How to Clean a Pool Without a Vacuum Cleaner

Do you know that cleaning a pool to prevent the growth of algae is a must for every pool owner? It is therefore necessary
to clean up the pool constantly in other to keep it clean and safe for swimming.

Most pool owners are faced with the issue of how to keep the pool safe and clean without the use of a vacuum cleaner due to the tasking nature of cleaning by hand.

Here, we will be taking you through some easy but effective steps to follow in keeping your pool clean and free from
algae without the use of a vacuum cleaner. Check out low budget vacuum cleaner under $50 here.

Cleaning a Pool off Algae

Swimming pools comes in different forms, and not minding the make of the pool (above-ground or in-ground pools) it is necessary to keep them clean always from algae.

The pool can be cleaned using different methods depending on the kind of algae that one seeks to eliminate. But for the above-ground pools, it is crucial to make use of a brush with a nylon bristle or softer rubber.

As stated above, the worst condition a pool can be in is to have algae around the pool surrounding or those discoloring the pool itself. It is important to note that removing algae from the pool is dependent on if the pool has a filtering system or not.

Here we will be looking at the process of cleaning off algae from a pool with a filter

How to Remove Algae from a Pool with a Filter Using Hand Method

For a pool with a filter, it is quite easy to remove algae and debris from the swimming pool.

This can be carried out by cleaning the filters properly so that they can easily remove water from the pool.

Make sure that the pool sides are brushed thoroughly to remove all algae that have settled by the sides.

Once you have removed the algae that are settled by the pool sides with the aid of the brush, then the filter can be turned on.

Another good way of removing these algae is through the use of a garden hose and an attachment. This tool can be used to remove strong algae and debris from the bottom of the pool to be washed off through the filter.

How to Remove Algae from a Pool without Filter Using Hand Method

For a pool without filter, to clean up the algae might seem a bit tasking. This might require you taking part in the cleaning process actively.

In doing this, it will require you to brush off the algae and debris using a strong brush. After which you are expected to sweep the algae to the bottom of the pool.

One important thing to note when doing this is that you need to sweep this pile of algae gently so as not to scatter it.

When you are sure that the debris or algae are piled-up, dive to the bottom of the swimming pool with a dustpan, and gently collect them for disposal.

Use of Shock in Cleaning a Pool from Algae

The most common and inexpensive method of removing algae from a pool is through the use of a shock product.

This method is quite effective and requires tools that can be gotten handy from one’s home. Tools needed in making use of
shock include the following:

  • A given quantity of Calcium Hypochlorite pool shock
  • Hand gloves
  • Eyewear
  • A bucket.

Steps Used in the Removing of Algae Using Shock Method

Mix one pound of shock in a bucket of water containing one pound of calcium hypochlorite.

Make sure to apply the mixed calcium hypochlorite water on the affected parts of the pool.

Keep the pool filter running continuously for at least 12 hours in other for it to mix properly thereby killing the algae

Note that after the shocking process, the pool is expected to be cloudy. In removing this cloudiness – a clarifier can be used, or one can run the pool for a full day to clean it up.

Use of Algaecide

The use of algaecide is another excellent way of keeping algae out from the pool. Algae are known to come in different forms, this includes the yellow algae, the green algae, and the black algae.

These algae are treated in different unique forms, therefore, it is important to ascertain the kind of algae that dominates your pool before settling for a particular type of algaecide.

In making use of an algaecide, it is necessary to run the pool pump continuously, this is needed in other to keep the water in continuous circulation.

Finally, pour the algaecide into the pool water and allow the pool filter to run for a full day, in other to flush off all the dirty water.

Steps in Preventing the Growth of Algae

Growth of algae is thing that can be prevented in the future. Like it is often said – prevention is better than cure.It important therefore to keep the debris and dirt that collects at the surrounding of the pool at the minimum. Endeavor to always clean and scrub the surroundings, the walls, the stairs, and the ladder leading to the pool.

Another vital thing to note in other to keep the pool safe from the growth of algae is to periodically check if the pool pump is working effectively. The more the water circulates, the lesser the chance of algae growth in the water since algae love inhabiting in stagnant water or pool.

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In conclusion, it is important to note that cleanliness is next to godliness. Pool owners therefore must take adequate care of the pools and its surroundings. They should also make sure that the waters are changed as often as possible so as not give room for the growth of algae. With these smart and effective strategies listed above, one can now clean their pool by hand without the need for a vacuum cleaner.

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