Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews of 2021 – [Expert Recommendation]

As our hate for old-school lousy mops grew more and more, we prefer spin mops. They are efficient, and you don’t have to touch the mop head anymore.

Now, as you are searching for quality spin mops, you want to stay away from items that have a terrible bucket, or worse, a mop that can’t reach tight corners and spots! To stay away from any such issues, it is a good idea to try out the products that people think are the best!

So, let’s have a look at people’s favorite hurricane spin mop reviews and find out why it’s the best cleaning tool for your floors!

BulbHead Hurricane 360 Spin Mops


  • Weight: 5.11 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.2 x 20.3 x 10.6 inches
  • Mop Head Type: Microfiber
  • Wring Type: Pedal
Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews

Spin mops are known for their efficiency, ease of use, and great cleaning. The BulbHead hurricane spin mop fills all those factors and offers more advantages. That is why it has become a customer favorite, gaining massive reviews as well as higher sales. So, let’s look at the factors that make this product amazing:

Fully Equipped Cleaning System

Along with a great mop, BulbHead provides a cleaning bucket, which has a spinning basket, and space for water. You can use the spinning basket to clean the dirty mop using a simple pedal. They provide mop heads, handle, and a basket with the set, and all of them make the set you need to clean all the floors.

Highly-absorbent Mop Head

Usually, the cheap mops you see on supermarkets have bad mop heads. As a result, they leave water stains on your floor, while not being long-lasting! When it comes to Hurricane’s mop head, it is made of microfibers that have a high absorbing ability. It is such to such extent that the mop head can absorb ten times its weight. It ensures that no water stains will be visible when you clean the floor with it, and it will also allow fast cleaning!

Moreover, 360-degree pivoting mop head rotates as you clean. As a result, the mop head manages to reach the smallest of spaces. It lays flat on the ground while the absorption power of the microfiber sucks in the dirty water. The flat mop head gets an extra advantage when rotating as it doesn’t need extra force to clean tight spaces.

The mop head is excellent for most hard surfaces and not suitable for carpets. No matter if you have a wooden floor, or tiles, the mop head can give an unaltered performance. The surfaces you can use the mop head on are travertine, tile, laminate, wood, etc.

Bucket with Spinning System

Now, the name hurricane, I presume, is not just for the mop head’s rotation ability but also for the spinning system that has been attached with the basket. The basket comes with two different compartments – one for water, another has an excellent spinning chamber.
The spinning system, or also known as the Hurricane Fur Wizard, can clean the mop head two times faster than most other wrings.

After you wipe your floor with the mop head, you can easily clean it by simply putting it on the wring and using the pedal to spin it. You do not have to use your hand to take off the dirt. And you can also manage the amount of dryness of the mop. For example, when cleaning harsh messes, you would want the mop to be a bit wet. But when you are cleaning dust, you can make the mop head dry by spinning it for an extended period.

Overall, this is an excellent product coming at a very reasonable price. My usage of this item and seeing the reviews, I must say, it is something you should look for when purchasing spin mops!

Things To Consider and instructions For Spin Mops User

People using spin mops usually do not know what to look for in a spin mop and which one to purchase That is why we have listed out some features which are mandatory for every mop user to look for.

Size of your room

Always prefer to buy mope according to the type of area you are going to clean. This includes space, floor type, etc. If you want to wash corners or hard-to-reach areas, then choose triangular-shaped ones. For larger areas, buy mops which have large spin heads. It increases durability and allows for easy cleaning. Also, they are very lightweight to carry. Many mops come along with additional gloves.


Look for the mops, which include absorbent materials, like the microfiber fabric, which works the best for absorption. Also, if you intend to clean rough surfaces with stubborn dirt, then choose the mops, which include scrubber brushes. The bucket’s architecture is also something you should prioritize. You would love wheels under your bucket for easy transport. Buy the ones which include splash guards for storing dirty water.

Interior and the Handle

Spin mops come with both a foot pedal or a handle pump. However, foot pedals are more preferred by spin mop users as it is very much efficient in controlling the moisture level. Select mops having an agitator because that thing automatically cleans the mop. Pick the handles which go with your height. It will allow you to work comfortably all-around your house avoiding back pains. Also, check for what the handle is made from. Avoid stainless steel as these are heavy. Aluminum would be perfect for both durability and handling.

Spin mop users must keep these factors in their minds to purchase the best mop for effective cleaning.

Check out Video Instructions

Hurricane Spin Mop Replacement Guide

how to replace hurricane spin mop head

  • Purchase the appropriate mop head for your mop. Choose the head based on what kind of floor you are going to clean.
  • Hold your mop head with your toe and twist the mop handle to make your toe parallel with the mop bolt. Then push the head in the opposite direction and it will be free.
  • Place the mop head and take the mop handle over the head. Therefore, the mop cap will cover the head and when this happens apply pressure to the cap and the head will be perfectly installed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Spin Mops

How do I take the mop head off of my hurricane spin mop?

Spin mop heads are typically attached to the pole that has wing nuts or C-clams attached at the base. As you loosen them, it allows you to remove the mop head.

What is the best spin mop on the market?

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop seems to take the spotlight.

How do you clean the spin mop head?

Detach the mop head and put it in the washing machine, add detergent and bleach for better cleaning. If the instruction manual doesn’t mention anything about it, then using a gentle cycle at mild is recommended.

What are the hurricane spin mop problems?

The most common complaints are about the handle being short. The microfibers may fall out, and the spin mechanism can sometimes malfunction.

Is Spin Mop machine washable?

The ones on the market these days often are. The older models, however, are not machine washable.


Keeping your home clean shouldn’t be such a stressful chore. With the help of Spin Mops, you can save time and energy. The inner mechanisms make sure a smooth maneuver so that you can easily soak out the dirty water. A spin mop often has these fantastic features that help us save time, money, and effort. So, make sure to do a little bit of research before purchasing as it will help you choose the best spin mop while saving you money.

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