaptive in all situations and places. Lomida Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner will show its epic qualities as you use it on your everyday kitchen window or other similar surfaces.

Specially designed to be used both indoor and outdoor, this squeegee has high stability. The reason behind this is the aluminum body. It comes with a 62 inches long pole that grants you reach at any high place without a ladder.

You can adjust the pole to any suitable height you want by detaching the four sections. With a microfiber cloth that can absorb any dirty liquid or grime, its head can bend to make it more effective in cramped areas.

Using this squeegee on any surface, your smile will widen as you will find no residues or streaks left. It cleans softly without damaging anything. You can stand in a single area and clean a whole window by attaching pole sections if necessary.

Since it has some epic features, it is a must-have item for people who have high glass windows. Check out shower squeegee if you are interested.

The blade of the Lomida squeegee is 10 inches long, which is slightly wider than the blade of the Ettore All-purpose squeegee. However, unlike the latter, it includes a 62-inch extendable pole inside the box that contains the squeegee.


  • It is equipped with a bendable head which opens the door for easy and comfortable cleanup.
  • Replacement for microfiber clothes is available completely free of charge.
  • Super absorbent microfiber clothes are extremely handy at wiping off and absorbing water as well as soap trails.
  • 62 inches long extendable pole makes life easier by opening the door for longer reach.


  • A wider blade than the current 10-inch one would be much more efficient.

Buying Guide for The Best Window Squeegee

The perfect cleaning solution for your windows is the squeegee for a crystal clear touch. They are the most effective appliance for this job and provide an awesome experience. However, you will be lost when picking the perfect one for your windows because all of them look almost the same at the first impression. That is why you need to pay strong attention while choosing a window squeegee. The following points might prove pivotal in this case.

Does It Come with a Washer?

Having equipment that can serve multiple operations is one of the smartest jobs you can do. You will find several squeegees that avail themselves with individual cleaners along with built-in ones in the market. Some squeegees have microfiber washers that can also be utilized separately. A microfiber washer is essential because it absorbs water quickly and doesn't allow the liquid to settle to cause stains.

The Width of the Rubber Blade

The common thought that we all have regarding having a wider base is that the cleaner will cover a greater area of cleaning. But while selecting the rubber blade's width, you need to be more precise about the window area that you are going to use it on. Because you cannot use a wide rubber blade on your car windows. That is why be more accurate while purchasing the squeegee of the proper size.

Quality of the Rubber

Even if your squeegee has fulfilled all the other criteria, the quality is the significant element that will assure you whether the cleaner is appropriate or not. The rubber should be stiff enough to implement an effective clean with a strong connection with the glass. A rough rubber should be strictly prohibited.

Length of the Pole

The length of the extension pole is a major factor because it is handy in providing you assistance in cleaning large windows or having a short height. It will save the toes of people who are short. Also, make sure that the pole is strong enough to withstand any sort of high pressure while cleaning. Because you do not want it to break after a few applications.

How to Use a Window Squeegee?

Before you start using your window squeegee, prepare the cleaning solution for the job. Fill half of a bucket with water and add the cleaning solution or soap detergent. After stirring the solution, dip your washer and use it to rub the windows. And now the main part begins.

  • After washing the window, clean the top and left side of the frame.
  • Settle this squeegee on the dry parts of the window frame in the top left sector.
  • Now, with minimum pressure, start moving your squeegee from the top left sector to the top right sector without any pause. Make sure that the cleaner is gliding down all the moisture with it.
  • After you have reached the other end, slightly pull the handle and place the squeegee rubber into the corner of the frame.
  • Using a cloth, rub the moisture from the rubber after removing the squeegee from the glass.
  • Repeat this procedure overlapping each series by 4-5 cm.
  • After finishing cleaning, check for any moist area. If you find one, then clean the surface using a microfiber cloth. Remember not to use any harsh fabric on the glass because it may cause serious scratches. That is why it is a good idea to check certain pieces of cloth on glass surfaces before using one on your windows.

A proper cleaning solution and a perfect cleaning procedure are all you need for effective and convenient cleaning of your windows.

Can You Squeegee Down and Across on the Same Window Glass?

Obviously! However, this method may prove to be difficult for certain individuals if they have to clean larger windows. Because it is tough to squeegee the entire window across because of its wide frame of glass. But in the end, the user's comfort is all that matters.


With the help of a proper window squeegee, your cleaning activity will be a completely easy and fun experience. That is why do not loosen up your consciousness while picking up the appropriate cleaner for your windows. Do follow our recommendation and buying guide for the best result.

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