Best Vacuum for Rabbit Hay in 2022 – Reviewed with Pros Cons

It takes more effort to have rabbits as your pet than you might think! It is very hard to clean after them. For getting rid of rabbit hay, you can’t rely on old-school vacuum cleaners. Some brands have been promoting their vacuums as “pet-friendly,” but they don’t really add anything special to their products’ features.

We took the matter into our hands and tested more than 20 different bestselling pet-friendly vacuum cleaners. Here are the five top picks from our test results on Best Vacuum for Rabbit Hay. These are not only suitable for rabbit hay but also recommended for any kind of pet hair and daily cleaning tasks. If you are habituated with mop, you can check mop for pet hair.

Comparison of Best Vacuum for Rabbit Hay

Through expert research and test, these are the top five vacuum for rabbit hay. Choose the right one for you.

  • Overall BestBissell Hand Vacuum - 14V Lithium-Ion battery, great for extending working period; triple-level filtration; includes additional specialized tools; motorized brush tool.
  • Quality Floor Mop: Vacmaster - 18-foot power cord; 2 stage motor for greater suction power; HEPA filtration system; quiet service; washable filters.
  • Excellent Sponge Mop: EyeVac Home-Touchless Vacuum Cleaner 1000 watt vacuum cleaner; infrared sensors for automatic service; easy-to-use control panels; LED lights for proper visibility over the machine.
  • Highly Durable Choice: Bissell Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner - Scatter-free technology for greater results in cleaning pet hair and debris; swivel steering enables convenient service; 13.5 inches cleaning paths width; 6 feet long hose.
  • Fantastic Sponge Head: Eureka Powerspeed Vacuum CleanerFive adjustable height settings; two 6 liters dust cups available; 12.6 inches wide floor nozzle; easy to assemble.

01. Vacmaster VF408


  • Vacuum Type: Canister
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Cordless: No
Vacmaster VF408

The Vacmaster is supposed to be a portable wired vacuum cleaner with a great amount of power. We tested the device to know if the manufacturer’s information is correct. Firstly, the item weighs around 17 pounds, and with wheels, it becomes highly portable. The power cord is 18 ft. long, which adds to the portability. You also have the option to carry all attachments on the unit itself, which is unique for this item.

One of the best features of the Vacmaster is that it can vacuum both wet and dry floors. It provides two different filters for this operation. So, is it good enough for wet and dry floors? According to our tests, it performs very well considering how portable it is. But one thing we weren’t much happy about is its power. For example, vacs by Craftsman, more specifically the 4-gallon model, has more power with a 5hp peak. Considering the peak hp of the motor is 5, the performance doesn’t seem to go along. So, it is not as powerful as your usual large and pricey vacs, but it is good enough for the cheap and portable device.

Overall, if you are looking for an all-in-one portable vac with a multipurpose function and up to 4 gallons of capacity, the VF408 is a great choice.


  • It is easy to maneuver due to being fairly lightweight and having excellent mobility.
  • There is a quality filter attached on the back that emits clean air.
  • The cord outer rewind feature makes it easy to assemble the cord after pulling it out.
  • Numerous excellent attachments make it easy to clean a house with pets.


  • Not very powerful as the manufacturer claims.

02. EyeVac Home - Best for Rabbit Poop


  • Vacuum Type: Stationary Touchless
  • Weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Cordless: No
EyeVac Home

EyeVac is a unique product when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It is a small one that you can keep anywhere in your house, and it is barely noticeable. And the best thing of all is how pet-friendly this is. No matter if you have rabbits, cats or dogs inside, it will work just fine. Equipped with two filters, the air coming out of it after suction is clean and good for allergies.

75dB noise level is lower than most vacuum cleaners, so it is a fairly quiet machine. The device operates uniquely as it just stays in a place while you use a broom to clean. Whenever you take dust and dirt near the device, it senses your broom and starts vacuuming. We tested it with different types of brooms, and it works well with light-colored ones. The sensor isn’t good enough for grey or darker brooms.

Being such a small device (11.2lbs), it only provides 1 gallon of capacity, which isn’t going to be enough for prolonged usage. So, you have to constantly empty the storage. Overall, if you are looking for a small vacuum, this will do the job!


  • Great for pets due to having essential attachments and being pet-friendly.
  • Filter lessens allergic reaction to dusty air.
  • Operates without having to touch it via sensors. The sensors can detect the broom and start vacuuming.


  • It doesn’t work well with black or grey brooms. The sensor can detect lighter colors easier.

03. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser


  • Vacuum Type: Handheld
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Cordless: Yes
BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Wireless hand vacuums are used for specific reasons and are mostly purchased for cars. However, the Pet Hair Eraser is made for pet owners. So, how good is it? Does it have the same issue most wireless vacs suffer? In this case, no! The 14 volts battery gives enough power to clean up to 17 minutes. For a device that weighs less than five pounds, it is good enough.

If you have allergies to pet hair or dust, you will admire this device’s triple filtration. It is excellent for light vacuuming and has a 0.7-liter capacity. The best feature we found while using it is how great the front attachments are. You are provided with a brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool with the vac. Using these, you can clean the tightest corners and unreachable areas of your sofa and under any furniture.

Even though it is a wireless hand vac, we weren’t able to use it properly inside a car. Usually, such vacuums are great for vehicles but not this one. Also, if you are willing to replace the filter paper, the manufacturer sells an entire bundle for that. That’s why getting replacement paper from Bissell is costly for no good reason. When it comes to price, this vacuum is a bit higher than 50 dollar. If you are looking for a vacuum with price under $50, you can check here.


  • Comes with three unique attachments (brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool). These make cleaning after pets easy.
  • A triple filtration system makes sure no impure air comes out of the vacuum.
  • Wireless with a 14V battery provides longer performance with full charge.


  • It isn’t good enough for cars even though being a hand vac.
  • Replacing filters is costly as the manufacturer doesn’t sell those separately.  

04. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet


  • Vacuum Type: Upright
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Cordless: No
BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet

Most of the vacuums we mentioned are small and portable ones since cleaning pet hair, and food doesn’t require too big of a device. However, if you have multiple pets or just need a bigger option, the Cleanview Swivel Pet is a good recommendation. Even though it is bigger than most of the devices we mentioned, it still weighs only 15 pounds. We put this device in the test, and since it comes from Bissell, our expectations were high.

We loved how much power it provides, taking away the hardest to clean dirt, pet hair, and debris. However, so much suction comes at a cost. The brush that can clean any dust from your carpet or floor can easily get stuck onto things. And as a result, the belts often come off. We had to change it once during our test, but according to our research, others faced it.

A 27 feet long cord, two excellent pet tools, 1 liter of capacity, and excellent power make this vacuum a highly suitable option for any home with pets.


  • Easy to clean the vacuum with just soapy water.
  • Great for both floor and carpet due to having a quality brush.
  • Lightweight and suitable for seniors. Weighs only 15 pounds.
  • Pet tools added for cleaning pet hairs and any food residue.


  • The belts need frequent replacement.
  • The brush gets stuck frequently and can cause the belt to move out of its place.

05. Eureka PowerSpeed is the Best Vacuum for Hay


  • Vacuum Type: Upright
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Cordless: No
Eureka PowerSpeed

Another upright vacuum cleaner to finish the list. This one is really good and better than the Cleanview Swivel Pet in some cases. So, what sets this one apart from a Bissell vacuum? Well, the Cleanview, even though weighing 15 pounds, has only 1L capacity. On the other hand, the PowerSpeed provides 4.1L capacity and weighs only 10 pounds!

We really liked the dusting brush of this vacuum more than Cleanview since it is easier to clean curtains with this one. Moreover, it comes with crevice and upholstery tools for a complete pet hair cleaning solution.

The suction power of this unit is impressive while scary. We accidentally went over an electrical cord, and the device sucked it in, causing some damage. We recommend being cautious using it around your pets.


  • Lightweight. Weighs only 10 pounds.
  • 4.1 L capacity is excellent for a vac weighing 10lbs.
  • The dusting brush comes in handy for cleaning curtains.
  • Has crevice and upholstery tools for cleaning after your pets.


  • Too much suction power may be a cause of hazards.

How to Choose Best Vacuum for Rabbits

As cute as they can be, keeping rabbits as pets can be very messy. A traditional broom and a pair of hands are usually enough to take care of their mess, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Luckily, vacuum cleaners aren’t out of the question. Here’s what you need to know before buying vacuum cleaners for rabbit hay.

Choose the Right Kind

No vacuum cleaner is specifically made for taking care of rabbit hay. But some are preferable to others. Look for pet-friendly vacuum cleaners. Shop vacs and backpack vacuum cleaners are usually very effective. But your options don’t end there. Carpet sweepers can also do a good job. Just avoid buying vacuum cleaners that are used in residential places.

Make Sure the Vacuum doesn’t Get Clogged Easily

The main reason commercial vacuum is not acceptable is that they can get clogged effortlessly. They are usually ill-equipped for cleaning after pets. They cannot pick up the strands of hay, making you do the rest of the job with your bare hands. So, look for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t get clogged so easily. It shouldn’t be much of an effort as there are numerous kinds of such cleaners available on the market.

Versatility Goes a Long Way

Chances are you’ll have to clean narrow corners along the walls and furniture and whatnot. Being able to maneuver in such a way could be cumbersome. Compact vacuums are usually very easy to use.

FAQ for Rabbit Poop Vacuums

Can You Vacuum Around a Rabbit?

Of course, they will be scared at first. But they will become used to it over time. This applies to noises from everyday activities as well. Such as sounds from shutting windows, slamming doors, etc.

How Do You Clean Hay out of Carpet?

You can use a traditional broom to take care of the hay. Vacuum cleaners can get the job done pretty quickly, too, provided you have the right one.

How Do You Pick up Rabbit Poop?

Rabbits are inclined to defecate in one area. You can easily get rid of the poop by using the right vacuum cleaner. Using a broom isn’t out of the question. Rabbit feces can carry parasites. Humans rarely get affected by these, but it’s better not to take risks. So, it is inadvisable to simply pick them up.


The Eyevac home is a really unique vacuum that stands out to our tests. However, it may not be your suitable choice if you are looking for a traditional style of vacuum cleaners. In that case, go for the first choice, the Vacmaster. It is compact and really powerful for its size.

Cleaning after your pet is easy with these vacuums specifically made for homes with pets. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen good results using a regular old vacuum cleaner for too long.
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