How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes without Lint Roller

How to remove pet hair from cloth

Dogs are your best friends and can improve your moods even during a bad day. Their companionship can remove our loneliness and fill us with happiness and joy. Not to mention, cuddling and playing with them will be some of your most favored moments in life.

Like any other pet, you must perform some extra chores if you have a dog. Their fluffy bodies may be cute, but they also leave lots of far behind your clothing. Apparently, pet hairs can stick so well on textile clothing, making them hard to get rid of. But worry not as the goal of this article is to give you some ways to remove them.

Using Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

One of the most effective ways to remove dog hair is to use rubber gloves. Rubber is a material that works so well against fur. But we recommend you vacuum the cloths beforehand utilizing a handheld vacuum cleaner. Clean them in a similar fashion as cleaning carpets.

Make sure to go for rubber gloves from popular brands as cheap ones may leave chemical smells behind. Make sure to wet them slightly before the process.

Using Washing Machine

Maybe you won’t even need to do much work to remove the furs. Thankfully, everything is going in favor of our furry friends, like how the washing machines are getting fur cleaning mechanisms. As a result, all you got to do is take your clothes into the washing machine and use that mode.

It should work effectively. Most of the time, this mode also creates a final cold rinse to take the furs to the drain. Not to mention, manufacturers are coming up with new technologies to make this program more practical. However, you won’t completely get rid of all of the furs in this way. To remove the excess dog hair, you can try the following method. Check out buying guide of mops for removing dog hair.

The Magical Wool Dryer Balls

A handy tool for any cat or dog owner will be the wool dryer balls. With an identical look to a dumpling, these balls have a soft surface. Because of how wool can attract pet hair to them, these balls work wonders.

After cycling your clothes in the washing machine, you can use these wool dryer balls during the drying cycle. They don’t damage your clothing. Instead, they quicken the drying process and attract furs.

Not to mention, they are pretty affordable, and using them will finally solve your fur issues. Although, there are other methods below that will do the trick as well.

Customized Lint Roller

You can’t use the same lint roller multiple times, making it a costly way. But with just a little effort, you can make a homemade lint roller. Take a tape with one adhesive side. Roll tapes around one of your hands, but make sure that the sticky side stays outward. Now you can simply press your hand on the cloth full of fur then lift your hand. It should remove the hair like a lint roller.

Alternative to The Rubber Gloves

Instead of using rubber gloves, you can also use dishtowels. They work similarly and will remove most of the pet hair. Don’t forget to wet it beforehand and wring it properly. The rubbing on the cloth should be hard enough to let the towel attract the fur.

The Useful Side of Nylon Meshes

Remember how nylon meshes literally stick up with almost anything you can find. Well, dog hairs are also on that list. Keep in mind that if you use nylon meshes to clean your clothing, you can’t use that same nylon mesh again. So, pick one that you can throw out.

All you have to do is put it on your clothes that need fur removing, and voila! The dog hairs should all be on the nylon mesh waiting to be disposed of.

Use a Window Squeeze

Cleaning with a window squeeze

Do you know what else works like a lint roller? It’s a window squeeze. The process is easy. Lay your clothes flat on a surface and run the squeeze on them. It won’t work as effectively as a lint roller, of course. But you can cover a large area in each sweep.

Check out the video practically understand


Pets are your family members, and taking care of them is mandatory. One of the easiest and best ways to remove the fur problem is to clean their hair beforehand. You can find gloves especially made to remove loose fur off the pet body. Alternatively, you can use brushes to clean your dog too. Doing so will also keep them healthy and let lesser to enter their stomachs.

Another fun way to remove dog hair from your textiles is to use a balloon to rub them. It uses static electricity to attract the hair. Yes, it works so well.

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