How to Get Lipstick out of Carpet?

How to Get Lipstick out of Carpet

As you get ready in the morning, your lipstick drops, and there’s a smudge on your carpet or rug. You have to look at the odd patch every day as you get ready and get back in the evening. You can’t stand it any longer.

The only problem is, you have tried everything up to your sleeve, but the stain won’t go away. Lucky for you, you haven’t tried some of the tips we’re about to share. By the time you complete this quick read, that lipstick stain will be a thing of the past.

Method 1

Like most stains, you need to get working on the stain as soon as possible. The longer you leave it sitting on the carpet, the harder it’s going to be to remove. When removing carpet stains, it’s advisable to clean the carpet by hand. Using machines can spread the stain.

If the stain is fresh, use an old cloth to apply Goo Gone directly on the lipstick stain. You will need to press against the carpet. Goo Gone is a handy product to keep around. It works for various types of stains on the carpet.

Once applied, you will notice the stain starts to transfer onto the cloth. You will need to keep repeating the application until the cloth absorbs all the color. If you don’t have Goo Gone, you can also use dry cleaning fluid.

After most of the stain has been absorbed next, mix warm water with a ¼ cup of dish soap and fabric cleaner.

Use this mixture to blot the stain with a rag soaked in the cleaning mixture. This will help to remove any remaining traces of the lipstick stain. The key ingredient in this mixture is warm water. So make sure the water is warm.

Method 2

The lift and scrape method as it is known. It also works on a fresh stain. There’s no science behind this method. But, it helps to mitigate the stain and is perfect when you’re in a hurry.

After the lipstick has fallen on the carpet, you can use a paper towel or tweezers to pick the pieces away carefully. This will help to avoid smudging, and it also helps to get rid of a sizeable amount of the stain.

When lifting, it’s imperative to lift up and straight off the fibers of the carpet. This ensures you don’t spread the stain. If you have a great vacuum cleaner for carpets, you can vacuum off the loose scrapings, but be careful not to rub the hose across the carpet to avoid smudging and spreading the stain.

If done correctly, you will notice only traces of the stain is left behind. You can take care of this using the other lipstick removal methods below.

Method 3

If you have some alcohol lying around, it can come in handy when removing lipstick. Apply some of the alcohol on a white cloth or plain paper towel. If you used a dyed fabric, there’s a chance the color of the fabric will transfer onto the carpet, making matters worse. That’s why it has to be a plain paper towel or white cloth.

Before using the alcohol-infused cloth on the carpet, test it on an inconspicuous part of the carpet to make sure your carpet is alcohol safe. If it’s safe, you can continue.

Using the moist fabric, blot the remaining spots with the alcohol. When blotting, you should only press down without rubbing. Constantly check to see if the color of the lipstick is transferred onto the cloth.

If you notice any color transfer, choose a fresh patch of the cloth, wet it with alcohol, and continue blotting away.

Method 4

Lastly, you can also use a citrus spot remover. Even though this type of product is designed to remove sticker residue, it can also remove waxy oil spots often left behind by lipstick. All you need to do is pour some of the cleaners on a cloth and place it over the stain and leave for about 30 seconds. Lift the cloth to check for color transfer and use a fresh area every time you attempt to blot again.

Final Thoughts

Lipstick stains don’t have to stick like a sore thumb every time you look at your pristine carpet. With these quick steps, you can mitigate and remove the traces of the stain and restore the beauty of your carpet.

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