How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine

Cleaning a mop head is an important necessity required in other to keep the mop head free from germs and bacteria. Most people don’t pay much attention to washing or cleaning the mop head after using it to wipe off dirt on the floor.

Washing a spin mop can be done by hand or by washing machine. But it is not always ideal to manually clean the mop head as it may expose one to germs and other bacteria.

Mops are essential in every home and require cleaning as often as possible. Most people often ask if it is necessary to clean the cleaning equipment.

This question looks funny! Isn’t it?

But to answer it – the cleaning equipment also needs to be cleaned too.

This is because, if you don’t clean this cleaning equipment properly, you may as well be spreading germs and bacteria all around the house and floor thinking you are mopping it.

In this article, we would be showing you some steps to follow in cleaning your spin mop head using a washing machine and the benefits of washing your mop head.

Spin Mop Head

It is important to wash one’s mop head as often as possible. Some of these benefits include.

  • A clean mop head gives an excellent result when used to mop the floor
  • An adequately washed mop head removes bad smells
  •  A dirty mop head is a breeding space for germs and
    bacteria. It’s also unhygienic for the family
  • Washing the mop head after used helps to kill all
    collected germs and bacteria.

Ways of Washing a Mop Head

Like we stated earlier, a mop head can be washed in two significant ways. This includes manually washing and making use of a washing machine. Here are some things you need to know about both.

Manual Washing

Washing the spin mop head manually

In washing the spin mop head manually, the following steps should be taken

  • Endeavor to rinse the mop after every use by wringing it entirely before discarding the dirty water
  • Use clean water to wash up the mop in other to remove residual of muddy waters still trapped on in the mop
  • Continue with this process until the whole dirty is out
  • Rinse finally and hang to dry off

Washing Machine

Washing the mop head with washing machine

Washing the mop head with a washing machine is one of the fastest ways of keeping the mop neat and safe from germs.

But before one starts to machine wash the spin mop head, it is necessary to confirm if the mop head can be cleaned using the washing machine.

Simple Steps to Follow in Washing Your Spin Mop Head Using a Washing Machine.

  • Make sure that the mop head is machine washable
  • Lose the mop head from the mop handle. This should be done meticulously so as not to spoil the mop head.

(Note: Make sure that you read the instructional manual from the manufacturer on how to detach the spin mop head from its handle before proceeding).

  • Confirm from the manual the cycle and type of detergent to use in cleaning the mop head.
  • Set your mop head into the washing machine. We recommend a gentle cycle so as not to damage your mop head.
  • Add some bleach if the mop head is filthy
  • After the cycle, gently bring out the mop head from the machine
  • Finally, allow the mop head to dry-off by hanging it outside. This helps to kill off any surviving bacteria and molds.

Non-Machine Washable Mop Head

Why discussing a machine washable spin mop head – it is essential to consider those mop heads that cannot be washed using a washing machine.

What then should be done to those mop heads?

This is a question that needs a quick answer.

Here are some steps one can use to clean these types of
mop heads

  • Get a bucket filled with clean water
  • Mixed with bleach to help remove and kill all pathogens
    in the mop head
  • Put the mop head in the bucket and leave it for 30 to
    40 minutes for it to soak properly
  • Rinse with clean water to entirely remove the bleach
  • Dry and hang

Benefits of Washing a Mop Head Using a Washing Machine

  • It helps to clean the mop head faster and properly
  • It helps to prevent the growth of bacteria in the spin mop head.
  • A washing machine does an excellent job when compared to hand washing
  • Washing the spin mop head using washing machine helps to protect the mop from spoiling quickly.
  • Washing the mop head in a washing machine helps to minimize awful smells
  • Finally, it enables you to save money for replacement

Things to Note in Washing a Spin Mop Head

Here are some facts to note about washing your mop head

  • Clean immediately after use
  • Unfastened all extra attachment on the mop head before washing in the machine
  • Wash microfiber spin mop heads with the microfiber rags
  • Make sure to wash your mop head with other items to prevent the mop head from bouncing around the machine.
  • Make sure to adhere to stated instructions from the manufacturer with respect to the wash cycle and detergent to use.
  • Finally, remember to air after washing the mop head

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Due to the various task one need to do every day, machine washing of the spin mop head is quite easy and saves time too. A clean home and office leave a great smell and pathogen-free environment. It is therefore essential to go for a spin mop head that is machine washable to keep a clean mop head always with little or no effort.

If you are cleaning the house, then it is important to clean it with a neat and germ-free mop head. Cleaning with a dirty or germ infected mop head is as good as just spreading more dirt around the house, and I am sure that is not what you want. As you beginning the cleaning of your home, endeavor to make use of a clean mop head.

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