How to Remove Spin Mop Head?

Keeping the floor of the house clean is a necessity for anyone that wishes to keep their home tidy and free from dirt and germs. To do this will requires one to mop of dirty from the floor of the house often. This task is not an appalling chores to most people.

Importance of Changing a Mop Head

To keep the floor clean, one is expected to use a mop head in removing the dirt and doing this often leave the mop head dirty, thereby making the chores of cleaning more tasking and a job in futility if the mop head is dirty.

It is, therefore, necessary to wash the mop head when it gets dirty or to change the mop head outrightly when it becomes so muddy or worn out. To continue making use of the mop head the way it is will amount to moving dirt and muddy water around the floor of the house.

All new spin mops are designed in a way that will require one to remove the mop head before washing them. And in removing this mop head, care should be taken in other not to destroy the configuration of the mop head.

One important thing to note in removing a spin mop head from the handle is that different models come with different twists and patterns on the head. It is necessary, therefore, to read up on the manufacturer’s instruction before loosing the mop head.

If the spin mop does not come with an instructional manual, then it is important to reach to the customer care agents on ways to follow in turning the head. This is necessary in other not to jam the mop head or get it broken.

The new mop head to be used for replacement can be gotten from most online stores. Before purchasing, make sure that you are going for a mop that can be detached and washed using a washing machine.

In this article, we would be looking at the importance of changing a mop head and some easy steps to follow in removing your spin mop head without getting it broken or jamming it.

Importance of Changing a Mop Head

  • Changing of a spin mop head helps to prevent repugnant smells that often comes with a dirty mop head
  • Removing of old or worn-out mop head helps to prevent sloppy cleaning of the floor. With a new spin mop head, one is expected to do a more thorough cleaning than when one is cleaning with a dirty and worn out mop head
  • It offers one the chance to wash a messy mop head with a washing machine if the mop head can easily be removed and coupled back.
  • Damaged mop heads can be removed easily from the pool

Easy Steps in Removing a Spin Mop Head

In changing or removing a spin mop head, the following steps should be considered

  • Make sure you have a spare mop head that you will be used to replace the old or worn-out mop
  • Hold the mop head straight-up while you separate the mop head yarn in other to revel the pole.
  • Gently step on the mop head lightly while turning the mop head
  • Look out for the C-clamp pin that is placed near the top of the pole and loose it.
  • Other mops come with a wing nut that fastens the mop head in place. Loosen it entirely in other to lift off the metal bar that was locked against the spin mop head. For the plastic mop heads, it comes with
    an adjustment knob and a plastic clip that can easily be slid out.
  • After you have loosened the old spin mop head, you can now remove the new mop head from its package and spot out its center panel.
  • Slide the rod into the center panel for those mop heads that come with strands hanging on the sides where the mop grips the head.
  • After sliding in the rod into the center panel, you can now replace the wing nut, the C-clamp or easily adjust the knob for the plastic mop heads.
  • Tighten the clamp by hand until you are sure that the C-clamp had snug against the mop head. Make sure that the C-clamp pin had
    securely locked in the replacement mop head with the pool.
  • Replace other attachments in the right position if the mop comes with any.
  • You can now shack the mop head around to be sure that it is fastened tightly with the pool. If the mop head falls off or loosen, then know that you did not tighten it well.

Points to Note in Removing a Mop Head

Here are some vital points to note while changing or removing a mop head for washing or changing of the head

  •  Different mop heads come with different designs and might require a bit of force in other to release the mop head from its pool. Endeavor to go through the manual in other to ascertain if it is expected of you to add some force to it.
  • Read the package instructions and manual
  •  It is important to note that not all mop head is machine washable
  • Endeavor to remove any extra attachment that comes with the mop head before changing or machine washing the mop head. Failure to do this might damage your washing machine
  • Make sure that you remove or change the mop head outside or at the bathroom.


The act of removing or changing a mop head, as stated
above is no rocket science. It is quite easy and straightforward and you will not be needing a technician or professional to do that for you. Note that, it is necessary to read up on further instructions from the manufacturer of the mop head before proceeding so as not to damage the mop head. Since there are spin mop heads that requires some meticulous turn before it can be loosened. Also make sure that before you remove the mop head for machine washing, that it is a mop head that is meant for machine washing.

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